AP MeeSeva | Services, Objective & Mobile Application Of MeeSeva AP

In India, we are dealing with a population which is quite enormous and thus, the number of people with which the government has to deal with is quite remarkable. This is why Government of Andhra Pradesh has been making all the possible efforts to make sure that all the citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh can easily and at the time of need get all the benefits that they have a right off. This is where the ap MeeSeva Campaign comes into the picture.

What is MeeSeva AP?

MeeSeva as a term has a literal mean in the Telugu language which means "At your Service". The name of the campaign is perfect as it helps all the people to avail services that are available for the citizens. This government initiative by the Government of AP is a manifestation of the motto of "Public services Closer to Home". MeeSeva AP has been launched back in 11th April 2011. The Initiation was done at Chittoor District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. At that time, there were a total of 10 services that were available for the users.

Address And Features Of The MeeSeva Portal?

MeeSeva Portal offers a lot of services and ease of navigation to the users. There are a great number of features with the help of which a user can get the services that they require regarding the Governmental help and formalities. The official MeeSeva AP portal on which users can access a variety of services is https://ap.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx The basic feature of MeeSeva Portal is that it runs on a Digital PKI enabled Integrated Architecture which means that it can work through a number of service delivery points with the technology of fusing different state initiatives.

Objective Of The MeeSeva Campaign

Just like other services and campaigns run by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, the main aim of AP MeeSeva is to ease the needs of the public and people. But apart from this, there is a great aspect to this which adds a whole lot of depth to the campaign. With MeeSeva AP's single entry portal setup, it helps the users to avail a wide range of G2B and G2C services right from their home. This helps the administration to look out for all the necessary services that the public requires.Also, with such a direct system being in the reach of the public, a great amount of corruption has been reduced and the reason behind that is simply as now public does not have to visit government departments which leads to no direct interference and hence, result in a corruption free system where every AP citizen avails the benefits of direct Interaction.

Services Under AP MeeSeva?

As of right now, MeeSeva AP offers a total of whopping 360 services on their official MeeSeva Portal. All of these services are offered as per the departments that they are related to. So, the following are some of the departments and their offered services mentioned below:

  1. Agriculture:
    1. New Seed Dealer License
    2. Wholesale Dealer Godown Deletion
    3. Retail Dealer New
    4. Wholesale Dealer Inclusion Of Imported Products
    5. Wholesale Dealer Change Of Firm Name
    6. Retail Dealer Responsible Person Details Change
    7. Manufacturing Name Change
    8. Application Resubmission
    9. Wholesale Dealer New
  2. Civil Supplies:
    1. Fair Price Shop Renewal
    2. Ration Card Member Migration
    3. Ration Card Transfer
    4. Ration Card Member Addition(Birth)
    5. Ration Card Modifications
  3. EPDCL:
    1. Name And Load Change –EPDCL
    2. New Connection - Religious Places
    3. Application For Consumer Complaints- Line Shift, DTR Shift, Wring Data On Bill, Meter Seal Cut
    4. Application For Consumer Complaints- DTR Failure Service, Temporary Supply Below 10 Days, Shifting Of Service Different Premises, Meter Lost
  4. Industries and Commerce:
    1. Investment Subsidy
    3. Stamp Duty / Land conversion charges / Land Cost / Mortgage duty
    4. Skills Upgradation
    5. Marketing Incentive
    6. Seed Capital Assistance

REIMBURSEMENT FOR SKILL UP GRADATION AND TRAINING So, these are some of the many services of the various department that a user can easily access from the official web portal of the MeeSeva Andhra Pradesh. All these services have quite a great of relevancy in our day to day working.

Basic Utilities Of AP MeeSeva

Some of the basic utilities that you can enjoy with the MeeSeva AP services are mentioned as follows:

  • Electricity bill
  • Property Tax
  • Water Tax
  • Natural gas bills
  • Sewage organizations

Not just these, there are some other essential utilities that will help any person with their day to day needs such as Booking tickets if Train, Bus and Flight with the help of online MeeSeva AP Portal or through the MeeSeva mobile application which is present not only on Android but also on iOS Platform.

MeeSeva Mobile Application

To make the usage easier, the government has launched the MeeSeva mobile Application with the help of which users can get the benefit of having all the services right there on their mobile phones. This mobile-based application portrays a lot of features. Following are some of the feature that you will experience in the AP MeeSeva App:

  • Payment Gateway: The Payment Gateway services will help you to make your payment swiftly and without any sort of hassle. Not only it will offer a secure space to the users but also will help a great deal as the users will not require a bunch of mobile wallets and apps to manage their transactions.
  • Bill Payments: With MeeSeva Application, users can make the payment of their bills right from their home with the help of a mobile phone. It covers payment of Electricity, TV, Mobile, Broadband and other bills. Also, with this, you can pay taxes too such as House and Water Tax.
  • Legal help: The MeeSeva application offers you a way to get legal help for any legal hassle and offers an easy way to get in touch with the local police authority in the case of any sort of emergency.
  • Payment Dashboard: The best part of the application is that it offers a unique dashboard which offers the user all the information regarding the payments and credits that are made with the account of the user.