UP Gehu Kharid


For the Rabi crops, there has been government procurement of wheat which has already been started. The government of Uttar Pradesh has come up with complete arrangements to purchase the wheat. There are some special arrangements that are made for wheat procurement considering the corona epidemic and lockdown situation. The procurement of the wheat shall be initiated by the 15th of May. The farmer needs to be registered for the wheat procurement. The process is online registration where they can sell the wheat at the government centre of procurement. This online centre is called the UP Gehu Kharid which is an official website that has been designed to maintain social distancing and sanitization among the farmers at the procurement centres.

About UP Gehu kharid

The Uttar Pradesh farms that want to sell their wheat at the government price can use Up Gehu Kharid. Those farms who will be registering themselves online on the portal is www.fcs.up.gov.in, to sell their wheat at the official price. The farmers can even do the up gehu kharid registration 2021 online to avail the benefits of the official price of the wheat on the cybercafe, portal or they can opt on their own. 

UP wheat procurement will start from April 2021

As per the update made in the January of 2021, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Ji has come up with some instructions to go behind with buying wheat. The purchase of the wheat will be starting from April of the same year. Under the procurement, there will not be any problem that farmers shall face. Besides all the arrangement will then be made for the betterment of the wheat in the storage lowdown and even the purchase centre. This year the minimum support price for wheat has been raised by Rs.50. However, the minimum support price of wheat has increased by 2000 Rs per quintal. There was also a meeting that the chief minister had conducted for the wheat procurement of 2021 to the 2022 year in which the timetable and proposed purchase policy is mentioned.

Required Document for UP Gehu Kharid

Important Document to Apply Online

  • Khasra – Khatauni

  • Khasra number 

  • Aadhar Card

  • Bank account passbook

  • Passport size photo

  • Acreage of land 

  • Wheat acreage 

  • Farm’s revenue records.

  • Mobile number

UP Gehu Kharid Eligibility Criteria

  • The Applicant must be a farmer in the state

  • The Applicant must be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh State.

Objectives of UP Gehu Kharid 2021

Looking at the current situation of the coronavirus that has increased to such an extent, the poor farmers across the country are not able to sell their crops. That is why the state government has come up with a scheme where they have launched an online portal. This makes it a lot easier for the farmers to sell their crops. The farmers of the state will then have to register on the online portal. The farmers can even sell their crops in a much easier manner at a fixed price.

Major Beneficiary Benefits

  • Early 5500 procurement centres are now set up by the government to ensure the purchase of the wheat throughout the state is possible.

  • The government is now aiming to buy 55 lakh metric tonnes of wheat.

  • The minimum support source of 1925 per quintal is now fixed for buying the wheat

  • Because of the covid and pandemic crises, farmers were not able to sell their crops. This certainly resulted in quite a huge loss. The government hence has launched an online portal where farmers can sell their wheat crops and get the money in time

Features of the e-purchasing system

  • Before you plan to buy from the mandis, farmers who are interested in improving their sales can register themselves online on the e-procurement portal of UP and get the token. This means when they will have their turn, they can visit the mandi.

  • Since there are more than 5000 procurement’s centres set up and the minimum price of Rs 1925 / quintal is set, farmers can be rest assured that they will get the best of the returns.

  • The Sakisano of the state will have to take the token post-registration and then visit the mandi only on the time when they carry their token.

  • The advance of the scheme will be given to those farmers of Uttar Pradesh who wish to sell off their wheat crop.

How to purchase UP Wheat online farmer registration 2021?

The process of the purchase is quite simple. Those beneficiaries who are interested must first register themselves on the online portal. Then they must follow the methods shared below:

  • Visit the official website of the Food and Logistics Department eproc.up.gov.in. It is the Uttar Pradesh e-procurement system

  • When the home page options go in the section Farmer registration for wheat purchase.

  • Once you click on it another page will appear on the screen and 6 steps will open on this page, which you must fill one after the other. 

  • Now on the registration form and once you click, the farmer registration form will open in front of you

  • Enter the mobile number and captcha code as asked and click on the proceed button.

  • The form of rabi crop will open. This is a registration form where you need to enter all the important details such as farmer, address, mobile number, Aadhaar card number, father, husband's name, tehsil, district etc

  • Once all the details are filled up, check again and then click on the "Register" button.

P Gehu Kharid Registration Format

There is a particular format of registration that farmers need to follow. The format shall include:

  • Firstly, open the official website https://eproc.up.gov.in/Uparjan/Home_Reg.aspx

  • Go on farmer registration for purchase of wheat and then click on the option of Registration Format

  • You will get a PDF that will open where you can choose the format


The online registration of the farmers is possible since the UP-wheat procurement portal eproc.up.gov.in has been designed by the government of Uttar Pradesh to buy the wheat from the registered agency farmers. This portal is solely designed for the convenience and hard work of the farmers which can be worth only after online registration of UP wheat procurement.

There is no denial of the fact that the country’s economy especially after the pandemic crises has got affected in a bad way. The main reason for the fall in the GDP of India is the economic crises that we all are battling with. However, all the farmers are facing more issues. Since the lockdown imposed by the government in the country has come up in the crises when the Ravi season is over and the process to buy the wheat crops has started, the government hence has come up with an e-procurement portal created where farmers can sell their crops once they register themselves.

Question and Answers

How to make the UP Kisan Registration Amendment?

In case you committed some mistake at the time of filling the application registration form then you can use the registration amendment option

  • Visit the official website where you will see the option of Registration Amendment https://eproc.up.gov.in/Uparjan/Home_Reg.aspx. Click on it and a new form shall appear. This form will be the UP Kisan registration correction form. 

  • In this form, while proceeding, you need to enter the details like the mobile number of the farmer and then out the correct captcha code and proceed. 

  • Now again the form of an amendment will open where you can improve or make the changes that you want

  • Once all the changes are done, you can then submit your application and your registration will be amended.

What is the minimum support price for purchasing UP wheat?

For the new year 2020-21, the minimum support price of wheat purchase MSP of Rs 1925 per quintal has been ensured by the Uttar Pradesh government.

How to create a token for purchase?

Once you register yourself for buying Ravi crop wheat, you will of course get the mandi token for which day you will be taking your crops to the mandi. For this,

  • You first must create a token after the lock that will be given on the site. 

  • Proceed by entering the Id of Kisan registration or the mobile number along with the captcha code 

  • Once you click on the progress button, the token form will open for you along with the token that you will get on your mobile number

  • It is important to note down the day and carry it at that time while presenting at the mandi. You may have to carry the message that shall appear on the phone along with the token for safety.

 Which farmer can register on the wheat procurement portal?

Those farmers who are citizens of Uttar Pradesh and have cultivated wheat during the Rabi season while wanting to sell wheat can register themselves on the e-procurement system.