Garena Internship


The engineering team develops world-class gaming platforms and other innovative products that directly impact the lives of millions of players worldwide. As an engineering intern, you will gain first-hand experience working on Garena’s leading platforms to enhance player experience and engagement. You will also can work alongside top engineers to gain valuable insights on how to scale and optimize product performance.

About Garena

  • We are gamers. We play games with the same fervor and unwavering attention that you do, and we want the same thing as well: amazing and memorable experiences with other people who share our passion for gaming.
  • We are builders. And we don’t just build games, we build communities. Our games connect millions of people from all over the world into communities that speak the universal language of gaming, and it is our mission to create and offer opportunities for people to join this tribe we call home. At Garena, our community is everything.

Job Description

  • 4 Internship Tracks

  • Software Development

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Product Manager

  • Data Analyst

What are the rules for an internship?

6 Rules to Remember

  • Treat the internship as an educational experience.

  • Benefit the intern more than the company.

  • Not replace a regular employee with an intern.

  • Not directly benefit from the internship.

  • Not guarantee a fixed position for the intern after the internship.

Why the Garena Internship Program?

Impactful and Challenging Work:

We will fulfill your desire to have a meaningful project during your internship. When you finish the program, you will see yourself making a positive and worthwhile contribution to not only your team but also the community of gamers.

Talented and Supportive Coworkers

At Garena, you will be surrounded by game geniuses. Your teammates and supervisors are open-minded and ready to help you to unleash your potential during your internship.

Opportunity to Ignite Your Future Career

We give you the broadest spectrum of opportunities to explore real-life experience in various business functions when you are seeking and applying for a job after graduation

What does Netflix pay interns?

Netflix interns are paid as contractors. Salary data from Glassdoor suggests that the average hourly wage of a Netflix data science intern ranges from $56-61.

Tips to clear Garena Internship:

1. You need to be on time for everything. This one might seem basic, but it's important to underscore. "We're talking about an age group that's around 18 to 26," says Yair Riemer, the vice president of marketing at CareerArcGroup, which is the parent company of the website "Their first internship could be their first professional experience period, and things that might seem very basic aren't yet second nature to them, necessarily."

"When you're in school and going to class, you might show up a few minutes late, and it's not always a big deal," Riemer continues. "But punctuality is important in the workplace. Map out your route, and try it the day before or the week before [starting your internship]. Always show up on time for meetings. It shows that you're reliable and can be trusted with deadlines."

2. Social capital is sometimes more important than ability. Showing what you know is important, because no one wants to work with a dingbat. But there are unquantifiable benefits to being likable in the office. On the shortlist: It helps boost your morale and that of your colleagues, plus it allows you to stay front-of-mind to receive a full-time position and further promotion opportunities. "When I speak at colleges and high schools I stress the importance of networking and mentorship during an internship," Riemer says. "Ask a colleague to go to lunch with you occasionally, then ask them questions about their career path."

3. You could be an intern for a while. Internships are a stepping stone to the next stage of a career, but these days, that stone's throw from flunky to full-time is a much longer distance. A job offer isn't guaranteed, and even if it does come along, it could be months or years before a company hires you. The more competitive the industry, the longer you could spend hopping internships. To avoid confusion, "Ask what the specific start and end dates are before you begin working with a company, and find out for sure whether they might consider hiring an intern full-time," says Nathan Parcells, the chief marketing officer for the internship placement firm InternMatch.

4. Busy work comes with any job. Look at the bottom of any job description. Do you see the spot where it says "Perform other duties as assigned?" Those duties could range from filing paperwork to data entry, to taking notes in an important meeting, and no matter how highfalutin your chosen career path or GPA, you won't escape some clerical tasks. "There's a yin and yang to the working world," Parcells says. "Every job comes with some component of administrative tasks, and having perspective on how those tasks [to] help the company overall is important."

Aim for excellence, no matter how mundane the task may be. "There's excellent busy work, and then there's mediocre and sloppy busy work," Riemer says. "If you've been given a data entry assignment, then turn in a spreadsheet that's above and beyond, that's easy to navigate and well organized."

5. It's OK to make mistakes. Always strive to do your best, but remember that internships are designed to offer a learning experience. You're not going to know everything, and you're going to botch things a time or two. That's expected, and a good manager will recognize this, expect this, and be patient. Ask questions and for assistance when you're struggling, and ask for feedback on how to prevent making the same mistake twice. "Millennials are a generation with 'I can do everything' personalities, and so they don't always respond to failure well. But bosses expect interns to be on a learning curve, and more learning comes from failure,"

6. Your ideas are encouraged. It's natural to be timid at first, but it behooves you to speak up, so participate in meetings and pitch new projects. This is how you prove your mettle. "Bosses love employees who take initiative. And one of the reasons companies like to have interned in the office is because they provide a fresh perspective,"

7. You're going to be bored sometimes. Many assignments just can't be entrusted to you because you're too new to handle them. And there might even be times when you find yourself twiddling your thumbs while your manager determines what your next task will be. This is normal and something that pretty much every newbie experiences. To combat that, "Keep communication open with your supervisor to determine how you can pitch in," Riemer says. "And learn to set your own internal goals of what you'd like to achieve even if your supervisor doesn't."


Garena was founded in Singapore in 2009. In 2012, it launched its first product, Garena+, an online game and social platform for people to discover, download and play online games. In November 2011, Garena announced its publishing rights for the team-based shooter game, Firefall, in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. To get hired, it is better to follow the tips shared above.

Questions and Answers

What is the Program Structured?

  • Introduction of Garena' technology stacks

  • Entry task assignment

  • Entry task review with the mentor

  • Regular performance review with technical team leader

  • Presentation on the overall internship experience

  • Final performance review with the management team

What are the Job Requirements?

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field as a second and third-year student

  • Strong Computer Science Fundamentals and keen to take your knowledge and skills to the next level

  • Driven to solve real-time engineering problems

  • Team player, good communicator, passionate about coding

What can you get from internship?

  • Gain insights into the global games market and the internet industry

  • Enhance technical skills, with exposure to new tools and programming languages

  • Gain hands-on experience in applying computer science studies in a professional environment

  • Work alongside top engineers in the industry

  • Improve presentation and communication (both verbal and written) skills

How is the hiring done?

1. HR interviews are mostly about your experience and personality.

2. Paper test includes logic, probability, network, OS, C, SQL, and Algorithm

3. Tech interview includes 3 questions: bfs, interval intersection, and database design

4. phone interview for rough project

5. whiteboard programming for algorithm questions