Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy


The government of Haryana launched the Scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy which is like the mix of every Scheme of which the State has previously launched for the labourer category of its area. 

In this scheme, all the benefits are available into one scheme such as pension aid, maternity subsidies, financial support regarding the education of the worker's child, disability assistance, etc. 

Through this Yojana, the workers would get self-sufficient as well as their standard of living, would also get raised. Currently, this scheme works for only the Haryana state and it is expected from each state to launch a scheme similar to this under separate state heads. 

Eligibility criteria for enrolling in the Scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

To get eligible for the scheme, the individual should fit into certain criteria. And if the individual passed the eligibility test then he/she can go ahead and avail of the scheme's benefits.

  • The first requirement to get eligible for Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy is that the occupation of the individual applying should be related to the labor or working department of Haryana.
  • The second criteria state that the laborers from both areas hence the urban and rural areas can apply for the scheme as they're eligible to avail of its benefits.
  • The third regulation describes the necessity that the individual should belong to the state of Haryana as this scheme is being brought up by the administration of Haryana.
  • The fourth requirement is that if the laborers want a subsidy for the marriage of their children then they can surely apply for this category of subsidy but to get eligible, it's been mentioned in the scheme's guidelines that the minimum legal age of a girl should be eighteen and for boys, it's twenty-one years old. Applicants below this age criteria won't be considered eligible. 
  • The fifth regulation states that if the laborer wants financial assistance regarding the education of their children then they can avail it but the guidelines state that the assistance would be limited to up to three children belonging to a single family If the youth for whom the labor wants subsidy is self-employed then the child would not be considered eligible as this scheme works to assist only those who need help. Similarly, if the child fails a session then they won't get a subsidy amount for that session. 
  • Sixth eligibility criteria state that if a farmer or any of his household members hold up a post in any government department or bureau then it would be difficult for such a case to get eligible for the scheme. Also if the farmer belongs to the government official's family or is on a post like that he would be exempted from the eligibility selection list as this scheme is not rendered for the government or any job related to that area of interest. 
  • The seventh limitation notes that before selecting the farmers, the scheme officials also check whether they're regular taxpayers and if the result comes out that the person has not paid taxes earlier then he would not reject from getting registered under the scheme. 
  • The eighth prerequisite which is asserted under the scheme's guidelines is the applicant belonging from general caste, scheduled tribe, scheduled caste, and other backward classes can apply for the scheme
  • The ninth provision is regarding the age as the individuals applying for the scheme should be above the age of eighteen years old. The reason for this is that the administration doesn't appreciate individuals under the age of eighteen years old because child labor is banned. Also, the youth below that age are expected to be more focused on their studies at that age. 
  • The tenth prerequisite states that the windows are also eligible to get registered and avail the benefits under the Scheme. 
  • The eleventh requirement which is stated under the scheme's guidelines is that the individual should not already have availed the scheme or should not be enrolled with another scheme with similar guidelines as this scheme is those who genuinely need assistance and are helpless. The individual can only avail the benefit under the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy once in their lifetime. 
  • The Twelfth criteria state that the individuals can also get subsidies regarding the maternity phase, a woman can get monetary assistance for the birth of two children. The individual must apply to the scheme within one year of giving birth.
  • Thirteenth, A registered worker with a one-year membership can get gratuity for equipment purchase. This scheme's benefit can be used only once per five years and up to five times per program.
  • Fourteenth, women can get a subsidy for the purchase of sewing machines if they want to be self-employed start up their own small business.
  • Fifteenth, for getting a subsidy regarding the cost of getting to the ancestral home, the journey ticket must be attached to the application form.

Also, the laborer must be a member of the union for at least two years to avail of this benefit. 

  • Sixteenth, in case of disability of the workers himself/herself or his/her family members with more than fifty percent of disability can get the support from Haryana government. 
  • Seventeenth, if a laborer is facing any medical critics in life can get support from the government regarding the treatment supporting it by attaching the prescriptions.  
  • Eighteenth, if a worker wants to access a loan for building his/her house from the government then they need to make sure that they are a member of the yojana for at least five to eight years. Also, the age of the applicant should be between fifty-two to sixty years old to avail benefit under this criteria. 
  • Nineteenth, in case of getting the Pension benefits under this scheme the worker applying should make sure that they were a part of the yojana for at least three years before they turn sixty years old and apart from that they can give proof regarding their age. 
  • Twentieth, in case of the death of the worker, his/her family would get the Pension of his/her part if he/she was a member of Yojana.
  • The last regulation states that the category which would get exempted from availing the scheme would be the family containing a professional such as a doctor, company Secretary, master of business administration, financial manager, data science master, chartered analyst, etc. 

Features regarding the Scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

The government provides a different amount of subsidies for different issues raised by the applicant such as:-

  • Subsidies amount up to rupees fifty thousand for the case of worker's youths marriages.
  • Applicants get allotted rupees fifty-one thousand under the category of gift scheme. 
  • For providing education to the worker's pupils, financial aid of rupees eight thousand gets delivered to them. 
  • Pensions for a widow are being decided at rupees two thousand. 
  • For women who want support regarding their maternity phase, the amount of rupees thirty-six thousand. 
  • In case of a worker wanting to purchase any equipment but doesn't have the amount regarding it gets a subsidy of rupees eight thousand. 
  • Allowances of rupees three thousand and five hundred are given to women who want to start up their own small business in the field of sewing. 
  • Financial donation regarding the disability section is three thousand rupees.
  • Rupees five hundred is the amount for family pension.
  • For the construction of a house, loans up to rupees two lakh are rendered from the government side. 

