KCR Kit Status

  • Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has unveiled a new programme called the TS KCR Kit Scheme. Telangana's chief minister has announced a welfare scheme. The government would give a combination package for new moms and babies under this scheme. These kits will include goods for both newborn babies and mothers. The government would supply all of these products to babies until they reach the age of three months under this scheme.
  • Applicants can go to the official website to check the KCR kit registration id status, KCR kit money check, registration and to avail many more benefits.

What is the KCR Kit Scheme

  • Pregnant women will receive financial aid under this scheme from the time they become pregnant. Pregnant women will get Rs. 12,000/- in three instalments of Rs. 4,000/-: the first payment will be provided when women become pregnant, the second instalment will be provided after delivery, and the third instalment will be provided at the time of the baby's vaccination.
  • If a woman gives birth to a girl child, she would receive an additional Rs. 1,000/-. The Telangana government has set aside Rs 605 crore for the execution of this scheme in the state. To learn more about this plan, read the entire article.

Who Qualifies for a KCR Kit

To be eligible for this plan, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:-

  • Pregnant ladies should be from any Telangana district.

  • Women who have already given birth to two children and are pregnant for the third time are not eligible for this programme.

  • Women should have the relevant documentation on hand, such as proof of residence, Aadhar card information, bank account information, and so on.

  • This initiative will only help women who birth to their children in government-run hospitals.

Benefits of kcr kit 

  • The government will provide financial assistance as well as a kit of baby care and mom care supplies to pregnant women so that they can better care for themselves.

  • These baby kits will be extremely beneficial to mothers following the birth of their infants.

  • The government hopes that by implementing this programme, it will be able to assist women at every stage of their pregnancy.

  • This scheme will help women until their newborns reach the age of three months.

  • Women would receive financial assistance worth Rs. 12,000/- in three stages under this scheme.

  • Women who give birth to a girl child will receive an additional 1,000 rupees. This will aid in lowering the rate of feticide in the state.

  • Many products, such as soap for mother and kid, diapers, baby oil, baby clothes, towels, shampoos, and other required items, will be included in these kits.

Kcr kit items

Baby Bed (Newborn)

Baby Oil for Massage

Mother and Baby care Soap

Mosquitoes Bed

Handbags for Carrie Items

One Mother Saree



Diapers for Baby

Baby Shampoo

Dress for Baby

Baby Toys

Kcr kit online registration process

Let's have a look at how to apply for the KCR Kit Scheme on the official kcrkit.telangana.gov.in website.

  • Visit the KCR Kit Scheme's Official Website .

  • Username, Password, and Captcha Code must all be entered.


  • To sign in, click the Sign-in button.

  • The online user is then redirected to a new page.

  • On the left pane, select Mother/Child Registration.

  • Enter the Aadhar/Mother ID.

  • Click the Verify Button, then the New Registration button.

  • The Registration Form appears after that.

  • Enter your Aadhar number, name, husband's name, age, address, phone number, registration date, LMP date, and expected delivery date.

  • Enter or select the following: District, Mandal, Village, Bank Account, Passbook Name, Bank Name, Bank Branch, IFSC Code, ASHA Name, Mobile Number, and Community.

  • Select Previous Delivery Details from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter or select Gravida, Parity, Abortions, Live, Death, and Obstetric Formula, as well as the Date of Delivery, Baby Gender, and Obstetric Formula.

  • Now, select ANC Details from the drop-down menu.

  • It then shows an alert window with the message Mother Data Successfully Submitted with Mother ID.

  • The ANC Details link will take you to a new page.

  • Choose an ANC number, an ANC date, an ANC location, a doctor's name, and more. TT Given, Blood Pressure (mm/hg), Hemoglobin (gm/dl), Blood Sugar, Weight (kgs),

  • Select the High Risk Identified (Yes/No) option.

  • Then, on the Update button, click.

  • Select Delivery Date Details from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter/Select the Date of Delivery, Place of Delivery, Delivery Institutions, Delivery Done by, Doctor Name, Delivery Outcome, Mode of Delivery, Maternal Outcome, Date of Discharge.

  • Upload a photo of the mother and the baby.

  • Select Update from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter/Select Boy/Girl, Date of Birth, Weight at Birth, Height at Birth, and Child Blood Group under Child Details.

  • Enter BCG, OPV 0 and Hepatitis B vaccination dates, as well as OPV1, OPV2, and OPV3 vaccination dates.

  • Dates for Penta 1, Penta 2, and Penta 3 are entered.

  • Fill in the IPV1 and IPV2 dates, as well as the Measles, Vit A, and JE dates.

  • Submit the form by clicking the Submit Button.

How to check KCR kit registration status

To check the KCR kit application status, follow the steps below:

  • Applicants must first go to KCR Kit Telangana's official website kcrkit.telangana.gov.in.

  • Now go to the home page and click on login information.

  • Sign in with your username, password, and captcha code.

  • Search for the application status using the ID number.

  • The status of the KCR Kit will be displayed on the screen.

Documents required

You will need the following necessary documents to apply for the Telangana KCR kit scheme.

  • Aadhaar card

  • Identity card

  • Address proof

  • LMP Date

  • Bank details

  • Mobile number

Frequently asked questions

What is the Telangana KCR Kit Scheme for the year 2021?

This is a Telangana state government welfare programme that provides financial assistance as well as mother and infant care supplies to new mothers and babies.

What is the amount of money that the government will give to pregnant women?

This initiative will provide women with Rs. 12,000 in three instalments. In the event of a girl child's birth, the government would grant an additional rupee 1,000 to the mother.

Who is ineligible to participate in this scheme's benefits?

Women who have already given birth to two children and are pregnant for the third time are not eligible for this programme.

What is the Telangana KCR Kit Scheme's official website?

The official website for this plan is www.kcrkit.telangana.gov.in.