Biju Yuva Shashaktikaran Yojana 2021

The Odisha government recently announced the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana, a recently launched scheme. This scheme, which is primarily for pass-out intermediate students, is responsible for distributing free laptops to students who have excelled in their stream/field throughout the academic year. According to the scheme, the general phase will currently cover around 15000 deserving students with commendable academic performance in receiving laptops for the academic year 2020-21. Those who are selected under the scheme can expect to receive their laptops by December 2020. Students from all fields are covered by the Biju Shashaktikaran yojana. Commerce, Humanities, Science, and other fields are included.

What is biju yuva shashaktikaran yojana?

The Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana 2021 will be extremely beneficial to all students in the state of Odisha. Students will be able to get a glimpse of India's technological phase if this scheme is implemented. Students will be able to prepare for their exams by investigating the laptop's various features. They can also study for school using online resources such as YouTube. The scheme will be extremely beneficial to the country's technological advancement.

Under the programme, meritorious students who pass the +2 level from CHSE, Odisha will be entitled to receive a laptop. From 2020-21, vocational students passing CHSE (O) and Upshastri students passing Shree Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri will be qualified to receive laptops.

For this reason, a merit list of 15000 candidates will be drawn based on their performance in the CHSE exam in their respective streams and the Upshastri Exam.

7000 laptops will be distributed among students who passed their Plus II exams successfully in the current academic year, 5,400 laptops will be distributed among students in the Arts stream, and 2000 laptops will be distributed among students in the Commerce stream.

In addition, in the current year, 400 deserving Sanskrit students and 200 deserving Vocational Education students will be eligible for the scheme.

In this regard, the department has identified 30 nodal colleges and named 30 nodal officers, and has asked the Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC) to provide laptops to these colleges for distribution at the district level.

The laptop distribution process will be completed by the end of December, with a budget of Rs 41.86 crore set aside for the purpose.

Objective of the scheme

The main goal of incorporating the free laptop program into the Odisha state educational curriculum is to assist all students in overcoming their technological challenges. Many students are having technical difficulties and are unable to participate in their online classes. The free laptop distribution will assist all of these students in overcoming their challenges. The Government of Odisha's main goal is to assist students in any way possible.

Benefits of the scheme

The Biju Yuva Shashaktikaran Yojana 2021 has many advantages, some of which are listed below:-

  • The scheme will aid the young people of Odisha in their technological advancement.

  • According to reports, the scheme will provide laptops to over 15000 students.

  • The program will assist students in overcoming any obstacles they may face in their studies.

  • The program will also promote the various types of online teaching methods that are currently available in your country.

  • There are over 30 nodal centres where the laptops will be distributed to the recipients.

  • The laptops will be distributed to the schools' most deserving students.

Online registration process of odisha biju shashaktikaran yojana 

The Principal of Nodal Colleges can appoint additional officials to assist him in keeping laptops secure and distributing them smoothly.

The list of qualifying students from each Nodal Centre is available on the Higher Education Department's website.

Until distributing the laptop to the beneficiary student, the Principal of the concerned Nodal Center must verify the student's identity by retaining a certificate of identification from the concerned Principal/Head of the institution from which the student graduated, as well as the student's original CHSE/College identity card.

Download the official notification and instructions from the official website before proceeding to fill out the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana Odisha Application Form. Please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana Odisha's official website,

Step 2: Go to the homepage. Go to the "Laptop Distribution" Corner and choose it. A new page appears on the desktop, from which you can download the application form. 

Step 3: The Application Form page will appear on the screen, which you can print.

Step 4: Now fill in the necessary information (including name, father's name, date of birth, gender, caste, and other details) and upload the documents.

Step 5: Finally, email the completed application form to the appropriate office/college/department/principal office.

Check laptop distribution merit list odisha

  • Step 1: Go to the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana Odisha's official website,

  • Step 2: On the homepage, go to the "Laptop Distribution" section.

