Delhi Ration card apply

All residents of Delhi should have a ration card issued by the GNCT's Department of Food, Supplies, and Consumer Affairs. The Delhi ration card is a multi-purpose legal document that entitles the holder to all Delhi government subsidies. The new ration card aims to remove duplicate ration cards and ensure that all qualified beneficiaries in Delhi are covered. The process for obtaining a Delhi ration card is detailed in this article.

Delhi ration card

A ration card is a document issued by the Department of Food, Services, and Consumer Supplies to supply subsidised food and supplies to people of the country. The Delhi ration card is also an important document for proving one's identity in Delhi and throughout the world. This article explains the eligibility requirements, required documentation, application procedure, and how to update the information on your current ration cards, such as your name or address.

What are the various types of ration cards issued in India?

The Delhi government issues various forms of ration cards to residents of the state. For proper supply and distribution of SFAs and Kerosene oil, the entire population of Delhi has been divided into the following categories.

Above Poverty Line, (APL) Cards (White Color) will be issued by the government to families with a combined annual income of more than Rs 1,00,000.

Below Poverty Line (BPL): This category includes families with a total annual family income of less than Rs 24,200.

Antyodya Anna Yojana (AAY): This scheme covers households with a disabled adult and no reliable source of income, as well as landless labourers, marginal farmers, artisans, craft workers, widows, terminally ill people, and others.

Annapurna Yojana (AY): Under this scheme, a destitute individual over the age of 65 who has no source of income and is not qualified for the National Old Age Pension or State Pension Scheme can receive 10 kg of food grains for free per month.

Eligibility criteria

A ration card is available to any family residing in the state of Delhi. The benefits obtained are determined by the type of card used. Households with an annual income of less than Rs.1 lakh would be deemed candidates for inclusion in the NFS programme. In the National Food Security Card, the eldest woman will be designated as the family's head.

Documents required

Along with the application form, please provide the following documents:

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Voter Identity card

  • Income certificate

  • Passport size photograph of family members.

How to apply for delhi ration card

  • Visit the Delhi Government's Department of Food's official website

  • The application form can be found by going to the Food Security section of the website.

  • The applicant must include all relevant information in the correct format and upload supporting documents.

  • After you've uploaded all of your documents and completed the application form, press submit.

You should write down the ration card application number and use it to monitor the status of your ration card application.

Delhi ration card application status

Following the steps below, applicants should verify the status of their ration card application online:

  • Visit the Department of Food, Supplies, and Consumer Goods' official website
  • On the right side of the screen, look for the segment titled "Citizen's Corner." 
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Track Food Security Application.' 
  • The applicant must provide various details after selecting the choice, including: 
    • Aadhaar number

    • New ration card number

    • NFS application ID and Online Citizen ID

    • Old ration card number

How to download Delhi Ration Card?

The following are the steps to obtain the e-ration card from the website

  • Visit the Delhi Government's Department of Food, Supplies, and Consumer Affairs' official website.

  • On the homepage, look for the "Citizen Corner" portion. 

  • Select the choice to create an e-card. 

  • Enter the necessary information, such as the ration card number, the head of the family's Aadhaar number/NFS ID, the head of the family's date of birth, and the registered mobile number given at the time of registration. 

  • Select ‘Submit' from the drop-down menu.

  • The e-ration card will appear on the screen after that and can be downloaded by selecting the ‘download' choice.


How long would it take to create a new ration card?

After successfully verifying the documents, the new ration card will be issued within 15 days of submitting the application form with all supporting documentation, which can be done either offline or online.

What documents are required to obtain a ration card?

The following are the documents required to apply for a new Delhi ration card:

  • Card of Pan

  • Photograph of Passport Size

  • Aadhar Card 

What is the official website of the Delhi Government's Department of Food for applying for a Delhi Ration Card?

To apply for a ration card, the applicant must first visit the official website,, and then download the application form.

Is someone who does not have a Delhi ration card qualified for subsidised food?

The Delhi government has launched a special programme to provide subsidised food grains and basic commodities to residents who do not have a ration card.