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Bhoomi RTC | How to Check Bhoomi RTC (Pahani) – Karnataka Land Records Online




Bhoomi – Karnataka Land Records (RTC) Online

Bhoomi RTC is an online portal issue important land document, requires for saving land records. It serves under Karnataka Government. A best-trusted portal primarily deals with setting the name of your land or in native speaking ‘Bhoomi’ along with many others land-related issues.  RTC in actual indicates the following: Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information.  The information that’s mainly incorporated in their works are: 

  • Choosing a diverse type of Bhoomi
  • Their entire area measurement
  • To identify soil type
  • How much water is needed to pour in order to keep them fit?
  • Is the land fit for possession, tenancy, and selling? 
  • Real estate issues like transferring of the property
  • Helping those who are looking for a loan and trying to acquire against property etc. 

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How to check Karnataka Land Records online from Bhoomi Karnataka website?

They have their own official online portal filled with various sorts of Bhoomi related necessary details like: 

  • The record of past and current year.
  • Its current mutation status etc.

To check the Bhoomi Karnataka website, Please follow these steps:

Step 1-First open Bhoomi Karnataka site’s

Bhoomi Rtc

Step 2– Then, click on Services In The Menu And Select View RTC & MR.

View RTC & MR

Step-3 After coming on the next page select district, Taluka, Hobli, and village of your own.

Rtc Pahani

Step-4 And also enter the survey no.

Step-5 Then, at last, press the Fetch Button to check land records online.

Bhoomi Rtc

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How to download Bhoomi RTC (Pahani)?

To download or install RTC (Pahani) follow these given steps:

Step 1- First, open

Bhoomi Rtc Step 2- On next page click on i-RTC on Bhoomi service list.i-rtc

Step 3- After coming on next page, click on Login as Guest

Rtc BHoomi

Step-4- Enter Your Details Here And Proceed.Rtc Guest LoginStep-5– On the next page fill the requesting application.

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Hobli
  • Village
  • Survey number
  • Surnoc
  • Hissa number
  • Validity RTC

Step-6- Now, Click on ‘Fetch details’ and view RTC.

Step-7- After viewing your RTC, Click on Pay and Download option.

Step-8- Downloading Fee For RTC Is Rs.10.

Step-9- After payment the RTC PDF Will Be Shown. You can now download your RTC.

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How to check mutation register and mutation status from Land Records Karnataka website?

In property language, Mutation simply means a formal process that covers transferring of property from one person to another along with ownership right. 

In order to check mutation status record from Land Records Karnataka Website:

Step-1- First click at ‘RTC and MR’ option from home page of the Bhoomi portal

View RTC & MR

Step-2- Then, click on mutation option.Mutation

Step-3- There you need to fill all the details like mentioning district, Taluk, Village name and survey numbers etc. as well. These are some overall procedure you have to follow to scan your mutation report and registration from Land or Bhoomi Records Karnataka website.Mutation Status

How To View RTC Information In Bhoomi?

To View RTC Information in Bhoomi is quite easy by following these few simple procedures:  

Step-1-Firstly, open Bhoomi Karnataka official site, Rtc

Step-2- Select View RTC information option from Service Menu.

RTC Information

Step-3- To View RTC information you need to fill the details such as District, Hobli, Taluk, Village and survey number.View RTC Information

Step-4- After providing all details click on fetch details.

Step-5- Land details in RTC will be shown.Land Details RTC

Step-6- For Owner Details Click On Blue Tab “Owner Details”Owner Details RTC

Step-7- For Cultivator Details Click On Green Tab “Cultivator Details”Cultivator Details

How to check Karnataka revenue maps online?

Karnataka revenue maps online help in finding all land details that, a person need before buying and selling of Land/Bhoomi.  Here, a person can easily and securely track the location of Bhoomi or land with the help of a map is present on Karnataka Land Record’s RTC Website

To check Karnataka revenue maps online is quite easy by following these few simple procedures:  

Step 1-Firstly, open Bhoomi Karnataka official site,

Step 2-Then, click on Revenue Map, located on the left side of Bhoomi Services home page.Revenue Map

Step 3-After it select the “state” which is present in the menu bar of the home page.

Step 4-Now; select District, Taluk, Hobli and any type of Map.Revenue Map

Step 5– Finally Click on PDF File and view your land image online.

Revenue Map

What are the uses of Karnataka Bhoomi RTC ?

Karnataka RTC Bhoomi specifically includes these following works: 

  • Bhoomi measurement
  • To scan the authenticity of Bhoomi
  • Khasra capacity for water absorption
  • To check the soil type.
  • Status of land possession
  • Checking the fertility capacity for the crop is grown
  • About land types
  • Information of the landowner
  • Handling issues of land transferring
  • Managing tenancy and lots other

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How checking land records are helpful to avoid fraud?

In modern time, it has become highly necessary to check the land record before proceeding towards the final step of purchasing the property.  These are few cautions that owner should need to take like:

  • Perfect lawful registration of the property.
  • Proper inspection before finalising your buying plan of Bhoomi.
  • Thorough checking of the power of attorney.
  • Appropriate scanning of conversion certificate.
  • Checking the detail of tax payments, if it is clear or not until the date of selling.
  • Inspection of the occupancy certificate, which is the prime liability of the authority, whenever builder is applying for it.  

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