Bhamashah Sawasthya Bima Yojana {भामाशाह स्वास्थ्य बीमा योजना}


Many people in the country are sufferers of many severe and even common diseases, and due to their financial crisis, they can't get a primary treatment or medical emergency. But the Rajasthan government launched an excellent scheme, due to which health or medical emergency related facilities will be provided, and that is also free of cost. The facilities will be provided to the people of low-income families of Rajasthan who don't have enough financial securities. The main objective of Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana is to recover the complete health position of Rajasthan and to reduce the state's outflow on public health. 

It is a health insurance scheme /policy established by the Government of Rajasthan, and it provides excellent healthcare for the state's residents. This scheme is a cashless scheme that provides financial safety against different medical intimidations and danger confronted by many low-income families in Rajasthan.

It is mainly planned to give the advantage of local people living in rural areas in Rajasthan. This scheme confirms that the overall health status of the state is improved through active actions. Moreover, the collection of data or statistics composed of these schemes like Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana can be used to apply other policies that can change the rural people's life. This is a Rajasthan government's healthcare initiatives. The scheme was launched in December 2015. It was designed and planned by the Rajasthan Government. The department's name is the Health Department of Rajasthan. The target of the scheme is to provide necessary treatment benefits to 4.5 crore low-income families in Rajasthan. To get more information in detail, please visit the official website.

Benefits of Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana

  • This scheme provides health-related services to the poor people of Rajasthan. According to this scheme, all health-related facilities will be provided to the poor people in government hospitals of Rajasthan and some private hospitals.
  • Fortunately, this scheme reduces the work assignment of government health organizations. After launching this Yojana, all low-income families are getting adequate healthcare covered under the National Food Security System. 
  • For that reason, it is expected to decrease the workload on government health organizations like hospitals and clinics. 
  • This scheme helps to improve healthcare issues. With the help of the project, Rajasthan's state government will provide some other benefits like smooth and cashless treatment. At the same time, developments will be seen by providing superior healthcare services to poor people.
  • Other services related to this scheme will also be helpful. Some other facilities are investigation and collecting data, treatment and doctor's fees, etc. Therefore, it will pay all the expenses incurred in the hospitals, and this insurance scheme will administer all this.
  • The amount of Health Insurance policy under this scheme is huge. The health insurance amount given for the scheme is Rs 30,000 for common diseases. Rs. 3 lakh will be provided for severe diseases to poor people.
  • The status of diseases plays a crucial role. Under this scheme, the patient's condition will be examined first. The case history and existing diseases- all will be sheltered under this scheme.
  • The scheme will cover the expenditure on hospitalizations and others. The medical expenses will be covered up to 7 days before admission to the hospital. After taking leave from the hospital, the cost of hospitalization for 15 days will be compromised. 
  • There are some changes to the scheme. This scheme was initially underway only for patient expenditures, as mentioned earlier. But now the ODP expenses have been enlarged and have to include it.
  • A mobile app regarding Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana has also been launched for this scheme. Under this app, anyone can check the status and location quickly.
  • Under the Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana scheme, there is an announcement of 1715 packages for general diseases, 1148 packages of secondary illnesses, 500 packages of severe conditions, and 67 packages for reservation of government hospitals have been secured so far.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Rajasthan government has applied this scheme for the citizens of Rajasthan. Therefore only the people of the state can apply for it.
  • This is the scheme for those who are enclosed under NFSA and RSBY. This scheme, poor people under the National Food Security Act, and the National Health Insurance Scheme can apply.
  • This Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana has been in progress for people belonging to Rajasthan's poor rural families so that they get better healthcare and treatment.
  • There is no age limit for Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana. Till now, no age limit has been applied for this scheme. Any member of the family can get aids under this scheme.

Disadvantages of the Scheme  

  • This scheme has limitations when it comes to medical emergencies and necessary actions. 
  • This scheme doesn't provide any facilities for cosmetic or aesthetic treatments. 
  • These are not enclosed under the Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana scheme. Various conditions may not be covered under this scheme unless there is a medical emergency.

Documents Required

There are some documents needed while applying for Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana. 

Residential documents

The residential proof is one of the essential for applying for this scheme. This is proof that the candidates belong to the state of Rajasthan, not any other else. They are required to deliver their residential proofs and documents.

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card is another essential proof for the candidate's identity, which serves the purpose of evidence of any Indian citizen. 

BPL Card

BPL Card is essential for applying for this scheme. It has been applied for the members of low-income families of Rajasthan, so the candidates need to show their BPL cards while using.

Ration Card

Willing applicants who are planning to apply for this scheme can provide their ration card. Ration Card is also one of the essential documents. 


People of Rajasthan who are enclosed under the National Health Insurance Scheme have been can apply for this scheme. Candidates may submit a copy of their RSBY card.

How to Apply for Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana?

  • The online application mode for this scheme is available. 
  • For application, candidates can visit any government hospital of Rajasthan and can see some private hospitals (nursing home) which are listed under this scheme.
  • Candidates can also directly contact the concerned health care officer of the district (taluka) in Rajasthan. 
  • By clicking on the accompanying link, Applicants can contact other official's related persons for this scheme.
  • All the information regarding this scheme will be provided by the officials, and to know more updates and requirements, and please visit the official page.

List of Hospitals and Enrolment Proceeds 

Some private hospitals have been included under the scheme, in which candidates can get better treatment by this scheme. All the information in detail will be provided by the government of Rajasthan, and to know more updates and requirements, and please visit the official page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the motive of the scheme? 

The Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana scheme was launched for those needy people who can't afford their medical treatment and suffering due to serious illness. 

Q. How many families are under this project?

A: Almost 4.5 Crore families of Rajasthan are under this project. 

Q: What is the total costing of the project under this scheme?

The cost of the project is nearly 40 Crores for giving enough health care to poor people. 

Q: Is any other state person is eligible for this scheme?

No, only Rajasthan state people are eligible to get benefits from this scheme.