Bhagyalakshmi Scheme {भाग्यलक्ष्मी योजना} - Eligible Criteria, Major Objectives, Financial Assistance and Application Process

About The Scheme

The government of India is promoting so many schemes for the protection and welfare of girls by increasing the number of educated girls in our society. Thus bhagyalakshmi scheme is one among them. The Karnataka government introduced the bhagyalakshmi scheme in the year 2006 for promoting the girl childbirth among the below poverty line of the families and also improving the status of the girl children by providing the financial assistance since the birth of the child. Every girl child born after 31-3-2006 who are from the BPL category, are eligible for the bhagyalakshmi scheme. The registration has to be complete within a year on the birth of the child. The scheme is allowed only for two children in a family. To get benefit from the bhagyalakshmi scheme, the mother/father/guardian of the child is bound by the conditions under this scheme.

Eligible Criteria

Each girl child must fulfil the requirements to avail the benefits under the bhagyalakshmi scheme.

  • Submission of documents-the enrollment of birth should be done by submitting the birth certificate within one year of the childbirth.
  • The child must be from the BPL category.
  • The child should not be child labour.
  • The girl should not get married until the age of 18 years.
  • The girl should study up to 8th standard at least.
  • The immunization from the health department should be done to get the maturity amount.
  • The scheme will be available only to the two-child from one family. 
  • The scheme is available only for those girls whose date of birth is after 31/03/2006.
  • Should mention the name of the child.
  • Should submit all the details and evidence that the child is from the BPL category.
  • The total number of children will not exceed 3.
  • The admission of the children must be in government schools.
  • The annual income of the family should not be 2 lakhs.
  • No one in the family should be in the government service
  • To avail the benefit, the girl should have aadhar card
  • Ration cards will also be required to be a part of this scheme.

Major Objectives

 The main aim behind the bhagyalakshmi scheme introduced and implemented in Karnataka follows:

  • The families under the below poverty lines are struggling to live day by day though many schemes are introduced by the government for the welfare of the people under BPL category, the infant mortality rate of the girl children are high to remove this hindrance, the bhagyalakshmi scheme introduced.
  • The name bhagyalakshmi seems interesting, the term bhagya means fortune and the Lakshmi is a goddess so, from the name itself, the scheme is spreading the message that the girls bring fortune to the family.
  •  The scheme also aims to remove the stereotype concepts framed by society.
  • To generate the importance of education among society and raising maximum educated girls.
  • To help those girls who want to get highly qualified in society.
  • Helping those families who are extremely suffering from poverty, but her families want to give higher education.
  • The LIC also cooperates with this scheme, thus the life of the girl will be secured.

Financial Assistance

  • After the verification and the enrollment,10000 rupees will be deposited in the name of the child.
  • The family of the girl child will get a total of 19300rupees for the first child and 18350 for the second child after the birth of the child.
  • The mother should be given 5100 rupees at the time of giving birth.
  • When she turns 18 years, the accrued interest of the initial deposit will be given, so that according to the recent modifications a total of 1,00,097 for the first child and 1,00,052 for the second child will be given.
  • And also a total of 34,751 rupees will be given to the first child and 40918 rupees will be given to the second child from the same family.
  • The girl will avail the benefit of 2 lakh rupees when she turns 21.
  • From the first standard to the third stand, the girl will get 300 rupees per annum, when she reaches fourth standard she will get 500 rupees per annum. When she reaches 5th standard she will get 500 rs.
  • When the girl reaches 6th standard she will get 3000rupees, in 8th standard 5000 rupees and 10th standard 7000 rupees and 12th   standard 8000 rupees
  • When she passes the sslc she can avail a loan up to 50000 for her higher education.

About the Insurance Scheme   

  • The girl will be eligible for the medical insurance, she can claim up to 25000 rupees even if the girl falls sick.
  • If the girl died, even if it a natural death she will be eligible to get 42500 as a claim
  • If the insured person dies in an accident the insurance of rs.100000 will be given to the family.

Modifications Of The Scheme

  • The scheme was modified and applied to all children who were born after 2008. It was modified in 2008.

About The Application

  • The mother or father or guardian of the child can apply to this scheme.
  • The family can contact the deputy director of women and child development of the respective districts or child development project officer (cdpo) for any 
  • Pieces of information.

Common Information

  • An expenditure of 207 crores incurred for this bhagyalakshmi scheme from the total budget of 304 crores.
  • Almost 1,32,000 lakh girls were covered under this scheme.
  • According to the national service scheme, each girl will avail an amount of 25000 per year for the studies especially for those who are extremely suffering from poverty and also a total of 1 lakh rupees will be given to the students.
  • Also for the students from professional courses like engineering, medicine, LLB are eligible for extra scholarships from the national scholarship scheme. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Bhagyalakshmi scheme?

The bhagyalakshmi scheme is specially designed for the girls to promote the birth of the girl child and to improve the education among the girls which is implemented by the Karnataka government. This scheme will be eligible only for the girls who are born under the family who are under the category of below poverty line (BPL).

2. What is the eligibility for the bhagyalakshmi scheme?

The girl will be from the family who is under the category of below poverty line.

3. What is the scholarship amount availed by the child?

The girl can avail up to rupees 25000 per annum and also additional 1 lakh rupees and if she continues her education she will get the extra amount as scholarship.

4. What is the total number of the girl child who can avail the bhagyalakshmi scheme?

A family is restricted to avail of this scheme to only 2 children. The family should not exceed 2 children.