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Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter started Parivar pehchan patra haryana. This is also referred to as the Haryana family identity Card Scheme that has gained quite a lot of popularity over some time now. The primary purpose of this scheme is that the Haryana state citizens can avail the advantages of the scheme that the state and the central government offer. There will be 14 digits that will be created for such an identity card in the year 2021. The form will have a certain type of identity card and even family members can avail themselves of the advantages.

Haryana pehchan patra can be availed only after the form for such a card is filled up and submitted. For every family member to get the benefits in Haryana. Family ID card plays an important role. It shall divide all the benefits and services to the state beneficiaries based on the social-economic state certificate. In this scheme, so far more than 45 lakh citizens will have the best of the advantage is what has been estimated.

Haryana family ID Card

The government will ensure that the Haryana parivar pehchan patra is given to the applicants who are eligible for such type of option. Once you will have the advantages of the scheme, it is then possible for you to make some contribution in lessening down the corruption in the Haryana state government and thus maintain all the transparency amongst the other benefices too. Besides the bogues people who must have taken the advantage of the government scheme will come up and those who are the right beneficiaries of the scheme will have the advantages of the Haryana parivar pehchan patra (PPP).

Documents required for Parivar pehchan patra haryana (Family Identity Card)

The main documents required for the Haryana family id are mentioned below:

  • It is mandatory to have an Aadhaar card with the application.

  • Marital status

  • Passport size photo

  • Residence certificate

  • The candidate should be a native of Haryana.

  • Mobile number

  • Income certificate

  • Other family identity documents

Services linked with Haryana family identity Card

The person can get advantages of the different schemes under Parivar pehchan patra haryana to apply online. The major ones are as follows:

  • Marriage Registration services

  • Income Certificate

  • Vehicle Registration services

  • Disability Pension Yojana

  • Old Age Samman Allowance

  • vidhwa pension yojana

  • Birth Certificate

  • Domicile Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Driving License services

  • SSPY Vidhwa Pension UP

Information related to Parivar pehchan patra haryana (Family ID Card)

To make the right use of the scheme, you can follow the Haryana parivar pehchan patra download. Later it is also possible for you to get acquittance of some of the details that include:

  • The government can pay attention to all those people of the state using the Haryana family ID identity card.

  • It will also be noted whether the person eligible for the benefit is getting the benefit or not.

  • As per the Haryana parivar pehchan patra family id, the software will be quite easy to use that people of all ages can use. Using this software, the beneficiary can get the details and even further take advantage of it.

  • On the official website which is the officials can help to identify the right beneficiary. It will also be noticed that only the right person in the scheme will be eligible to get the advantages.

  • Using Haryana pehchan patra, all the details about the area where the family resides along with other codes can be easily available for the people who have been living in urban or rural areas

  • The corruption that resulted from such a scheme shall be lessened down while the people who have maintained their Aadhar cards which are duplicated shall also reduce to a great extent as the family identification card will be available

  • It is now obligatory for the officers to work in the Haryana State government to prepare the Parivar pehchan patra haryana.

  • Failing to create a Haryana family ID card, the salary will be withheld for the next month.

  • Besides the Instructions, for family id, Haryana is also issued to everyone on whether it is the small employee or the large one.

Advantages of Parivar pehchan patra haryana

  • One can get government and private jobs with this card.

  • At present, after the marriage of the girl, her name will be removed from her family card and will be given an in-laws' card.

  • 54 lakh people of the state of Haryana will get the benefit of this PPP Haryana card.

  • With a family in Haryana, students can easily enroll in school /college.

  • The government will provide a 14-digit NUMBER in the family identification card which will be unique for every family.

  • Fraud in government schemes will be reduced

  • There will be transparency in the state government.

  • Only people who are native to Haryana will be able to make this Parivar Pehchan Patra 2021 Scheme card.

Beneficiaries will also get old pensions and other pensions

If there is a death of any family member that has taken place then nobody else will have to wander around with the death certificate or ration card or any such document. This type of ID SRB post software will gather all the details from the crematorium, hospital and then get rid of the name from the card on its own

Know the Purpose of Parivar pehchan patra haryana

The primary aim of this scheme is to make sure all the schemes are automated. All the people who are eligible for such a scheme can be able to join without any hassle. Besides, the corrupt people from the state will also be reduced and the government can offer the people the right advantages.

The following families can enroll in Parivar pehchan patra haryana:

  • Permanent Family:

The one who has been residing in Haryana needs to enroll in Such a family shall be issued a permanent 8-digit family ID

  • Temporary Family:

The one who has been residing outside Haryana can apply for any service/scheme of the State shall also be required to enroll themselves in PPP. These are the families who will be given a 9-digit temporary family id Haryana which shall be initiated with the letter ‘T’.

