Kanya Ashirwad Yojana

The central government has launched the Kanya Ashirwad Yojana to save the girl child. This scheme is initiated in 2020 for the welfare of girl children. The main motive of the scheme is to protect the girl child by the central government. In this scheme the main strategy to fulfill and support the families of the girl child. 

The main reason behind this scheme is to dis-like a girl as a child and not raising a girl child properly. Under this scheme, the government will provide the Rs.2000 allowance on monthly basis for their education and welfare. 

This scheme comes into consideration due to the worst situation of poor families who could not afford the education and the basic necessary things for the girl child. Kanya ashirwad yojana will offer monthly compensations to all poor girl children for their upbringing.  

False news has been circulated that PM Narendra Modi has launched the Kanya ashirwad yojana but the central government has stated that no such types have been announced by them. 

Short scheme details

Name of the scheme: - Kanya Ashirwad yojana

Application status: - active

Scheme benefit: - central government is providing a monthly benefit of Rs. 2000 to every girl child. 

Scheme published on- 9 July 2020.

Benefits of the Kanya ashirwad yojana

Under this yojana, many benefits will be provided to girl child for their expansion and development 

  • If such a scheme, exists then the following benefits are provided by the government to every girl child. 
  • Under this scheme, the central government will provide economic benefits to poor and needy girls of the families for their betterment.
  • The main motive of the scheme is to change the mindset of the society the girl is not a burden 
  • Under this yojana, equal rights and freedom must be given to both genders.
  • Mainly this scheme emphasizes a better future and cares for the girl child. 

The central government has launched the Kanya ashirwad yojana for the well-being of the girl child. This scheme is beneficial for the girl child who belongs to poor families of India by giving them financial help of Rs. 2000 every month for the future. But the central government has not launched any scheme of Kanya ashirwad yojana. 

The false statement about the yojana has been cast about the yojana so beware before you register yourself under the scheme. All the criteria and benefits are misleading. Hence, the government mentioned in their statement we haven't launched any Kanya ashirwad yojana yet. 

Eligibility criteria  

If such a scheme will be launched by the government then the following Eligibility criteria to be registered under this scheme: - 

  • Backward class (Obc): - girls who belong to the poor class family like SC (Schedule Caste) or (Schedule tribe). This scheme generally for those who belong to a backward class or poor section for their betterment.
  • Income of the family: - most probably yearly income of the girl must not be more than 60,000.
  • Age limit: - this scheme is valid only for those girls whose age is 18 plus.

Documents required for the scheme 

The central government has announced no such scheme exists in the market right now. Many schemes related to girl child has been working but Kanya ashirwad yojana yet not identified so if it exists in the future then the Following documents required for the Kanya Ashirwad yojana: -

  • Identity proof: - for using the benefit of the scheme, the applicant girl must have a valid aadhar card and voter ID card of the particular state.
  • Resident proof: - for this scheme, the applicant must be a permanent resident of India by birth and have a valid proof for that.
  • Income proof: - under this yojana, the applicant girl must have the income proof and attach the certificate of valid income proof.
  • Age proof: - the applicant must have valid age certificate proof.
  • Educational certificate: - if any educational certificate available.
  • Caste certificate: - proof of caste certificate which identifies the girl caste.
  • Passport size photographed
  • Bank account: - documents required for the scheme, proper bank account with her name so, that monthly amount will be directly transferred to the bank.

How can you apply for the Kanya ashirwad yojana?

  1. The scheme is not government-approved so there is no official website to apply under the Kanya ashirwad yojana, 
  2. You can go nearby Seva Kander and fill the application form for the scheme if it is valid.
  3. Fill in the necessary details and attach your documents with the application form.
  4. Submit the application form and wait if the scheme amount will be transferred to your account or not.

Frequently asked the question

Q. What is the beneficiary of the scheme?

A. It is stated Under this Kanya ashirwad yojana, the benefit will be provided to all the girls of the country.

Q. What is the main objective of the scheme? 

A. The main objective of the scheme is to provide the monthly amount of Rs. 2000 for the further education of the girl child if it exists.

Q. When the Kanya ashirwad yojana is launched?

A. This scheme was launched on 9 July 2020 by the central government.