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UP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni – जानिये क्या है Uttar Pradesh Bhumilekh( उत्तर प्रदेश भुमिलेख ऑनलाइन )



bhulekh up

UP Bhulekh, a program started by Revenue Council of Government of Uttar Pradesh. A digital platform where all the land records can be checked easily. It removes the manual work of tasks related to the record of land on papers. Khatauni System, Jamabandi, etc are all done digitally these days.

Seeing the struggle made by the citizens in obtaining the details related to their land government brought in this online platform for tasks like an imitation of khatauni, sale of land, jamabandi, unique code, etc.

IT has led to a great advancement in UP and Bhulekh UP ( is one such part of it making life easy for citizens.

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Bhulekh UP - Overview

Name of the portalUP Bhulekh
Article categoryInformation about UP Bhulekh online portal
State coveredUttar Pradesh
Governing BodyUttar Pradesh Revenue Department
Related toLand record
Official Website

Verification Of UP Bhulekh, Khasra Khatauni 2019 Online

A complete structure of UP Khatauni and other information on land is maintained by Bhulekh UP. This online platform is one of the transparent and most organized systems than traditional means. No more wait to visit the Revenue office or UP Patwari or any connected office, as the same can be checked online as per one’s convenience.

All the information from the details of the owner to the description of the land, all of the information is easily available on UP Bhulekh (an online platform for all land records)


Uses Of Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh

Bhulekh UP, an online platform provided for all land information needs is not much known to people. using the same is easy but some people do have questions regards the same. To solve such issue, below mentioned is a procedure to check UP land records on Bhulekh UP.

  1. Visit the official website of Bhulekh
  2. On the page click on the Imitation Khatoni link.
  3. There will appear a dialogue box where the captcha code needs to be entered (check properly as this code is case sensitive)
  4. Choose the District on-a page.
  5. Choose tehsil, by checking under which District the same appears.
  6. From the next options that appear, select the village concerned.
  7. There appears a page where 3 credentials are to be provided to search.
  8. Either give the Gata no./measles or the Account no. or the name of the account holder.
  9. Once done, select the evaluation option that appears.
  10. All the account related details like name of account holder, district, area, UP land record number, etc will appear on the screen.
  11. Take a print or save the details for further use.


Advantages of Bhulekh UP 2019

All the activities related to the recording of land and its details have been Computerised in UP through Bhulekh UP. some of the advantages associated with same are:

  1. From land records to the land map, all information is consolidated at one place making work easy for seekers.
  2. All the illegal possession of the land, crime, lawsuits, bullying of weaker sections of society, etc has been removed through this transparent system.
  3. Khasra no. or Gate no., can help provide all the details.
  4. Bhulekh UP can be used to update information related to land.
  5. UP Bhulekh reduces the work of Citizens as no longer are they needed to visit the Revenue Department. No patwari visits too as the details are available online, for saving our time.

Steps To Find Information Regarding UP Land Records

Step1: सबसे पहले आपको अपने कंप्यूटर पर // ओपन करें.

UP Bhulekh

आपके सामने इस तरह का एक पेज ओपन हो जायेगा.

Step2: अगर हमें खतौनी (online khatauni) की नकल देखनी है तो हमें “खतौनी (अधिकार अभिलेख ) की नकल देखें” पर क्लिक करना होगा.

UP Bhulekh

Step3: इसके बाद आपके सामने ऐसा पेज खुल जायेगा. इसमें तीन कोलम बने हुए हैं. एक में उत्तरप्रदेश के जिले या जनपद के नाम है. जैसे ही आप किसी भी जनपद पर क्लिक करेंगे, उसके बगल वाले कोलम में उस जनपद या जिले की सारी तहसील के नाम आ जायेंगे.

Step4: इसी तरह जैसे ही हम तहसील पर क्लिक करंगे, वैसे ही उसके बगल वाले कोलम पर उसके अंतर्गत आने वाले ग्राम के नाम आ जाएंगे.

Step5: अब आपको जिस ग्राम की जमीन (up land record) के बारे में जानकारी चाहिए हो तो उस ग्राम में क्लिक करें. जैसे ही आप किसी भी ग्राम में क्लिक करेंगे, वैसे ही आपके सामने एक दूसरा पेज खुलेगा.

Step6: यहाँ उपर की तरफ तीन विकल दिए गए हैं, “खसरा (khasra khatauni up)/गाटा संख्या द्वारा खोजें, खाता संख्या द्वारा खोजे, खातेदार के नाम द्वारा खोजे” जैसे आपको खोजना है वैसे सेलेक्ट कर लें. फिर नीचे जो जानकारी पूंछी जा रही है, उसे भरें, इसके बाद “खोजे” बटन पर क्लिक करें. जानकारी आपके सामने आ जाएगी.


One can check UP Bhu Naksha 2019 Online sitting at home. The same can be viewed by the following steps:

  1. Visit the website- //
  2. Select District, Tehsil and Village concerned.
  3. A map appears. Click on farm number to see account holder name.
  4. Select the account number to be checked and take the print out of the land map.


Citizens of UP can easily obtain data about land online. Following steps with appropriate data will provide with all relevant details. Just in case any help is needed, one can contact on


Phone No.– 0522-2217145

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