Family id Haryana document verification

There are different centers in different districts where the proof and documents of 54 lakh applications under the Family Identity Card Scheme will be verified. Talking of which Atal Seva Kendra, Tehsil, Panchayat, Saral Kendra, Block, Gas Agencies, Schools, Colleges, Other Government and Semi-Government Educational Institutions will create some of such centers. The government of the state will do the whole set up of 500 centres for verification while candidates can get the documents well defined. For this, they simply must visit the places.

How to view the beneficiary list in Parivar pehchan patra haryana

  • Those candidates of Haryana who are interested and wish to see their name in the list of the pehchan Patra beneficiary can check their status in the Economic-Social Caste Census SECC-2011

  • In case the name is present then the same will further be included in Parivar pehchan patra haryana.

  • In case the name is not present then the whole application process needs to be followed to avail the scheme.

  • You will then be added to the family identity card scheme and all answers associated with the Parivar pehchan patra haryana 2021 will be given

How to apply for Family id Haryana

Let us tell you that the government has not yet started the online process to create Parivar pehchan patra card, for this the offline process has been made available.

  • Family id Haryana has been made through 3 channels. No application fee or monetary charge is required to be paid by the citizen for the same.

  • SARAL Kendras – Antyodaya Saral Kendras which are managed by the State Government

  • PPP Operators – Operators registered for the Parivar pehchan Patra work across the State.

  • CSC VLEs – Common Service Centers, managed by Village Level Entrepreneurs

  • Candidates can apply for the application form for school, college, tehsil, gas agency, Atal Center, family identity card from ration shops.

  • You should note that this application form will be given to you free of cost, for this you will not have to pay any fee.

  • After this, you will have to fill in all the information as required in the Family identity card application form pdf download. Attach the documents asked and submit the application form from where you took it.

  • Documents will be thoroughly investigated by the officials.

  • Once the documents are verified, your family will be given this Parivar pehchan Patra yojna smart card.


The primary aim of this type of identity card is to make sure all those people who are eligible for the scheme that the government offers will get advantages of the scheme automatically. They will not even be wandering around to apply for the advantages of the scheme. Besides the increasing state corruption will also come down to a great extent. To be precise, this card will benefit at least 54 lakh people in the whole state. Considering this benefit, Karnataka, Telangana, and even Andhra Pradesh are also now exploring the possibility of implementing the same PPP project.

Question and Answers

How to update family details in Haryana family identity Card?

  • A Candidate can update family details in the Haryana family identity card in two ways.

  • The first way is to search the family directly by family ID, and the second way is to search by aadhar number.

  • Go to the official website

  • Click on the ‘’update family details’’ option, on the Haryana Govt Schemes home page

  • And then, the applicant clicks on the ‘’yes under the update family details

  • Applicant enters the family search and clicks on the ‘’search’’ option 

How to update family details by aadhar no. in family id Haryana?

To update the family details with Aadhar no in the Haryana family identity card, the applicant must visit the official Parivar pehchan patra haryana website. Following are the steps that need to be followed further:

  • Go to the portal of the Haryana family identity card

  • Applicant must click on the ‘’update family details’’ option, on the home page

  • And then, an applicant must click on the ‘’No’’, under the update family details, if they want to update their family details by Aadhar no

  • Now you must click on the ‘’forgot your family id’’ Family Identity Card Haryana Online Application Form 2020

  • Applicant enter your Aadhaar no. and click the ‘’check’’ option 

How to login into Family id Haryana?

  • To login into Parivar pehchan patra haryana, applicants have to follow the steps provided below

  • Go to the portal of the Haryana family identity card

  • Now click on the ‘’login’’ option on the PPP portal Haryana

  • Applicants have to enter the following details on mera Parivar Haryana gov in: 

  • User name

  • Password

  • Code

  • Click on the Haryana parivar pehchan patra Scheme 2021‘’login’’ button

How to recover the password in the Haryana family identity card?

  • To recover the password in the Haryana family identity card; the applicant can go to the official website of Parivar pehchan patra haryana. Follow these steps to recover your password in

  • Go to the portal official web portal of the Haryana family identity card

  • Applicant click on the ‘’login’’ option, on the PPP Haryana home page

  • And then, the applicant click on the ‘’forgot password’’

  • Applicants must enter the

  • enter the user name

  • enter the code

  • Click on the ‘’submit’’ button on Meraparivar