BSNL VRS Scheme (BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme) {बीएसएनएल स्वैच्छिक सेवानिवृत्ति योजना}

Telecom operator BSNL has a fantastic scheme for the employees who will decide to retire voluntarily. This Scheme is introduced as the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) scheme 2019, under this scheme employee who are aged 50 years or older can go for this Scheme.


The Scheme’s goal is to improvise and revamp the Human Resource section of BSNL by giving appealing benefits to the employees who are qualified and are ready to opt for this Scheme voluntarily before they retire.


Under this Scheme, every permanent and regular employee along with the direct recruits and absorbed employees of BSNL, plus those of who are on deputation on different organizations, those who are posted outside BSNL informally and who are fifty years or older are qualified. 


Employees falling under these categories are not eligible for this Scheme-

  • The government employees or employees from other organizations who are working in BSNL on the committee, or deemed deputation or loan basis. 
  • Employees whose services are permanently transferred in the public interest to Central or State Government or Autonomous Bodies or maybe Public Sector Undertakings or other entities. 
  • The Employees permanently transferred into any other organization before the Scheme comes into existence. 
  • Casual Workers and Contractual employees. 
  • The employees who have retired or retiring on superannuation resigned from services or voluntarily retired under existing rules on or before the effective date of voluntary retirement notified under the Scheme.

Ex-Gratia and Lump sums

  • The total sum of Ex-Gratia for the adequate employees will be equivalent to 35 days salary of these employees for every whole year of services along with the 25 days salaries of these employees for every year of service which are still left, until superannuation. Plus, further given that this Ex-Gratia compensation must not cross the total amount of salary that these employees will withdraw at the current level which is usually paid wages along with Dearness Allowance or DA on the given date of Voluntary retirement or during the service period left till superannuation from the effective date of VRS.
  • To calculate it quickly, the salary per day will be equal to the monthly salary of these employees divided by 30 days. To calculate the fraction of the whole year of service left, the Ex-Gratia can be calculated based on the pro-data basis.
  • The payment of Ex-gratia will be combined with service pensioners as mentioned in BSNL under rule 37A: The total amount of Ex-Gratia payable to the qualified employees allowed to a pension for combined services delivered in DoT and BSNL under the Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules, 1972 will be further constrained to the sum which taken together with the total amount of pension which is Basic Pension without commutation plus Dearness Relief as on the date following the effective date of voluntary retirement and he/she will be withdrawing for the balance period left till the age of superannuation, does not exceed 125% of the sum of salary at a current level that the employee would have drawn till superannuation from the effective date of VRS.
  • The employees who are retiring voluntarily under this Scheme will be given the amount of Ex-gratia in 50% of each two equal instalments. The first instalment will be provided in FY 2019-20 and the second instalment in the first quarter of FY 2020-21.
  • The payment of the amount of Ex-Gratia and Gratuity will be subject to recovery of dues outstanding against the employee and deduction of tax at source as per provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961, in force, on the date paid.


The individuals who are qualified for this Scheme will be granted with these benefits-

Pension or Family pension

The employees who will be retiring under this Scheme will be given pension or family pension which will come into effect after the effective date of their voluntary retirement and will be provided with the same as per the procedure that already exists.

Encashment of Earned Leave or Half Pay Leave

As per the existing rules of BSNL, the employees who will be retiring under this Scheme will be allowed to Encashment of earned leave or half pay leave.

TA or DA for the journey to a place of settlement after Voluntary retirement

The employees retired under the Scheme will be permitted to TA/ DA for the journey to the place of settlement as per existing rules. 

Retention of staff quarter

The employees who will be retiring under this Scheme will be allowed to withholding of staff quarter as per existing rules or as amended from time to time.


  • The eligible employees will be needed to put forward options for retiring voluntarily from service under this Scheme within the given period and as per the rules and regulations of the Scheme.
  • If any employee is facing judicial or departmental proceedings then even they are accepted and allowed for the VRS option along with the earned leave encashment, transfer grant, GPF or CPF and the pension will be released according to the provision and rule 69 of 1972 pension rules. With the provided payment Gratuity and Ex-Gratia will be discharged only on the conclusion and that will be based on the result of the vigilance proceedings.
  • The option after putting into effect under this Scheme will be the final decision of the competent authority, and it will be bound for the particular employee. Given that the employees are allowed to draw the option only one time at any given time until the closing day of option. It must be submitted online along with the written signed copy.

General Conditions for BSNL VRS Scheme

  • This Scheme is non-negotiable and must not be used to do any industrial dispute.
  • Under this Scheme, there will be no appointment in BSNL on the vacant posts of the voluntarily retired persons.
  • The employees who are retiring under this Scheme will not be allowed for re-employment.
  • Under this Scheme, all the payments of the employees of BSNL will be subject to prior settlement/re-payment in full of loans, advances, returning of property and any other dues payable by such employees to BSNL.
  • The benefits provided under this Scheme will be the full settlement of all the claims of whatsoever nature.
  • The family or heir of the voluntarily retired person will have no access except the benefits provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is BSNL VRS scheme?

VRS or Voluntary retirement Scheme is for employees of BSNL who can opt for this scheme.

Q. When was this scheme launched?

This scheme was launched in 2019.

Q. Can the other employees of telecome companies enjoy this scheme?

No, this is for only the employees of BSNL.

Q. What is the required age for this scheme?

The required age is 60 years.

Q. Can I opt for this scheme if I am 55 years old?

Yes, you can but there will be certain changes in the final amount.

Q. Will my kids have the access to the funds?

No, your kids won’t have the access to the funds. However, they can enjoy the benefits.

Q. Will the family or heirs enjoy the benefits if the employee dies after applying under this scheme?

No, they will not be provided with the funds.

Q. Is there any tax that I will have to pay?

All the applicable taxes will be according to the Tax Law of India.