Amma vodi scheme


The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has come up with the flagship ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme in order to offer financial assistance to those who stay below the poverty line guardians and mothers so that they can educate their kids. The amma Vadi scheme cost around 6318 crores and the state shall have the direct financial assistance of Rs 15000 at the annual level for those who are financially weak and poor. This gives the poor guardians and months better support for their kids’ education. The amount gets transferred in the bank account directly in the month of January every year.

Amma Vodi scheme beneficiaries

The implementation of jagananna amma vadi has already been done by the government with annual financial assistance crediting that cost Rs. 15000 to the guardian or mother. The state government under this scheme has managed to offer support to more than 43 lakh poor mothers and needy guardians who are expected to benefit around 82 lakh children in the state.

Amma vodi scheme conditions

  • There will be financial assistance of Rs.15000 given by the government of the state directly in the beneficiary accounts

  • There will be monetary support that shall be transferee in the account of the beneficiary every year till the kid pass out from the school

  • Those guardians and mothers of the state living below the line of peers or have the kids studying in the 12 in either private, government, aided or unaided schools can get such assistance

  • The government has recently released Rs 6,318 crore this year to offer benefits to more than 43 lakh mothers

Significance of Amma vodi scheme

This is one of its own kind ysr amma vadi schemes that are available in the country today. It focuses on bringing certain changes in the education system of Andhra Pradesh. It was started by the government to offer support to mothers from poor families who wish to support their kids’ education. They however revamped the scheme in a much better way through the infrastructure revamping in the educational institution of the state. This way it managed to allocate the budget for s 14000 crore. The state shall even take the monetary work in the right manner in more than 45000 government schools and even 148-degree hostels and colleges.

The state has even considered using English as the language of instruction for the kids from class 1 to class 6 in all government schools from this academic year. In 4 years, the state shall even direct the class 10 boarding education that has to be taken in the English medium

Steps to apply for the Amma Vodi scheme

In order to completely utilize the scheme advantages, it is important to ammavadi application status and apply to these schemes with steps like:

  • You can visit the nearby government office to get the application form and fill up the details. You can also use the jagananna amma vadi official website or search on the search engines with download Jagananna Amma Vodi scheme’ amma vadi application form where you will get the right links from where you can download the application form. 

  • Once all the details asked are filled up, it is important to fill in the application form and ensure all the information is accurate and documents are uploaded

  • It is time to affix the passport size photo of the kid in the form along with attaching all the important documents.

  • You can then go ahead and submit the application form to the closest government office

Eligibility for Amma Vodi Scheme

This scheme is not applicable to all citizens but to those who fall under or below the poverty line mothers and want to give education to their kids. The scheme and its amma vadi pathakam status shall have those beneficiaries who have 

  • Family with a white ration card

  • The family should own either a valid Aadhaar Card or a Voter ID Card

  • The mother and the guardian of the child should belong to a below poverty line family

  • Any child who is studying between standard 1 to standard 12 

  • Beneficiary eligible to avail of the scheme must be going to a government or in private aided school

  • The kid shall have at least a minimum of 75% attendance in school

  • The parent and the children must be citizens of Andhra Pradesh

Who are not eligible to avail of the benefits?

  • The child who decides to discontinue their studies 

  • Central and state government employees are not eligible to avail of this scheme

  • The child who quit in the middle of the academic session

Benefits of Amma Vodi scheme

Some of the benefits of availing Jagananna Amma Vodi scheme are given below:

  • The amma vadi official website scheme shall give scope for kids who are below the line of poverty to avail themselves the school and study hard while getting a good education.

  • The scheme shall offer financial guidance to the kids who belong to the poverty line group can access quality education

  • It shall reduce child labor and allow every child in the state their right to education

  • The beneficiary shall get the support of Rs.15,000 on a yearly basis

  • The amount will be transferred directly to the bank account of the mother or the guardian

  • The scheme improves the literacy rate of the state of Andhra Pradesh

  • The scheme will help in promoting the education importance 

  • The scheme shall lower the drop-out rate in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

  • The scheme shall encourage those to come back and complete their education who had to leave midway due to financial issues

Documents required to Amma Vodi scheme

  • Proof of address such as Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, electricity bill, etc.

  • Bank account details of the mother or the guardian

  • School’s identity card to confirm that the student studies in the said school

  • Aadhaar Card

  • White Ration Card

  • Name of the school where the child is studying

  • Passport size photo of the mother


After the first launch of the phase, the second phase of the scheme shall soon be launched by CM Reddy that shall be implemented in a much transparent manner across the state school. If the beneficiary’s number has increased, the efforts are in order to get the sanitary workers as well in the ambit.

Questions and Answers

Who gets annual financial assistance?

Under Amma Vodi, the mothers of school-going children get Rs 15,000 annual financial assistance every year.

What is the objective of the scheme?

The objective of the scheme is meant to support low-income families in educating their children.