  • Step 3: A new page appears on the computer, along with several links.

  • Step 4: Now, on this page, students must first select the "The Year of 2020" option.

  • Step 5: After that, the page for the List of Meritorious Students will appear in front of you.

  • Step 6: On this list, you can find all of the State's districts.

  • Step 7: It will show information on the Laptop Distribution Abstract, Laptop Guidelines, and District-by-District Cut-off.

  • Step 8: Now choose "View" from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 9: Once you've selected the display option, you'll be able to download the entire student beneficiary list.

  • Step 10: Interested students can print a copy of this list in pdf format.

What exactly is SAMS (Student Academic Management System)?

SAMS (Student Academic Management System) is an online database management system that provides an amalgamation of academic resources and updates and connects institutional authorities with parents and guardians for all information about academic body admissions. Previously, the entire process from application, selection, and admission, as well as other procedures, were all combined and made accessible on the Higher Education Department's web portal.

How do I access SAMS for the Laptop Distribution Program?

Users can access the portal in one of two ways. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the website

  • The Junior Application and Degree Application columns will now appear. 

  • Since you're applying for the DBT programme, choose the Junior Application option. 

  • You will now be guided to the SAMS login portal.

  • The user must then enter a mobile number, a password (created during registration), and a provided captcha into the textbook before tapping the SIGN IN button at the bottom. 

  • After a successful login, the user's dashboard will appear in front of the screen.

  • If the applicant forgets his or her password, he or she may use the Forgot Password icon, which is located just below the login box.

  • Enter the registered mobile number in the new redirected window and click Generate OTP.

  • Your registered mobile number will receive the produced OTP.

  • Enter the information into the portal, and you'll be given the option to create a new password.

Eligibility criteria for biju yuva shashaktikaran yojana 2021

When applying for the programme, the applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements:-

  • Only students from the state of Odisha are eligible to apply for the laptop programme.

  • Students must be in the 12th grade at an Odisha Government School.

  • To be eligible for the free laptop, students must have received a good grade.

  • Only those students who received a 70% or higher on the final examination will be chosen.

  • Any of the students must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

  • The applications of all students who applied for the final CHSE examination will be considered.

  • In addition, Shree Jagannath Sanskrit University has been included in this plan.

  • This project will only recognise candidates who have earned the Upashastri degree.

Documents required

For the free laptop program, the applicant must apply the following documents:-

  • Address Proof

  • Aadhar card

  • Education Certificates

  • Mark sheet of 12th standard

  • Age proof

  • Caste certificate


What are the minimum requirements for me to be qualified for the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana?

The applicant for the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran scheme/Laptop grant scheme must have a minimum score of 70 on the test.

What is the primary goal of the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana?

The main goal of the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran scheme is to promote awareness and self-development among deserving students by providing a free laptop to those who are shortlisted.

What is the total number of laptops distributed through the Biju Yuva sashaktikaran Yojana 2021?

Currently, the Biju Yuva Shashaktikaran scheme is providing 15000 laptops to the state's deserving students.

Where will i receive my laptop from?

According to the system, 30 nodal centres have been assigned, where the beneficiary would be able to receive the laptop based on the information given.

When will i get my laptop via the biju yuva shashaktikaran yojana?

By December 2020, one should hope to receive a laptop.

What is SAMS?

Student Academic Management System (SAMS) is an acronym for Student Academic Management System. It is a website that houses a database and information on all admissions activities as well as other academic activities.

Is there a difference between the Biju Yuva sashaktikaran Yojana and the laptop distribution scheme?

No, it's not true. The Laptop Distribution System, also known as the Biju Yuva Shashaktikaran Scheme, aims to promote the development of deserving children by providing laptops to aid in the learning process.

Is the Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojana 2021 application form still available?

The Laptop Distribution Scheme's registration portal is currently unavailable because laptops are being distributed to those who have already registered. However, he must first log into the portal and search his dashboard for any new information.