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The Garena Free Fire (FF) redeem codes let you get free rewards like Free Fire Diamonds, Legendary Outfit, and more. This helps the player to build their armory, without having to spend actual money. The Free Fire redeem codes are released now and then via the company’s social media platforms, live stream, and more. The codes vary as per region. This simply means that FF redeem code announced for the European region won’t apply to the Indian servers unless you are using some workaround.

Free Fire rewards for Amazon Prime subscribers

  • In addition to the redeem code, Free Fire gamers in India can earn free rewards with Amazon Prime. If you have the membership, visit the in-game event page to claim the character Kapella as the free reward in Free Fire. The offer is valid from now until October 28th.
  • Garena has developed an official rewards page for gamers which is called the Garena Rewards Redemption Site. Over here, you get the steps to follow to use your Free Fire redeem code that gives you a chance to win in-game rewards. It must be noted that Free Fire redeem codes are valid for a limited period. So make sure you always have access to the latest Free Fire redeem code to unlock the reward in Garena Free Fire and use them before it expires.

What is Garena Free Fire redeem code?

  • Garena Free Fire Redeem Code is a 12-digit alpha-numeric key that lets you win rewards within the game. You stand a chance to get rewards like Free Fire Diamonds, Legendary Outfit, and Free Character for free. It’s like a promo code issued by the developer that lets you get a discount on the expensive items listed on Garena Free Fire.
  • The Free Fire redeem codes are periodically released, and to win them, you should keep a track of the latest live streams hosted by Garena. There you get a chance to collect the latest Free Fire game redeem codes for the day, week, or month.

Garena Free Fire redeem code: Things to remember

Not all Garena Free Fire redeems codes will work for everyone. So a person in India cannot use redeem code in Free Fire from some other country to get the reward. They will get an error if they try to use Free Fire redeem code meant for other regions.

Fire redeem code is a 12-digit alphanumeric code

  • Rewards won after redeeming the code will show up in the Vault tab

  • With the help of redeem codes, gamers win items like Gold and Diamonds that are added to their account

  • Free Fire codes have an expiration date, make sure to use them before they expire

  • All gamers have to log in to use Free Fire redeem codes. Guest accounts cannot use it.

How to get Garena Free Fire to redeem code using Booyah! app?

  • Most of you might be familiar with Booyah! the app especially the avid Garena Free Fire fanatics. Booyah! is the official Free Fire live tournament app for Garena Free Fire. Booyah App can be used to stream live gameplay and tournaments. You can also use Booyah! app to win Free Fire redeem codes as rewards. In addition to this, you also have the simple task of watching videos, which gives you the chance to win diamonds, bundles, and Garena Free Fire characters.
  • Garena Free Fire is an online Battleground gaming platform with many lucrative and amazing in-game experiences. It is very popular amongst the youth around the globe, esp. Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, and parts of the Middle East regions. To enhance the experience, various attractive weapons, loot crates, currency, etc. are introduced. These exclusive items can be availed either using real money or redemption codes/Reward Codes.
  • Garena Free Fire Redeem codes are updated daily by the game developers. These FF redeem codes can then be used by the gamers to add features and have a better gaming experience. These codes can be redeemed free of cost within the stipulated period.

Garena FF Redeem Code Today

  • Garena Free Fire is a royale battlegrounds game with many popular characters such as Maro, Jai, Dasha, Xayne, etc. in play. The real-time experience makes the game very interesting. To make it more interesting, the players are offered additional features and items, such as Gold, Diamonds, weapons, costumes, etc. These items can be purchased with real money. However, not everyone can afford to buy these products, thus, redeem codes are introduced.
  • The redeem codes will help the players unlock the new and exciting features at zero cost and enhance the level of power of their gaming character. It will intensify the engagement of the players in the game. To know more about the redemption codes and their uses, read the article till the end. We have also provided the list of the active redemption codes for today below.

What is a Garena Free Fire Redemption Code?

  • To interest the gamers in playing the Garena Free Fire game, the developers host the redeem codes. These redeem codes are used in purchasing and unlocking the additional exclusive features in the game. It is a 12 character code with a combination of alphabets and numerals. They are valid only for 24 hours and updated daily on the official website of the Garena Free Fire. The codes are free of cost.
  • To claim the gifts and rewards associated with the codes, the gamers need to log in and link their respective accounts with Facebook/ Google/ Apple/ Twitter/ VK, etc. In case of any issue encountered in claiming the rewards through the codes, contact the FF customer care service.

How to Claim the Free Fire Redeem Code?

  • Interested players need to visit the Redemption web page of the Free Fire game (link provided below).

  • Log in using your game credentials.

  • Mention the active FF redeem code in the given space.

  • Click on the “Confirm” button to claim it.

  • After that, tap on the “OK” button for confirmation.

  • Your redemption code is successfully claimed and the reward associated with it will be reflected in the gamer’s profile.

Free Fire India Redeem Code

Following is the list of the redeem codes for today for the Indian players of the Garena Free Fire game. Claim these latest codes to get attractive rewards.

