Jan Suchan Portal Rajasthan 2021


Jan Suchana portal is a Rajasthan public information website of 2021. This scheme is run by the government department. In this section, all the government welfare schemes information along with the services will be shared in a single place. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launched this website for which there was a ceremony held at the Birla Auditorium. The portal is designed as per section 4(2) of the government authority of the year 2005. So far, the scheme has got a positive response from the authority and hence is said to be one of the best ones trending on the market today.

Know more about the scheme

This scheme is based on the Government's authority, 2005 Section 4 (2). This means the information of the government shall be stated to the state people using all other means. This includes the internet and the people must resort to the RTI minimum. There are stringent rules and regulations as well that are designed here. This means, there will be complete transparency on the government task through such schemes. The plan shall also lessen down the task associated with corruption. Since it is an online plan, there is a scope for you to avail all the features and their associated benefit simply by sitting at home. Thanks to this portal, at least transparency are well maintained in the action of the government and the right steps shall be taken against corruption. 

Benefits of Rajasthan Jan Suchana Portal

  • It is easy for people to opt for Jan Suchana portal registration to operate this site besides the facility available on the site are quite good

  • People will not have any trouble visiting the government offices for information right. They would be able to avail the services from home with just one click

  • This is one time and money-saving platform that will not cost a single penny

  • This is just an initial phase that Rajasthan state has come up with for the strong citizenship and prosperity of the state

  • On the portal presented, you will also get the details about the Gram Panchayat and the district in the state.

Know the objective

The primary aim of this portal is to ensure poor families shall get all possible advantages that they deserve. Thanks to this portal, it is now possible to get all the status of the application and information associated with the scheme that the government of Rajasthan has launched. In case you have made some application or wish to register for some scheme you can do so at this portal. If you are not getting any response for the application from the government then you can file a complaint through this portal. Also, the other objectives are:

  • To ensure transparency in the functions of the government is maintained

  • The portal objective is shown to integrate all the schemes of the public welfare that runs in Rajasthan and thus make the information quite accessible.

  • To let people be aware of the corruption that is happening around them

  • To inform people about their actions, village panchayat actions, and state government initiatives.

List of schemes that fall under the category of Jan Suchana Portal

Listed are some of the schemes that are released by the government on the Jan Suchana portal 2021 out of which you can choose the one that interests you.

  • Pension scheme

  • E-friend

  • Department of Revenue (Digital Sign Jamabandi)

  • Rajasthan Police

  • Kovid-19, etc.

  • Toilet Beneficiary Scheme

  • Chief Minister Free Drug and Screening Scheme

  • R. T.I.

  • Ration system

  • School mirror

  • Palanhar Scheme and Beneficiary Information

  • Labor card

  • Girdawari copy

  • Employment

  • NREGA Scheme

  • E-panchayat

  • Ayushman India

  • Farmer debt waiver

  • Farmer loan

  • Scholarship

  • Forest plan

  • contact

Features of Public Information Portal 2021

  • Jansuchna Portal 2021 is an online website where the data associated with the public welfare scheme of the state government is available at a place. Using this portal, the act called right to information will be even more powerful.

  • The information is well integrated and departments will be able to provide it to the common man using the portal. Other than this the information that is associated with the scheme is also available on the portal.

  • Information associated with Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti is also easily available on the portal where the common man can get in contact with the e-Mitra Seva ATM.

  • Through this portal along with transparency even it is the public servant’s accountability that can be decided.

Benefits of Rajasthan Public Information Portal 2021

  • Right after the portal is launched, it would be quite beneficial for the people to maintain harmony between the general public and even different departments. This way there would be less corruption.

  • It is possible for the Rajasthan people to gather information associated with the scheme which is then launched by different department using Jansuchna Portal

  • This is one important portal that shall save time for the people and at the same time reduce the scope of corruption. It is also possible for people to get all sorts of information.


There is no doubt that the Jan Suchana portal is an incredible platform for all those people who are not aware of the schemes and solutions that the Rajasthan government has brought and can prove to be useful for them. This type of portal is upgraded every year with the addition of new schemes and details of government that ensure better transparency and cordial relation of people with the government is maintained.

Questions and answers

What is Jan Suchna Portal? 

This is a web portal https://jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in/. In another way, it is a website that the Rajasthan government has launched where state’s citizens shall get all the information of the services and schemes that the government has been providing.

When was the Jan Suchna Portal launched?

The Jan Suchna Portal was launched for the public on 13 September 2019

How many departments are associated with Jan Suchna Portal?

After the launch of the Jan Suchana Portal, so far, 60 departments are connected to it.

What is the helpline number for the Public Information Portal?

18001806127 is the number where you can reach out and get in touch for any guidance that is needed for Public Information Portal.