Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana, Bihar Flood Relief Scheme

Nowadays, it appears as Bihar is becoming a yearly ritual or celebration that everyone must participate in; yet, neither the Bihar administration nor the Indian government is taking legal action to address this issue. Here now have started to sink several regions totally common since the state is becoming so occurred this moment went proclaimed floods in ten districts of Bihar. You see individuals that a lot of Bihar many districts have been fully submerged inside the floodwaters. It is unknown whether there's any towns or human settlements well before the flash floods. I'm not sure how much longer this will continue or when the Bihar administration would construct a reservoir to solve the situation.

However, these are Bihar's issues, and the residents of Bihar continue to endure through it year after year, but don't worry, the Bihar administration is providing little comfort throughout the name of Bihar relief, so let's all go to Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana or Bihar Badh Sahayata. Please tell us all about Yojana.

A survey has been launched to aid flood victims in Bihar

The Bihar govt has begun operational flood arrangements, and rescue and recovery team members are being created in flood-prone regions. Include People from the level so may complete all fieldwork quickly, and individuals could receive assistance. This survey has been conducted out with zeal to offer adequate meals and incentives to the state-run households.

The state administration is preparing an advanced listing of all the victims and families of the Bihar floods, so this work has been done under the supervision of the CEO, CDPO, and Block Welfare Officers.

The same flood sufferers are being relocated to high ground, and the state administration is putting together other livelihoods and drinking amenities. In the meantime, whenever there is a risk of an outbreak throughout a flood, the state government has already begun its preparations in light of such a coronavirus. Such that adequate plans may be taken to assist flood-affected communities in the future.

At the same time, the state legislature is selecting the grade school high site and community engagement for each town and panchayat. The task of surveying the family’s database is underway under the guidance of Anganwadi servant Vikas Mitra, Panchayat Secretary. Within which the job of appropriately linking the Aadhar bank account is ongoing.

The Disaster Management Division has approved a plan.

The Bihar government has announced as per the Bihar Badh Rahat Scheme, each household in the flood-affected areas of Bihar would be awarded a sum of 6000 rupees, including those whose pucca or kutcha house has indeed been flooded, and it has suffered damage to life and property. Regardless of whether or not the harvests have indeed been harmed, the provincial government will compensate you.

In addition, the administration would provide aid in the event of the demise of animals such as cows, buffalos, horses, chickens, goats, and other livestock.

Bihar Badh Rahat Program would help ten districts in Bihar

Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, Khagaria, East and West Champaran, and Muzaffarpur are the ten flood-affected districts of Bihar. Floods often caused damage to people. People living in flood-prone areas have sacrificed their lives, properties, and possessions.

If you have been invoiced from such districts and therefore are flood-affected, the Disaster Management Division has announced a plan to produce a list of flood-affected individuals, such as a listing of persons who a flood has now harmed. Would be completed, and that they will shortly be eligible for the Bihar Badh Sahayata Program.

What would include data in the listing, and how would it be planned?

According to data obtained from the dept, all flood-affected families and those who had lost a cow, buffalo, goat, residence, or other valuables would get a ZIR aid award of 6000 per household. In addition, a supplemental sum would be made accessible in the state legislature to compile a list of impacted individuals in such impacted regions, including the impacted people's names, location, and bank account details.

The statewide administration's advantage would be sent straight to such individuals via instant money deposit to a savings account, allowing the advantage of the Bihar Badh Sahayata Program to be carried onto a directly impacted individual or family and eliminating the intermediaries.

Bihar Badh Sahayata Yojana's goals

That you're all aware, each time flash floods in Bihar come in the form of a terrible and ginormous disaster, resulting in the loss of countless lives and possessions, the administration seems unable to solve the issue. However, the flood-affected region and individuals have received little government aid, intending to marginally resolve the occurrence of such people who bring them economic prosperity.

Individuals will receive state assistance for damages due to floods in flood-affected regions, as well as aid from the state legislature for agricultural output, dwelling destruction, and animal deterioration. Authorities inside the districts chosen underneath the Bihar Badh Sahayata Scheme must compile statistics on crop loss and destroyed residences.

The Agriculture Department, Govt of Bihar, will compile the specifics of crop loss. The administration had filed a motion to compile a list of the people affected as rapidly as feasible and instruct that perhaps the aid money be delivered to the impacted people's accounts. Have completed

Those that have lost a cow, buffalo, goats, or chickens only as a result of the very same floods would receive different aid through the authorities; however, the Bihar Badh Sahayata Program has provided guidelines for providing aid to all families, especially if they have lost clothing and cookware.

Bihar Flood Relief Program 2020: How Much Remuneration Would Be Offered in The Circumstances

  • The benefit of ₹ 6000 to Bihar flood-affected families.

  • The family at about 4 million deaths

  • L800 Rs loss cloth

  • ₹ 2000 for utensils

  • Rs 6800 per hectare for crop

  • ₹ 30000 per cow, if buffalo sticks

  • ₹ 25000 per horseback

  • ₹ 3000 per Sheep, goat, pig 

  • ₹ 95100 pucca house, kutcha house on loss

  • A maximum of ₹ 5000 will be payable on a loss of ₹ 50 per hen.

