India Covid-19 Tracker

This Covid-19 (Coronavirus) tracker is a Volunteer-driven crowdsourced initiative to track the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India. To lean more about the tracker and our data sources please visit the FAQs.

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Tracker FAQ

Why is there a difference with ICMR report and

We are using state press releases to update the numbers.Our hypothesis is that ICMR nightly updates may include cases which could be reported by states the next day

Are you official?


What are your sources? How is the data gathered for this project?

We are using state bulletins and official handles to update our numbers. The data is validated by a group of volunteers and published into a Google sheet and an API. API is available for all at We would love it if you can use this data in the fight against this virus. The source list is here.

Why does have more positive count than MoH?

MoHFW updates the data at a scheduled time. However, we update them based on state press bulletins, official (CM, Health M) handles, PBI, Press Trust of India, ANI reports. These are generally more recent.

Where can I find the data for this?

You can preview all the data collected in this page : . All the data is available through an API for further analysis and development here :

Who are you?

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who curate and verify the data coming from several sources. We extract the details, like a patient's relationship with other patients to identify local and community transmissions, travel history and status. We never collect or expose any personally identifiable data regarding the patients.

Why are you guys putting in time and resources to do this?

Because it affects all of us. Today it's someone else who is getting infected; tomorrow it could be us. We need to prevent the spread of this virus. We need to document the data so that people with knowledge can use this data to make informed decisions. Parts of revenue of this page is donated to Indian Corona research.