Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme

Over some time, the Karnataka government has shown an impeccable capacity to build the state around development. It has introduced various schemes for different categories to help uplift the BPL section of the state. It has also concentrated on making the residents of Karnataka self-reliant and self-employed. It has launched a new scheme for the farmers of the state to get good pay-outs. The name of the scheme is Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme announced in the year 2020. The scheme will also help those who have returned to their home state during the pandemic. 

Surya Raitha Scheme Karnataka

The scheme revolves around supplying the farms with continuous electrical power. The scheme mostly benefits those farmers who are struggling to get the required power for their fields and also high electricity bills during the crop season. To boost their pay-outs a solar power plant will be provided to them so that they can get continuous power generation as well as save money spent on higher electricity bills. Farmers’ protest against the farm bill is also somewhere related to these higher expenses so with the introduction of the Surya Raitha Scheme Karnataka farmers will have a sigh of relief.

Surya Raitha Scheme Benefits

Ranchers will be provided solar pump sets under Surya Raitha Plan by the Karnataka government. To create additional energy these solar pump sets will be incorporated along with the current water pump sets. The pilot plan was sent to Kanakpura on 10 January 2019. The Karnataka government has a plan to supply 310 IP sets with sunlight-based water pump sets. These pumps can generate and give 1.5times more water than the current set of IP pumps. Its power network is one-third times costly compared to the current power generation cost. 

Details of the Karnataka Surya Raitha 2021

NameKarnataka Surya Raitha Scheme
Launched byKarnataka Government
BeneficiariesFarmers of the Karnataka State
ObjectiveProviding solar power generation
Official sitehttps://www.kredlinfo.in/


How does the Surya Raitha Scheme Karnataka work? 

It has been the practice of all farmers to visit the farm and start water pumps to provide water to their farms. Under this scheme, they won’t be required to do this anymore. The sun-based water pumps also control the flow of water and reduce its wastage. The collaboration between the Local and State governments and Bangalore Power Flexible Organization (BESCOM) will work to dispatch the asset plans to the registered farmers. BESCOM is supposed to cover advance sum through overabundance vitality trade. The compensation time frame will be approximately 12 to 14 years based on the power created and its use. 

The objective of the scheme

‘Harobele Surya Raitha Vidyuthchakthi Balakedarara Sangha Niyamitha Society’ will be used for the pilot venture of this plan. Installments will be collected from BESCOM and dispersed to the ranchers. 

Surya Raitha Scheme Eligibility

Those who desire to apply for the scheme must be eligible according to the following criteria.

  • The applicant must be a resident of Karnataka State.

  • An applicant must be a farmer by profession.

  • The applicant must have landed by his name.

  • The applicant must be regularly involved in the farmer profession.

Requirement of documents for the scheme

  • Aadhar card

  • Address proof

  • Bank account details

  • Land Details

  • Valid mobile number

  • Identity proof

  • Passport size photo

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme online apply

The aspirants need to download the notification and read the clauses and requirements carefully. The applicants must follow the registration process post which they can apply for the scheme through an online form. The notification covers the details about scheme benefits, key features, eligibility criteria, the application process, application status, etc. 

Procedure to apply online Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme application form:

  • Visit the official website of Surya Raitha Scheme www.kredlinfo.in.

  • On the homepage, click the option ‘Online Application for Off-Grid Solar Water Pumping System under PM-KUSUM, Component B’ link. 

  • The application form will be displayed on the screen.

  • Enter the required as well as mandatory details such as name, father/husband name, gender, date of birth, Aadhar number, bank accounts details, land details, ration card details, land details, and other information.

  • For the final submission of the form click ‘Submit.’

Purpose of government initiatives behind this scheme: 

  • Save electricity generated through conventional sources

  • Promote the use of solar power

  • To provide uninterrupted power supply to farmers at least during the day

  • To generate additional electricity

  • To increase farmers’ crops and pay-outs.

Initiatives from BESCOM:

  • Formation of farmer cooperatives

  • Providing a cold loan to farmers

  • To provide channel subsidies

  • To ensure proper and continuous power supply to pump sets

Farmers' role will be to provide shadow-free spaces to the scheme and once the system is installed it will be the farmer’s responsibility to safeguard the solar photovoltaic (PV) system. 

What would farmers get against this?

  • Increase in the agricultural production

  • Uninterrupted free power supply to the water pump sets during daytime

  • Steady and sufficient power supply in the daytime

  • Alternate source of revenue to the farmers up to Rs 50000 yearly. 

  • Steady source of income to farmers even in adverse climatic condition

  • Conventional energy saving would be used for other purposes. 

The scheme is planned very skillfully with all the benefits to farmers as their high electricity bills would be avoided and the cost of crop production will get down considerably low. Additionally, farmers don’t have to work at night which they usually do due to the unavailability of power in most of the rural areas during day time. Crop production will increase due to the regular flow of water and the uncertainty of watering will be eliminated substantially. 


The elimination of dependence on conventional power will give a cushion to farmers to plan and execute their crop work effectively as they do not have to bother about power availability. Farmers can get an additional source of income as they can sell the excess power generated in their solar unit to the BESCOM grid. 

Helpline and contact address:

Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd.

Phone: 080-22207851/22208109

Fax: 080-22257399

Email: [email protected]


  • How to get an electricity connection for agriculture in Karnataka?

You can visit the office and get the application form. After filling in all details and verification from the government you can get the electricity connection.

  • Who is eligible for the Surya Raitha Scheme?

The main clauses are you must be a resident of Karnataka and must possess farmland.

  • Can a resident outside Karnataka get the Surya Raitha Scheme?

No, it is only for Karnataka residents and those who are farmers.

  • Which documents are needed to get this scheme?

You need to fulfill an aadhar card, address proof, bank account details, mobile number as major criteria. 

  • Who will provide support on availing this scheme?

BESCOM (Bangalore Power Flexible Organization) is the support company.  

  • Can I apply for this scheme online?

Yes, you can apply online by visiting the official website and uploading the relevant documents.

  • Can I get additional income through this solar grid?

Yes, you will have to sell the extra power generated through this grid to BESCOM and they will pay you against it.