Kisan panjiyan


For the betterment of farmers, there are so many meaningful schemes that have come up. Talking of which the Prime Minister Naredra Modi has also come up with one amazing scheme called Farmer Panjiyan which helps in doubling up the farmer’s income as the flagship for the PM Kisan Panjiyan scheme. This is one such initiative that focuses on transforming agriculture. Be it irrigation or better technology, there are more markets and even credits to offer better insurance of the crop. Besides, it also focuses on the soil health that shall eliminate the middleman and even the best possible efforts are put further for the betterment.

About the scheme:

This is one efficient government Kisan code Panjiyan scheme through which the marginal and small farmers would be able to earn around Rs 6,000 per year as minimum income support. This is a scheme of 75,000-crore that focuses on covering nearly 125 million farmers no matter what basically is the landholding size of them in India. It started in the year 2018 with huge success and then there was no looking back. Under this scheme, the farmers who are eligible across the country can get the money in three installments of Rs. 2000 every four months. The scheme thus defines that the wife, husband, and minor children will have financial stability. The find of Rs.2000 gets credited to the bank account of the family.

To offer better Kisan Panjiyan Ki Jankari financial assistance to the farmers, the prime minister has launched this scheme that certainly has helped farmers get better confidence and stability too. Since the transfer of the amount is in the bank account directly, it ensures better transparency at the same time money and time saving for the farmers by avoiding office visits. This scheme was accounted for in the budget of the interim made in the year 2019-20 in the Lok Sabha.

Objectives of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

The primary objective of the Kisan Panjiyan 2020 is to ensure the right financial needs are given to the small and marginal farmers to procure different farm inputs. This would make sure the healthy crops are grown and in the right yielding. Besides, it also helps in commensuration with the fam income which is an anticipated one by the end of every crop cycle. The scheme focuses on protecting them from falling into the moneylender’s trap while ensuring the basic expenses needed are met and thus the farming activities do not get interrupted at all.

Thanks to the pm Kisan Panjiyan scheme there is an upliftment of the small and marginal farmers in India with a better living. It offers them a sum assured money assistance in different installments each year. During the long run, the scheme is expected to be addressing the migration of the farmers while improving the intensity of the crop.

Started with an aim to offer a stable income to the farmers, this Kisan Fasal Panjiyan has come a long way. Kisan Panjiyan Kaise Karen offers the best financial support to all the families who hold the land across the country. It thus allows them to take good care of all the expenses associated with agriculture and allied activities along with household needs.

Know the eligibility criteria:

However, this Kisan Panjiyan portal scheme is designed for only a selective set of people who falls in the farmer categories and have landholding. That is why the eligibility set is:

  • Farmers from both the urban and rural areas

  • Landholding farmers’ families with cultivable landholding in their names 

  • Small farmers families

  • Marginal farmers families

  • Beneficiaries with higher economic status are not eligible.

  • Institutional landholders, in this case, are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

  • Present or retired officers and employees of state/central government, in this case, are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

  • Those who pay income tax not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

  • Farmer families holding constitutional posts are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

  • Professionals like doctors, engineers, and lawyers are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

  • Retired pensioners with a monthly pension of over Rs 10,000 are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme

Process of registration for PM Kisan Samman Nidhi

  • Farmers need to approach the local revenue officer who is also called the modal officer. 

  • There are Common Service Centres authorized to do the farmers registration for the Scheme upon payment of fees

  • Then there is also an official online Kisan Panjiyan website where the section called farmers corner has all the details of the scheme. The site is where farmers can register themselves using the Farmers Corner in the portal. 

  • They can also edit the PM Kisan database name and get to know their payment status. 

Documents required to register under PM-Kisan Yojana

Apart from Aadhaar which is mandatory, the farmer also must submit documents like

  • Bank account details

  • Landholding appears

  • Citizenship certificate


The Kisan Panjiyan form beneficiaries are expected to get the coverage under the 140 million schemes of the agriculture census. The beneficiaries are also entitled to get advantages from the four-month period where the name is registered by the state nodal officer. This certainly is one beneficial scheme that can give monetary relaxation to the farmers.

Questions and answers

How to check my PM Kisan samman nidhi money?

It is possible to see the payment status through the Farmers Corner in the PM Kisan portal where details are shared as per the village and beneficiary’s information.

What is the PM Kisan Samman scheme?

This is one scheme that focuses on supplementing the financial requirement of marginal and small farmers to procure different inputs of the farm. This ensures the crop health management with the right yielding is done.

How to apply for the PM Kisan scheme?

To enroll the farmers can visit the local revenue officer which state governments have nominated. They can even register on their own using the farmer’s Corner in the PM Kisan portal.

Who is eligible for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana scheme?

Small and marginal farmers who have less than two hectares of landholding are eligible for PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana to get better financial assistance.