{FORM} Kalia Yojana Registration Form and List 2021

In India, Farmers and Agriculture is the backbone of our economy as well as legacy. This mode of occupation is said to be one of the biggest modes of occupation in India even till this very day. But, the fact that the farmers mostly are known to be under a great deal of Debt and a lot of problems that also include issues to sustain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, it is something important to be solved right away. This is when The Government of Odisha launched a Scheme Kalia Yojana that is going to help all the Farmers in achieving factors of the economy to sustain a better lifestyle and get out of the debts.Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation scheme, also known as KALIA scheme or KALIA Yojana, is going to benefit about more than 90% of the farmers that are in the state of Odisha. So, today in this article we are going to talk about all the aspects of this KALIA Yojana and any Farmer from the state of Odisha can avail all the benefits that the government is offering the farmers in this KALIA scheme.


In order to understand the complete benefit and functioning of KALIA Scheme, it is important to first understand what KALIA Scheme really is and the main motivate is behind its origination. Basically, KALIA Scheme is a Farmer’s welfare package. The main reason behind this scheme being into the running is to make sure that the poverty in the Agricultural sector comes to an end. Also, another important factor that is an essential part of the scheme is that it helps in the acceleration of the prosperity of the Farmers. Thus, all in all, the KALIA Yojana is a scheme of Odisha Government which will help the Farmers to achieve a higher standard of living.

The KALIA Scheme is based on five major aspects which are:
  • Support to vulnerable agriculture households and landless labourers
  • Interest-free crop loan
  • Financial assistance to the farmers
  • Insurance cover
  • Livelihood assistance to landless families


Just like any other governmental scheme, there are certain eligibility criteria that are supposed to be met by the person/family in order to get the benefits of KALIA Yojana. These eligibility criteria can be downloaded and read directly from the official website of KALIA Yojana which is www.kalia.co.inSo, following are the parties or types of families/People who can avail the benefits of the KALIA Scheme:

  • Marginal Farmers (Farmer who owns land whose measurement is less than a total of 1 hectare of Agricultural land)
  • Small Farmers (Farmer who owns land whose measurement is more than a total of 1 hectare or 2.5 acres and is less than a total of 2 hectares or 5 acres of Agricultural land)
  • Vulnerable Agricultural Household
  • Landless Agricultural Household
  • Share Croppers and Actual Cultivators
  • Landless Agricultural Labors


Following is the list of documents that are mandatory in order to avail the benefits on the KALIA Yojana as they are required at the time of the submission of its Application form:

  • Bank passbook
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Domicile certificate
  • Agriculture land papers
  • Income Certificate


Being addressed to a not very educated section of the population of the state of Odisha, the KALIA Yojana is quite easy to get registered on. Not only it is easy to apply for it but also it is very easy to check the list too. So, following is the complete method using which one can easily download an Application form and can submit it online.

Step1: First of all, you are supposed to visit the official website of KALIA Yojana which can be reached by clicking on the link of its website which is https://green.kalia.co.in/index1.htmlKALIA YOJANA KALIA YOJANA

Step2: Once you reach the homepage of KALIA, you will need to change the language of the homepage by simply clicking on the “EN” button on the Top-right side of the homepage.

Step3: After you change the language of the Homepage to the English Language, click on the tab named “Form”. You will later see two options, namely, Red form and Green Form. Simply, click on the Green form.KALIA YOJANA KALIA YOJANA

Step4: As soon as you click on the tab, a PDF File will start to download on the applicant’s device Or you can directly download form here. Now, all you have to do is to fill all the details that are asked in the form. 

Step5: Once you have completed the task of filling all the details in the application form, you are supposed to submit it in the nearest KALIA center.


Following is the list of benefits that Cultivators and Labors will be able to avail under Odisha KALIA Yojana:

  • Financial assistance of Rs. 25,000/- per farm
  • Help of Rs.12,500 per family for small goat rearing units, fishery kits, Duckery units etc.
  • Insurance cover of Rs. 2 Lakh per family
  • Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizers’ availability at low prices
  • Help in covering the debt of the Farmers and Labors


It is advised to all the people who apply for the scheme to make sure to check the कालीया योजना Beneficiary list. Thus, to make the process simple, the government has made the procedure as short and precise as it should be for easier access. So, following are the steps that are required in order to check the Odisha KALIA Yojana beneficiary list 2021.

Step1: Start with visiting the official website of KALIA Scheme which is https://green.kalia.co.in/index1.htmlKALIA YOJANA KALIA YOJANA

Step2: Once you reach the homepage of KALIA, you will need to change the language of the homepage by simply clicking on the “EN” button on the Top-right side of the homepage

Step3: Click on the tab of “Beneficiary list” from the list of options.KALIA YOJANA LIST KALIA YOJANA LIST

Step4: Now, on the new webpage, you will see several columns such as District, Block/ULB etc. So, simply just choose the options as per the region you are looking for and then click on the “View” button.KALIA YOJANA LIST KALIA YOJANA LIST

Step5: If all the above-mentioned steps are performed in the right manner, the Odisha KALIA Yojana Farmer List 2021 will appear on your screen. Now, you can access the list of small and marginal farmers as well as the list of Landless Agricultural labourers which are further divided in various Gram Panchayat heads.KALIA YOJANA LIST KALIA YOJANA LIST

It is important to know that you can both access these lists of Famers online as well as once it is downloaded on your device.