AP Auto Driver Scheme 2021


With devastating pandemic crises that have been happening across the globe, there is no doubt that people are already going through ample loss. Considering this problem, the state government has now extended the validity of the AP auto driver scheme. There will be all possible support that shall be given to the auto ad taxi drivers in this course. The applicants who are eligible for this scheme can now avail themselves of the benefits for the coming year as well. This would cover all their needs such as insurance premiums, maintenance expenses, and even the basics of the requirements. Besides, it shall also cover the expenses of the health certificate of the beneficiaries.

What is the AP Auto-driver scheme?

Those who don’t know about this scheme, well, it is one of those options that the Andhra Pradesh government has released. It has been designed to offer financial assistance to the auto and taxi drivers who shall be eligible to get Rs 10000 yearly once they qualify for it. Under this scheme, the Auto Rickshaw driver, taxi driver, and driver of a taxi cab, and other light vehicles transport drivers will get the cover.

 There are so many citizens of Andhra Pradesh who to date have applied for this scheme on the official website that the government has launched. Applicants also can now get the status of their application by simply clicking on the link. It is possible for the applicant to even download the receipt and get the possible assistance for the self-owned auto taxi and even the maxi cab driving solution.

AP YSR Vahana Mitra Beneficiary List 2020

As per the Transport Authority of Andhra Pradesh, the applications of the candidates will be verified as they submit the details using either the online mode or the offline mode along with the necessary documents. The beneficiary list will then be released that shall show the names of those people who have been shortlisted for this scheme. Citizens can check the states and even the beneficiary list on the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Transport Department. As per the government, an estimation of 400 Crore for the YSR Vahan Mitra Scheme has already been used for the eligible Auto / Cab Drivers.

The objective of the AP Auto Driver Scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to give financial aid to the needy people who work as drivers and have a limited income source. The financial support will be thus available to almost every member of the state who has been into this driving career for quite some time now. If the citizens with this profession have kids and driving autos then they can be deemed as the other home in the state at the individual level. The scheme will be one of the finest assets for the poor families who have been residing in the state and driving auto or taxi to fulfill their regular living on their own.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme is launched by the Andhra Pradesh current government, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, however, to get selected for it, there is an eligibility criterion that has already been set. This includes

  • Applicants should be the resident of Andhra Pradesh

  • Applicants must contain the BPL Family Death Card or Annapurna Card.

  • Applicants should attain the age of 18 years.

  • Applicants should have their name mentioned on the While Ration Card and Meeseva Integrated Certificate.

  • Applicants must be driving an auto-rickshaw / taxi/cab and have a Driving Licence.

Required documents for the AP Auto Driver Scheme

Along with the eligibility criteria comes the documents that are needed. That is why a person must make himself aware of the documentation that should be kept handy so that in near future there is no problem occurring.

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle Papers with the proof

  • Aadhaar Card of an Individual

  • BPL / White Ration Card

  • The applicant’s Income certificate

  • Unencumbered bank account within 15 days

How to Apply for the YSR Auto Driver Scheme (Vahan Mitra)

To apply for this scheme, there are two ways possible. One is online and the other is offline. Those who wish to apply for the online process have to follow altogether a different process. Both processes are examined below.

Applying for the YSR Auto Driver Scheme Online

  • Visit the  official website which is aptransport.org that has been designed for the Andhra Pradesh Transport Department

  • On the homepage, go to the notice board where you can see the section Online Application for Financial Assistance to Owner Cum Driver. You need to click on it. 

  • Right after you click on it, you will then be taken to another page where there will be different options given. Click on the section called online application from those options 

  • Fill up all the details asked such as Name, Ration Card / Aadhaar Number, Detail of the Family Members, Caste Detail, Address of the Candidates, Bank Detail, Vehicle Detail, Driving Licence details, etc.

  • Once you fill up all the details, make sure you recheck them and then move further with all the documents to be uploaded.

  • Once the entire application is set, click on the Submit button.

  • There will then be an application ID and other information created online whose printout you need to take for future reference.

Note: Since this process is closed for the moment, the update of the same upon activation will be intimated. For this applicant will have to keep visiting the site on a timely basis.

AP Auto Driver Scheme Apply Offline

There is also an offline process to apply for this scheme. This includes:

  • Visit the application form that you can get from the-e-Seva center, community service centers, and even Navsakam website

  • You then can click on the YSR Vahan Mitra Application Form Download and by the end of the list, you will be able to download the application form and take its print

  • Fill up all the details as asked in the form such as Aadhaar number, mobile number, current address, caste, bank details, applicant’s name, BPL / white ration card number, and details of family members to name some.

  • Once you enter all the details, the listed above documents must be attached with the form and then submit it to the volunteers of the village or ward or village secretaries

How to check AP Vahana Mitra Application Status?

Once you send your application form, you will also be able to check the status through the official website which is online mode. The process of checking the status of the applications of the AP YSR auto driver Scheme is:

  • Visit the official website of the AP transport department aptransport.org.

  • The homepage will open where you must click on a section that is visible by the name Online Application for Financial Assistance to Owner-Cum-Driver

  • Another tab will open where you must click on the application status 

  • Once you click on the link of the status, you will then have another link where you will have to enter Aadhaar Number along with the applicant ID 

  • Once you hit the submit button after entering the details, the status of the application for the AP YSR auto driver Scheme will be visible.


The application form filling process will soon be open for the candidates so that they can submit their application forms. That is why, these candidates should have their form filled up and ready so that once the process starts, they can submit the process along with the documentation. The Andhra Pradesh government has come up with these schemes for those drivers who have their vehicle and in this lockdown are already dealing with the crises to earn from it. The application process will get finished on May 26 with the support of village and ward secretariats.

There are different online arrangements that the state government has done that every applicant can take advantage of. The announcement of the scheme is done while hoping the life and economic condition of the cab and auto driver shall improve eventually. This scheme would cover the overall amount of insurance and repair which is quite important.

Questions and answers

How to Check the AP Auto Driver Scheme beneficiary list?

  • For this candidate needs to visit the official website aptransport.org.

  • There will be a section called the beneficiary list on which they have to click. You can use Ctrl + F and enter your name to see if your name is present

  • The list in PDF format will be available for which you can take the printout of the

Where can I check the AP YSR Vahan Mitra Scheme status/Beneficiary list?

  • At the official website aptransport.org. you need to first visit where the home page stall open

  • This is also known as the cheyutha website where you must enter Aadhaar number and application 

  • Once you hit the submit button, you shall then be able to check the status.

When will the applications open to apply for the Vahana Mitra Scheme?

Currently, the applications are being accepted till May 26 and after that for the next installment form, there will be an update on the official website that shall be announced.