Balika Anudan Yojana


We live in a country where there are so many poor families who don’t wish to have a girl child considering she could be a burden for a family. But India is progressing and is the government. There are so many schemes that the government is coming up with for the betterment of the girl child that at least would bring in women empowerment. Often families use to get the girl child to get married quickly so that she will not be their house problem anymore. But things have changed to a great extent and now women are making progress to even reach different planets. Talking of the progress, the government has come up with the Balika Anudan scheme which is one of its kind.

Know more about Balika Anudan

Some poor families don’t wish to have a girl child considering her to be a bridge and are quite economically weak to even maintain a girl child. With the whole purpose of bringing a girl child into the world and providing the value of women empowerment, the PMBAY Online Registration has been started. Whether or not any family considers their girl child to be a burden but the government shall offer maximum financial aid and support for her to grow. There are so many schemes that are coming up every year and Balika Anudan is one of them.

Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi has come up with such a scheme to offer benefits to a daughter of BPL category families. This means families who have a girl child and are living below the poverty line are said to be eligible for such a scheme. It offers the financial support of Rs 50000 to the family which the central government will give during the daughter’s marriages. Even if the family has got two daughters, the assistance of the same amount can be given. Besides, the family where there are two daughters of the woman who are already a widow can also get such type of scheme benefits no matter whether she belongs to the general category or BOL category.

Under this scheme, the right assistance is given to the Indian daughters to offer the economically weak family better encouragement. In this scheme, the government offers quite a lump sum amount to the family who has one or two girl children. The amount will of course be credited to the bank account of the women and thus the transparency will be maintained. However, the amount will be provided to the girl only during her marriage but for that, she must cross 18 years of her age.

The objective of the scheme

To be a perfect fit for such a scheme and apply for the process smoothly, the government has set some eligibility criteria already. Balika Anudan Yojana Apply process may seem to be smooth and easy but there is always a process that needs to be followed. This includes checking if you or the family fits in the eligibility criteria and have all the possible documents ready or not. Simply opting for such a scheme is not sufficient. It is expected that the person should under exactly what the scheme serves. This includes:

The advantages of this scheme will also be taken by the daughters adopted by the family of the BPL category.

The Girl Grant Scheme of the Central Government encourages women’s protection and empowerment.

As per the provisions of this scheme, the first daughter will be provided with assistance up to Rs 100,000 in the Girl Child Grant Scheme.

Major Beneficiary Benefits

Some advantages are associated with the Balika Anudan which of course are not applicable for everyone. The women who fit in the eligibility criteria and who have cleared all kinds of eligibility criteria that have been set. Once the person fits in those selective criteria, then there are some beneficiary benefits which the person is entitled to avail. This includes:

  • An amount of Rs 50000 will also be given for the marriage of daughters of widowed women of the general BPL category.

  • A legally adopted girl child will also be eligible to take advantage of the scheme.

  • Under the Balika Anudan scheme, the government will provide an economic amount of Rs. 50000 for the marriage of a maximum of two daughters of BPL category families.

Key Features of Scheme

Some key features need to be known to the family availing benefits of the scheme. This includes:

  • The advantages of this scheme will be given only to those girls who have not taken advantage of any scheme before.

  • Under this scheme, since the government will transfer 50 thousand rupees directly to the girl’s bank account, the girl must have a bank account.

  • The annual income of the BPL family should be less than Rs 15,000.

  • The girl’s child adopted by the families legally can enjoy the benefits of Balika Anudan Yojana.

  • This support amount can be used only for the daughter’s marriage.

  • The two children in a family will get the assistance amount if both the children are girl children.

Required Document for Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana

To get the smooth process of the Balika Anudan Yojana 2021 application done, the family needs to have all the documents ready and handy. There are some of the scheme benefits that only daughters of the economically weaker family or say BPL category family can avail. That is why the needed documents are:

  • caste certificate

  • Daughter’s age certificate

  • Passport size photo

  • Marriage certificate

  • Aadhar card

  • income certificate

  • Bank account

  • Ration card

Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana Eligibility Criteria

Along with the documentation comes the eligibility criteria in which the person should fit in. Talking about this scheme, there are some guidelines set for the beneficiary. This includes:

  • The candidates should not get the benefits of any other scheme for the marriage.

  • Balika Anudan Yojana applies to only the girls of the families belonging to the weaker sections

  • This scheme applies to the girls who are adopted legally.

  • The girls must have a minimum of 18 years of age for the marriage.

  • The two children of the family will get the benefits of the Balika Anudan Yojana if both the children are girls.

  • The income of the girl’s family must not exceed Rs.15,000 per annum.

  • Details that you must be aware of Balika Anudan yojana:

  • It is not important to file old age, handicapped, widow beneficiary income certificates for such a scheme.

  • Beneficiaries can even fill their registration number to apply for such a scheme

  • The marriage grant applicant can only be accepted 90 days before the date of marriage, or up to 90 days after the wedding.

  • The marriage grant applicant can be given to a girl who is 18 years or more while the man should not be less than 21 years.

  • Financial assistance for the marriage of daughters of widowed women of the general BPL category.

  • The benefit under this scheme is permissible considering the girl child adopted on legal grounds as the first girl child.

  • A family with its two daughters.

  • The annual income of a BPL family coming below the poverty line should be less than Rs 15,000.

  • The grant for more than two daughters will be invalid.

  • It is the central government that offer financial assistance of Rs 50000 for the marriage of maximum daughters of BPL category families

  • Only the BPL family will get the benefit of this scheme. If there are more than 2 daughters in the house, then only 2 daughters will get benefits under this scheme.


Even though India got its independence in the year 1947 some so many people are not living in the current freely. There are so many rigid cultures and traditions that are bound to be existing and harming the children at a very young age especially the girl child. Those families who are from the poverty line or below the poverty line often wonder whether to give birth to a girl child or not. It certainly is a burden for them. Considering this a serious problem and to bring women empowerment, the Indian government has launched Balika Anudan yojana. It is just a tiny step to change the people's mentality and offer the family the best possible financial help especially during the marriage which is often required.

Questions and Answer

What is the Girl Grant Scheme?

Under this scheme, financial assistance of 50 thousand rupees will be given to the poor BPL families of the country for the marriage of 2 daughters.

How to do the Online Registration Process?

For the current year’s online registration, the official announcement has not been made by the central government yet. However, it is said that the government will soon be sending out notifications and invites for such a scheme. The government will soon be implementing the scheme across the country. The applicants who are eligible and wish to apply for such a scheme however must go through all the instructions carefully and then follow the steps of application given below.

  • Visit the Official Website of Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana i.e. Not Available.

  • On the Homepage, Click on the Option “Apply Online” button.

  • The application form page will be displayed on the screen.

  • Enter the required details (Mention all the details such as girl name, father name, date of birth, and other information) and upload documents.

  • Click on Submit Button for the final submission of the application.

When will the Pradhan Mantri Balika Grant Yojana Begin?

The plan is yet to be started and as per the details that are out so far this scheme can be started in the coming year 2021.