KALIA Yojana Reject List

  • Odisha's state government has announced and inaugurated Kalia Yojana, a new scheme for the entire state's residents. The government's goal with this welfare programme is to provide incentives to state farmers who are extremely impoverished and in desperate need of government assistance.
  • Farmers who applied for KALIA Yojana Phase 1 in January 2021 but were not included in the KALIA Scheme Beneficiary list due to a typographical error or a missing document can check their names in the KALIA Yojana Reject List.

Kalia Joyajana Reject List 

  • The first phase of the Kalia Yojana's 'green form' application procedure has concluded, with approximately 60 lakh farmers registering on the Kalia Yojana Portal. According to sources, about 1 lakh Kalia Yojana applications were rejected during the examination.
  • Generally, the PACS (Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies) and GPNO (Gram Panchayat Nodal Officer) verify and approve all of the application forms for this plan. Your application will be denied if your documents are incorrect and not properly and completely submitted with the Odisha Kalia Yojana Application Form. However, you can verify your names on the Kalia reject list later and reapply for the second and third Kalia Yojana phrases.

How to check kalia reject list

  • Surprisingly, the state government of Odisha did not make any public announcements about the Odisha KALIA Yojana Reject List. As the official website updates, you must check the KALIA Yojana Beneficiary List Phrase Wise regularly.
  • If you have already applied for the Kalia Yojana First Phrase but your name does not appear on the beneficiary list, you are on the Odisha KALIA Yojana Reject List, and you should check your name on the Kalia Scheme First Phrase Rejected Application Form's List by contacting the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS) and Gram Panchayat Nodal Officer (GPNO). Only in these block-level offices will you learn the exact reason for the government officials' rejection of your application form. After that, you are entitled to apply for the KALIA Yojana's second and third phases.

Grievance Submission Procedure for the KALIA Yojana

  • To begin, go to the KALIA Yojana's "official website" http://green.kalia.co.in/index1.html.

  • In the area below, you will find all direct links.

  • In the second step, go to the top right corner of the website and select Online Grievance Application Form. 

  • After carefully reading all of the instructions, select the Proceed option.

  • In the question "Do you want to file a grievance?" select Yes.

  • On the new screen, enter your Aadhar card number. 

  • When you select Show, an application form will appear on your screen.

  • Fill in the required fields on the application form.

  • Your complaint will be filed once you select the Submit option.

  • Save the Token number for future use.

Track your Grievance Status

  • To begin, go to the KALIA Yojana's "official website" http://green.kalia.co.in/index1.html.

  • In the area below, you will find all direct links.

  • In the second step, go to the top right corner of the website and select Online Grievance Application Form.

  • Select the option now. Keep an eye on your application.

  • On the screen, a new page will appear.

  • Fill in the blanks with your Token number. 

  • When you select Show your Application Status will appear on your screen.

Frequently asked questions

In Odisha, what is the KALIA Yojana?

It is an Odisha government package scheme aimed at providing financial help to farmers and reducing poverty.

What is the full form of KALIA yojana?

Kalia stands for Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation.

When will the beneficiary list for the first phase of the KALIA Yojana be released?

The third Kalia Yojana list is currently available. The names of all those who applied to be beneficiaries of the scheme can be found on the list.

Where can I receive the latest KALIA Yojana list?

The latest updated list for the Kalia Yojana is now available on the Authority's official website.

How can I see if my name is on the Kalia Yojana List?

Those who want to see if their name is on the list can do so by going to the official website. After that, you can check for your name on the list by following the steps outlined in the post.

Who is eligible for the KALIA Yojana?

Small Farmers, Marginal Farmers, Vulnerable Agricultural Households, and Cultivators are among the landless agricultural labourers and households.

What is the procedure for checking my KALIA Yojana instalment?

Your bank branch can provide you with information on your instalment.

Who may apply for the KALIA Yojana online?

Anyone who lives in Odisha and is below the poverty level. The scheme's advantages are available to everyone who owns or leases land and engages in agricultural activity.

Is the KALIA yojana open to tax-paying farmers?


What does it mean to be a small and marginal farmer?

A small farmer's landholding should be between 1-2 hectares, whereas a marginal farmer's landholding should be less than 1 hectare.

What information is needed to view the beneficiary list?

The list with the names of the District, Block, and Gram Panchayat can be viewed by anyone.

What is the procedure for applying for the Kalia Yojana?

The State Government will make applications available through an online portal. Anyone interested in applying for the scheme can do so both online and offline.