Digital seva portal

The advancement in technology and the evolvement of the internet has made things easier for everyone. Not only the public sector is using technology to handle its work but even the Government ministries are going online. The digital seva is helping common people get things done easily.

We all have experienced the tiresome routine of visiting the government office daily. Most of the time you had to wait in a long queue for document procedure. 

With everything being online even the government of India is providing services related to Aadhar card, Pan card, ration card etc online through its Digital Seva module. 

The digital seva mode also encourages a corruption-free environment for common people who can get their things done online easily.

Digital india program

The Digital india program is a fantastic initiative launched by the Indian government to ensure that government services are easily accessible to Indian citizens through electronic means.

The Indian government is working to develop the country's internet infrastructure and increase its online accessibility in order to make it as digitally empowered as possible.

What is Digital seva CSC?

The common service centre Digital seva is an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Department of electronics along with the ministry of IT and communications and the Government of India.

The government has taken this initiative to bring E-governance services to every corner of the world.

The CSC Digital Seva not only deals with government services for residents, but it also assists people in urban and rural areas in taking advantage of online booking, various government Schemes benefits, educational benefits, and much more in this regard.

Even in villages that are far from towns, the government has established numerous CSC centres.

CSC services

CSC is responsible for a range of non-government and e-government programmes. This platform primarily focuses on financial, educational, government-to-citizen, business-to-citizen, insurance, and virtual learning environment (VLE) services. 

Services that are being offered by CSC are as follows:

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Pan Card

  • Voter ID

  • Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Farmer registration

  • DTH recharge

  • Mobile recharge

  • BUS booking

  • VLE Bazaar

  • Insurance

What is VLE?

Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is an acronym for Village Level Entrepreneur. VLE is a form of government delivery boy who will provide a variety of non-government and government services to villagers who are part of the CSC programme.

There is no cost to become a member of the VLE Digital Seva Portal. What's more, there's no requirement for prior training to be qualified for this.

There are, however, certain eligibility requirements to consider before applying as a VLE.

Registration process at CSC Digital seva

Only the online portal is available for CSC registration. It is recommended that applicants prepare for registration by scanning their documents.

To register, you'll need a working phone number and an email address. Since the application follows a particular format, you must read the guidelines carefully before submitting your application.

Follow the steps below for the registration process.

  • You will have to visit the website here -

  • Then go to apply and click on “New Registration”

  • When asked you will have to enter your mobile number and email id for verification.

  • Make sure that the number you are providing is the same number on your Aadhar card.

  • Then click on submit

  • Now you will move forward to the authentication step 

  • Here you will have to provide your fingerprint scan, Iris scan or OTP on the given mobile number.

  • Once the authentication process is successfully completed you will have to fill the form.

  • Make sure you fill in the personal details in the form carefully.

  • Now you will be prompted to upload the Geotagged images of the centre.

  • After submitting the images click on the "Submit" button.

Now you can check your registration status anytime on the CSC online portal.

how to check the registration application status?

When you submit your registration form, It is forwarded to the authorities for a Quality and Authenticity check. You can track your application status through your allotted application number.

Follow the steps below to track the status of your registration application.

  • Go to the link -

  • Then click on “Track Application Status”

  • Now you will have to enter your application number and solve the captcha code.

  • After all these click on “Submit”

Your application status will be visible on the screen.


Digital India is coming true with the launch of the Digital Seva CSC online portal. You can now get services related to government schemes and programs right at your home. 

Now there is no need to run to government offices for getting documents. You can facilitate all major document services through CSC Digital Seva.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is re-registration mandatory for VLE?

Yes! VLEs have to re-register on the Digital Seva online portal every year. Without successful re-registration VLEs won’t be able to carry out transactions.

Is there a specific date for vle re-registration?

Yes! Proper notification is released by the government online stating the time period in which VLE s have to re-register themselves on the portal.

What should be the minimum age of applicants for registering as VLE?

The minimum age of applicants must be 18 years to register themselves on the Digital Seva CSC online portal as VLE.

What is a CSC center?

The acronym CSC stands for Common Service Centre. A CSC Centre is a service point/location from which a virtual learning environment (VLE) runs and supports the end-user. The VLE owns the majority of these CSCs.

Is there any training needed to become a VLE?

You don't require any skill to become a VLE. All that you need is to fulfil all the eligibility criteria for VLE. It is recommended that one must possess social respect, entrepreneurial skills, a dedication to social service, and some financial power.

Is there a registration fee at CSC portal?

No, CSC does not charge a registration fee. It's absolutely free to use.