Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana 2021 Registration & Login

At, you can register for the Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana 2021 and login. The Kerala government has introduced the Saranya scheme for jobless females. The primary goal of such a self-employment program is to help backward, and marginalized women such as widows, undereducated women, unmarried women, females over the ages of 30, and unwed mothers from Scheduled Tribes Banks would provide interest-free loans amounting to INR. 50,000 to people who want to start their own company under this program.

The Employment Department would provide a government subsidy of 50% of the loan sum up to the maximum of Rs. 25,000 underneath the Saranya scheme. Underneath the Saranya self-employment program, would repay the loan in 60 equal monthly installments.

Individual entrepreneurs are qualified to participate in the Saranya program. This loan program is still available to women who would like to begin a joint venture with more than one entrepreneur. Each woman inside this joint venture might support the company by receiving a larger loan and subsidy than working alone.

Complete Information on the Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana 2021

  • The program was approved by GO(P)No.81/2010/Labor on July 24, 2010. Saranya is the latest self-program launched by the State Government to boost the most marginalized and segregated women inside the state, including widows, unmarried, abandoned, spinsters over through the age of 30, and unwedded mothers of Scheduled Castes, Physically Disabled, and Wife of Bed Afflicted patients
  • For beginning self-employment projects, an interest-free loan of up to Rs. 50,000 is provided, of which 50% is reimbursed as federal subsidies up to a limit of Rs. 25,000/- through the Employment Division. Would pay the loan back in 60 monthly installments.
  • If the venture demands a sum more significant than Rs.50000, the claimant must contribute 10% of such a sum as a beneficiary contribution. Furthermore, the claimant must pay a flat rate of 3% interest on any amount she borrows more than Rs. 50000. Added loan amounts up to a limit of 80 percent of the initial loan amount with nominal interest rates were available for projects operating effectively and have repaid at least 50 percent of the loan amount.
  • This program is designed for specific projects and allows many entrepreneurs to form a joint venture. Each member of this joint venture would receive the entire loan amount, including subsidies. The claimant is not required to put up any collateral as insurance for the loan sum.

At, you can register for the Kerala Saranya Program and log in

Job hunters who have already enrolled with an Employment Exchange or who want to register online for new registration (first-time visitors) can use this feature to generate a login and, after that, continue.

Step 1: Go to, which is the official site of Kerala's National Employment System.

Step 2: Go over to the National Jobs Service Keralam e-Employment Exchange Portal page by going to the "Online Services" tab on the dashboard or going straight

Step 3: Next, go to the "Register as a Jobseeker" tab and fill out the Employment Exchange Request Form. 

Step 4: Claimants must enter their name, birth date, mobile phone number, requisite login ID, password, e-mail addresses, and Aadhaar number before clicking the "Login" option.

Step 5: Claimants could log in to Kerala Saranya Loan Program by entering their username and password and afterward clicking the "Sign In" option.

Download the Saranya Loan Scheme Request Form in PDF format.

The registration form can be downloaded from the government site or picked up in person at the Employment Exchange. Then they must fill out the form entirely and send it to the village official along with a comprehensive project report and an earnings certification.

  • Can download The Saranya Scheme Application Form in PDF format from the following link: -
  • Check the official site at for more information.
  • Click on the Downloads tab or go straight to
  • Click the "Forms" connection over the next screen, or go straight to
  • Press the "Saranya Form" connection on the next screen.
  • The request for a loan underneath the Saranya Program would look like this:
  • Workplace exchange officers would verify the accuracy of the request and relevant documents.
  • After that, you would be sent to the District Employment Exchange.

Saranya Loan Program Registration Form PDF can be downloaded here:

Saranya Loan Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Except for spinsters, all unemployed widows, unmarried, abandoned, spinsters over the age of 30, and unwed mothers of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in the live Registration of Employment Exchanges between ages of 18 and 55 are qualified.

a widower

  • Widows (late wife) refers to a woman whose partner has died, and she's never remarried. The Village Officer/President of the Grama Panchayath, the Chairman of that exact Municipal Corporation, or the Mayor of the Corporation, even as the situation may well be, must issue a certification.

The woman who has been divorced

  • Divorced females are females who have been divorced or who have obtained a divorce certificate from a court or a religious group. She may be a member of any faith. Until the Village Officer forwards the letter, the divorcee certification would prove as she had never remarried.

Woman Deserted

  • Deserted refers to a woman who has been abandoned by her husband, while missed refers to a woman whose husband has been absconding and otherwise unavailable for the past seven years.

Spinsters are single women.

  • Spinsters are single women who have reached 30 as of April 1 of the year of request but still haven't married. The Village Official must obtain a certificate for this impact.

The unmarried mother

  • Unmarried mother refers to a woman who has been a member of a Scheduled Tribe and has given birth to a child despite marrying. A certification towards this effect must be issued from the Village Official, which must clearly state the caste and group.

Eligibility Requirements for Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana

Application Processing

  • Application forms are freely available just at the Employment Exchange. The applicant is enrolled and must be uploaded there and a comprehensive project report and a certification of earnings as from village officials.
  • The Employment Exchange may perform a preliminary inspection of the process to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and the earnings certificate, group credential, and credential about their marital status, among other things. Then, if this is sent to the Town Employment Exchange, it'll be sent to the appropriate District Employment Exchange.
  • The District Employment Officer examines requests before submitting them to the District Committee for loan approval. The District Committee for Saranya is the regulating body, with the District Collector as Chairman and the District Employment Officer as Convener. Kerala's administration is the appellate jurisdiction.
  • The loan sum is immediately deposited into the claimant's bank account by the Employment Division. Claimants of the Saranya Self Employment Program could only be regarded for permanent positions, not just for contract jobs.

The Self-Employment Program for Destitute Women is being monitored.

  • The Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana's managing officer is the Director of Jobs.
  • The District Employment Official and officials of Town Employment Exchanges keep a close eye on the program. Two notices would be issued if the recipient may not reimburse three successive installments.
  • If no response is received, revenue compensation measures shall reclaim the loan sum plus interest. Furthermore, if the loan balance is later discovered to be used for reasons besides the project authorized, the entire amount, along with the subsidy, will be compensated by income recovery.

Kerala Saranya Yojana Overview

  • The state government created the Kerala Saranya Scheme to support the state's most marginalized and separated women.
  • The beneficiaries are widows, unmarried, abandoned, spinsters over 30 years old, unwed mothers of Scheduled Castes, Differently Abled, and wives of bedridden patients.
  • For beginning self-employment projects, an interest-free loan of up to Rs. 50,000 is available.
  • In the live Registry of Employment Exchanges between the ages of 18 and 30, all unemployed widows, unmarried, abandoned, spinsters over the age of 30, and unwed mothers of Schedule Castes.
  • Visit for a list of self-employment schemes.
  • is a source/reference link.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: What is the fundamental concept underlying the scheme's launch?

Backward women in Kerala are being upgraded.

Q: Who is the scheme's target audience?

Destitute ladies, to be precise.

Q: How much money will be given to the recipients as a loan?

Ans: Up to 50 000 rupees

Q: What is the minimum age to apply for the scheme?

18 to 55 years old

Q: Who is accountable for the scheme's official start?

Kerala Job Exchange Department is the response.