How to register and fill up the application form regarding the Scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

For getting registered, the applicant should analyze the eligibility test and analyze whether they're eligible for the policy or not, and if they're eligible then they can stop at the authorized website of the scheme Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy.

From the homepage of the website, there would be a pop-up page on which all the necessary details should get filled up like the name of the user, age, citizenship, mobile number, email address, caste, etc. After filling up these details the system would send the verification code to the mentioned mobile number through the message to continue. After stating that code on the website, a username and a password would be allotted to the applicant and after this, their username would get registered. 

Online mode

  • If the applicant is eligible then he/she can go ahead and up the application form. To fill it up, the applicant needs to again visit the authorized website of the Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy hrylabour.gov.in. From the cover page of the scheme, the user needs to log in through their registered username id and password. 
  • After logging in, the user can check up on the page and read out the eligibility criteria or guidelines to cross-check it.
  • To access and get enrolled in the scheme, the user should fill up the application form.
  • On the home page, on the top right corner, there would be an option with a symbol of three dots. From that option, the application form would get opened then it needs to be downloaded. 
  • After getting it downloaded the form needs to be printed out from any nearby print shop for filling up the details. 
  • After filling up the details, the form should be scanned and then it can be submitted on the website or mail it on the authorized mail id of the scheme. 

Offline Mode

If the applicant wishes to fill the application form through the offline mode then he/she can visit any nearby government scheme-orientated ed department. From there, they would get a hard copy of the form from the government clerk present there. 

The form then needs to be filled with all the crucial details and then it should be handed out along with the necessary documents.


1) Necessary documents should be also attached while submitting the form.

2)hrylabour.gov.in is the official website of the Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy.

Process of tracking the filled application form status of the individual under Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

  • If the individual has filled the application form regarding the Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy certificate and wants to check the status of his/her form then they first need to stop in by the authorized website of the Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy hrylabour.gov.in.
  • After the site gets loaded, the applicant needs to click on the application form option which would be shown on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • To access the application form option, the applicant needs to fill up certain details such as user id, application form number, pin code of the area, password, etc. 
  • After that, there would be another option regarding the track of it. That option needs to be accessed. 
  • Now the applicant can check the status of the form.

Documents required for enrolling in the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy 

These documents are required by the scheme from the side of the applicant applying.

While filling out the application form, the applicant is required to submit a certain set of crucial documents along with the form.

  • The first document which is required to enroll in the scheme is any identification proof, the farmer must submit their Adhaar card or voter identification card. 
  • Second, the documents stating citizenship as only the inhabitants from the state Haryana can apply for the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy. 
  • Third, the certificate regarding the age should be attached as only the people who are eligible to attain the scheme's benefits should age above eighteen years old. People under this age can only certainly apply for the scheme.
  • Fourth, the applicant should also carry a passport size photo as the photo needs to be pasted on the right top corner of the application form and it is mandatory to attach the picture.
  • Fifth, the bank passbook details should also be provided by the applicant to the government department so that the authority could directly transfer the respective amount to the applicant's account.
  • Sixth, the documents stating the annual income of the applicant's family should also be provided to cross-check and evaluate the eligibility of the individual. 
  • Seventh, the caste should be also specified by handing out the certificate stating the concerning proof.
  • Eighth, the documents such as the driving license can be also handed out through this certificate is not mandatory.
  • Ninth, the details regarding the permanent account number should be specified.
  • Tenth, the bills of electricity, water or telephone can also be submitted. These statements are optional documents. 
  • Eleventh, they should give proof regarding their professions such as the certificate of their landholding or any other statement which proves the same. 
  • Twelweth, if the applicant wants subsidy against the disability category, then the health reporting regarding it should be submitted.
  • Thirteenth, a death certificate should be attached in case the applicant is a widow or if the registered labour has expired then the family pension category would also have to provide the documents regarding the same. 
  • Fourteenth, health reports regarding maternity if the applicant wants to avail subsidy regarding this category. 
  • Fifteenth, health reports must be attached if the applicant is facing any health crisis and wants financial support from the government.
  • Sixteenth, a membership duration certificate must be also attached for cases like the construction of a house or the old-age pension. 
  • Last, additional details such as the bank account, pan number, district name, city name, pin code of the area, village name, his/her name, age, description about the annual income, family members short description, etc should be provided without any mistake while applying. 

The helpline contact number the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

If the individual is facing any issue, then he/she can ring up the number of the Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy which is 1800-180-4818.

  • The additional number is 0172-2701373 if the previous one doesn't get useful. 
  • Meanwhile, the landline number of the office is 0124-2322148.

They can also write up mail and send it to the authorized mail id of the scheme. The address of the email is: -

The applicant can also browse the official website of the scheme and check up on the common queries mentioned there, the official website is:-

Or the applicant can post the query letter to the commissioner at their official office address.

Frequently asked questions related to the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana Policy

Q 1) What is the helpline number of the scheme Haryana Labour Department Yojana, in case an individual has any query and wants to ring up the number?

A 1) 1800-180-4818 and 0172-2701373 are the helpline number of the scheme Haryana Labour Department Yojana if the individual wants to ring up the number and solve their query. 

Q 2) What is the subsidy amount for window pensions under the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana? 

A 2) Rupees two thousand is the subsidy amount for window pensions under the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana. 

Q 3) Who launched the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana? 

A 3) Administration of Haryana under the guidance of head Shri Manohar Lal launched the scheme of Haryana Labour Department Yojana.