  • DDFRTY1616POUYT> Free Pet
  • FFGYBGFDAPQO> Free Fire Diamonds
  • MJTFAER8UOP16> 80,000 diamond codes
  • SDAWR88YO16UB> free DJ Alok character
  • BHPOU81616NHDF> Elite Pass and Free Top Up
  • ADERT8BHKPOU> Outfit
  • NHKJU88TREQW> Titian mark gun skins
  • MHOP8YTRZACD> Paloma Character
  • FFGTYUO16POKH> Justice Fighter and Vandals Rebellion Weapons Loot Crate
  • BBHUQWPO1616UY> Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Rewards: Pickup Truck – Fancy Ride, Custom Room Card, Mag-7 Executioner, and FFIC Gold Token.
  • 7TQ4WXZK5MP2

Points to be Remembered

  • The redeem codes are time-specific and are active only for a limited period.

  • Free Fire Redeem codes/Reward Code is updated daily by the game developers.

  • The codes mentioned above are only valid on the Indian server of the game.

  • Players from other countries can not avail themselves of these codes.

To gamers, Point Blank, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor must be names they can easily recall. Garena, a digital content platform that owns a major portion of Southeast Asia and Taiwan game-market is the platform that also owns those mentioned games. Those popular games have brought Garena raise onto its popularity.

Specifically, in Indonesia, Garena has secured its place to be one of the top 3 game platforms in this country. In this platform, players can extend their gaming experience using Garena Shell. Garena Shell is the online currency or cash in-game that is applied to buy content or items on the platform.

When the players win a match or complete a mission, gold or diamonds will be earned. This gold or diamond can be exchanged for cash on a game. This cash or shell can be utilized to buy secret weapons, heroes with special abilities, upgrading levels, and other accessories. Purchasing a Garena shell will be the easiest and quickest shortcut to get the shell as the players don’t have to win or complete a mission before earning the cash.

Now, Garena Shell can be purchased in Traveloka. Game voucher purchases can be done through a mobile phone or computer (PC). Via Traveloka, the shell can be earned anytime, anywhere. As one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, all game voucher game transactions through Traveloka are guaranteed for their safety and security.

Payment method for Garena Top Up

  • With the ease that transaction can be done anytime, anywhere for 24 hours, game voucher purchase through Traveloka is also supported by a range of payment method options. This facility will allow the user to choose the quickest or the easiest payment for their transaction. The methods are Saldo Balance, Instant Debit, and My Card.
  • When the user has a balance in ‘Saldo Balance’ or ‘Saldo Uangku’ on their account, the purchase can be paid by deducting the balance they owned. So, the top-up balance on ‘Saldo Uangku’ can be done by bank transfer or ATM in advance.
  • The user may also utilize the ‘Instant Debit’ option as the payment method. Users shall input 4 last digits of their debit card number and mobile phone number that is used for internet banking purposes. SMS will be delivered to the user for verification to complete the payment.  
  • To the user who uses a credit card, the user may save the credit card information in the ‘My Card’ account on Traveloka. When the information is saved, the user may only need a few clicks away for the transaction to succeed.
  • In the future, Traveloka is developing ‘Pay Later’ as one of the payment methods. Pay Later allows users to postpone payment of their transaction to the other months.


The latest Free Fire Redeem code that the developer has released is X99TK56XDJ4X. The code is valid for the Indian server and can be used to claim 3x Diamond Royal Voucher, M18-Killspark Shinobi, and the Black Rose Rocker Bundle. You can redeem the code through Free Fire’s rewards redemption site (scroll down for an easy step-by-step guide). The rewards will be sent to your account within 24 hours. The redeem code has a validity of 24 hours. Some websites are trying to peddle Free Fire codes of regions outside India, but you will get an error message. Stay away from such sites.

Questions and Answers

How to Get Unlimited Redeem Code Free Fire?

  • Visit the official website of the Garena Free Fire Reward Page.

  • log in to your account with the help of Facebook, Google, or other login tools.

  • After that click on the Dashboard and tap on the Redeem Codes option.

  • Enter your Active Redeem Codes (Redemption codes have 12 characters).

How do I redeem my free Fire 2020 code?

Follow these steps to redeem Garena Free Fire redeem codes:

  • Head over to the official Garena Free Fire Rewards Redemption site.

  • Login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID to use the Free Fire redeem code.

  • Add the Free Fire redeem code and click on the Confirm button to get the reward.

How to Claim the Free Fire Redeem Code?

  • Interested players need to visit the Redemption web page of the Free Fire game 

  • Log in using your game credentials.

  • Mention the active FF redeem code in the given space.

  • Click on the “Confirm” button to claim it.

How can I get a Garena voucher?

  • Login to the Garena payment page of

  • Choose 'Prepaid Voucher Garena' – again

  • Click 'Prepaid Voucher Garena'

How to get Garena Free Fire to redeem the code?

  • To collect a Garena Free Fire Redeem Code you have to be proactive in multiple ways.
  • The Free Fire codes are not issued for all the items.
  • You can get hold of them from a particular event hosted by Garena now and then.
  • So, the first thing you should do to get a Free Fire to redeem code is follow the Garena Free Fire account on all popular social platforms.
  • You also stand a chance to win Free Fire redeem codes as part of a special giveaway from Garena.

How to use Garena Free Fire redeem code to win prizes?

  • Head over to the official Garena Free Fire Rewards Redemption site

  • Login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID to use the Free Fire redeem code

  • Add the Free Fire redeem code and click on Confirm button to get the reward

  • The Free Fire rewards will be added to the account of the gamer within 24 hours of redeeming the code.