  • 5200 on partial damage to a pucca house

  • 3200 rupees on partial damage to kachcha house

  • 2100 rupees on shed loss of animal

  • ₹ 4100 in case of complete loss of the hut

How do I enroll in the Bihar flood relief fund?

One would not need to enroll for Bihar Badh Rahat Scheme through Bihar flood aid. Still, when you're a native of a Bihar flood-affected region as well as a Bihar flood-affected individual, the statewide authorities would create your information and submit that to the officials. I intend to go. Would create A supplementary listing in the event of a flood, and if your harvest is harmed, would create a listing thru the Department Of agriculture. Such that, all you have to do is have your names put on the list at your levels, and the remaining of the advantages would be provided to you straight by that of the state authorities

Information Of Flooded Areas Throughout Bihar

Floods have now been reported in 16 districts of Bihar, affecting 124 blocks and 1199 panchayats, with an overall population of 7,116,748 people, including roughly 6.50 million people who have been affected by the floods.

  • There are 16 districts.

  • 124 Building Blocks

  • 1199 Panchayat Pan

  • Total population affected: 7116748

  • Floods have impacted 6.50 lakh families.

Flood victims will receive assistance as quickly as possible

When several district councilors and panchayat secretaries assessed things, it was discovered that there had been mass panic amongst those populations due to the flood, that perhaps the foodservice arrangements are inadequate, and that the entire area has indeed been immersed in water. A sufficient number of boats is often requested. The state legislature must send the additional funds to the people's accounts as quickly as possible and perform the appropriate flood-relief procedures.

How can I know if I'm eligible for Bihar flood relief and what documentation I'll need?

  • First and foremost, your district must be labeled a flood-prone region.

  • Your home should be located in a flood-prone panchayat or hamlet.

  • It would be best if you were of flood-affected families.

  • Aadhar card and bank accounts passbook is required.

  • You must also include your name and address on the list.

Who is on the list of flood victims in Bihar?

Underneath the Bihar flood benefit plan, would choose everyone based on their regions, that is, the places inundated and entirely immersed in the flood. The administration has set up assistance centers and is investigating the situation. Authorities collected data from all of the individuals residing inside the camps and compiled it into a record. Based on this list, the Bihar government has offered 6000 settlements to all residents underneath the Bihar Flood Relief Program. Would complete it. The State of Bihar has deposited DBT in the accounts of the claimants. Whether or not your name appears on the listing, you would receive 6000 in aid from the Bihar Flood Relief Program.

Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Which Districts Will Benefit from This Year's Bihar Flood Relief Scheme?

Underneath the Bihar Flood Relief Scheme, a maximum of twelve districts in Bihar are being chosen, that are as shown in:

Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, Khagaria, Saran, Samastipur, East and West Champaran

Q 2: How much funds would the government provide for flood relief in Bihar?

Bihar Flood Relief would provide 6000 per family to flood-affected individuals in the Bihar flood-affected area and expenses in the form of loss of human life, properties, clothing, utensils, or anything similar.

Q 3. What is the procedure for applying for the Bihar Flood Relief Scheme?

You are not required to enroll at this time. If you live in a flood-affected region, the administration will compile a record with your name on it; all you have to do now is keep an eye out for an official visiting your area. So, you take the details about the flood-affected regions, and if somebody produces a list, you put your relevant information, including your bank account details.

Q4: How Do I Get Payment Through the Bihar Flood Relief Plan?

After listing is established, you will receive the amounts of assistance straight in your savings account underneath the Bihar Flood Relief Plan.

Q 5: When would the money for flood relief in Bihar be gained?

People's data is still being gathered underneath the Bihar Flood Assistance Program. Cash began to flow into the blocks wherever people's information was gathered, so as quickly as your data or lists are complete, your bank will contact you. Bihar Badh, Sahayata Scheme funds, would begin to flow into the bank.

Q 6: Would the Bihar Flood Relief Program aid low-income families who are financially disadvantaged and have also been displaced by the floods?

Yes, "No" is not supplied by the state authority. However, due to the devastation caused by floods, everyone, rich, poor, and middle income, will profit from flood relief.

Q 7: Will The Bihar Flood Relief Program Assist All Flood Victims in All Affected Areas of Bihar State?

Yes, if flood-impacted areas and your district block have indeed been proclaimed infected, you would be covered by the state administration's Bihar flood relief program.

Q 8: Would the Bihar Flood Relief Program applicants be able to obtain money in some other way instead of through their savings account?

"No," says the speaker. The Bihar Flood Relief Program beneficiaries would only be able to receive funds in their private bank account that the state government will deliver via Instant Money Transfers or DBT payments.

Q 9: Where Else can I Make a Complaint Or Offer A Recommendation Regarding The Bihar Flood Relief Plan?

You could call the authorized helpdesk line 9476191436 if you have problems with the Bihar flood relief plan or if you wish to seek advice or have your concern filed. Mr. Sudhir Kumar can be reached through this form.

Q 10: What is the number to call if you have a complaint about this scheme?

If you have any difficulties in taking benefit of the Bihar flood relief plan, please call the below telephone.

9431019731, 997304546, 7631499034