Haryana Ration Card List


Ration cards are issued by every government of different states that are offered to the Indian citizens who fail to afford on buying the commodities. With ration cards, it is convenient for the family members to get the food grains that too at the subsidies price which shall fall under the category of the public distribution system which is also referred to as PDS. The food civil supplies along with the consumer affairs department that falls under the Haryana government issues different ration cards that are based on the family member number and the income. Talking of which Haryana ration card is one of them that we shall be talking about.

What is a Haryana ration card?

Before you look around for the Haryana Ration Card List APL or BPL it is important that you understand what basically is this card all about. This is one official document which Haryana state government issues. It is offered to the home that is eligible for purchasing the grains that are subsidies using the public distribution system. This type of card is offered depending on the total family members and every ration card category states the entailment of the person to the rationed goods.

Know the purpose

Before you go ahead and look around for the Status BPL/NFSA List, you need to understand the purpose of the ration card. Basically, its primary purpose is to use it when buying the subsidized food. The details of the card shall also give the important identity proof and the individual residentials proof. It is also commonly used as identity proof when you apply to make the domicile certificate, voter ID, or even the birth certificate. The more you save the price, the 

Haryana Ration Card List 2020

The process to check the Haryana Ration Card List 2021 is quite simple. You simply must

  • Surf at the official website of the Food and Civil Supplies Department of Haryana https://haryanafood.gov.in/.

  • You will have to then choose the tab of PDS Portal 

  • Once you click on it, another page shall open on which you have to choose the “E-public distribution system” tab. 

  • You then shall be taken to another window right after you click on the “E-PDS” tab 

  • Go through the report section that you can see and click on it after which choose the option of "MIS & Report and choose the tab of the ration card 

  • You can then click on the desired district from the list 

  • Once you choose the district then you must select the AFSO for the region 

  • Then the closet ration card shall appear 

Types of Haryana Ration Cards

  • CBPL (Centre Below Poverty Line)

  • OPH (Other Priority Household)

  • APL (Above Poverty Line)

  • AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana)

Haryana Ration Card Online Application Form at Antyodaya Saral Portal

 It is important to use the login id and password for which the same must be created at the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Ration Card portal https://saralharyana.gov.in/. On the dashboard, you need to click on the link called Apply for Services and then View the All Available Services link https://status.saralharyana.nic.in/Reports/Statusofschemesandservices.aspx. There you will have to enter the ration card type in the search box to avail yourself services such as: 

  • Deletion of Member in Ration Card

  • Issuance of New Ration Card on Receipt of D1 Form

  • Surrender Ration Card

  • Add New Member in Ration Card

  • Issuance of Duplicate Ration Card

  • Modify Member Details in Ration Card

  • Transfer Ration Card

How to Check Ration Card Status Online

  • You simply have to visit the Haryana Saral Portal to check the status online https://saralharyana.gov.in/. This includes:

  • Type in SARAL < space > < Application ID/Ticket No. >

  • Send this msg to the number, 7738299899 for tracking your application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Households not already having ration cards in the state are eligible.

  • Citizens having temporary ration cards Haryana whose date has expired are eligible.

  • Applicants who are permanent residents can apply.

  • Newly married couples can apply for a new ration card.

Major Benefits

  • A ration card is also used for your driving license.

  • With this BPL card, you will get a cheaper ration depot

  • Ration card copy telephone connection is valid for taking SIM card.

  • Ration cards are also used to make passports.

Documents Required to Apply for Haryana Ration Card

  • Recent passport size photograph

  • Gas connection

  • PAN card

  • Income certificate

  • Bank passbook

  • Aadhaar card

  • Previous electricity bills

  • Caste certificate

Key Features of Article

The Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department under the Haryana Government, there will be different ration cards that shall be issued depending on the member’s number and income in the family. The Haryana government shall aim to offer the new ration card by the year 2020 to make sure that every family that is below the poverty line must get the advantages of the products that are subsisted without any fraud or wrong can be benefited.


This is an incredible portal that can make a job a lot easier. There is no doubt that using such a portal is hassle-free. But if you come across any concern then there is a helpline number where you can contact which is Haryana Ration Card is 1967 and toll-free contact is 1800-180-2087, You can also visit the official website at haryanafood.gov.in

Questions and Answers

Is there a last date to apply for a ration card?

No, as of now, the authority has not established any deadline to apply for an online application.

Is it compulsory to have a ration card?

Since a ration card is a voluntary document you don’t have to do it obligatorily. You can apply for it as identity proof and it would then help the person to get the food grains at subsided prices.

What is the time for processing a new ration card?

In order to get the new ration card, it takes 15 days from the date of application for your new ration card to be processed.