Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme 2021


These days with economic crises increasing, we really don’t know how secure our future can be. But along with the crises comes the blessing in the form of investment. It is always good to make better goals of investment and risk profile before considering the investment be made in the scheme. Talking of which equity funds can be a great platform. Kotak emerging equity fund direct growth is helpful in many ways and if you are looking for a reliable option then you must go for Kotak emerging equity scheme.

The need for Equity funds in today’s time

The market is emerging and in the case of equity funds, it has blossomed to a great extent. It allows investors a better platform of accessibility to regions and countries that are going through the economic transition. There are so many ways that can define emerging markets. This term typically is called two dozen countries that are part of the MSCI emerging market index solution. Just the way mutual funds and even the exchange-traded funds can vary greatly in strategy and focus. It is equity funds too. 

Why choose Kotak for emerging market equity funds?

With the growing market, there are so many things that an asset manager must take care of. Talking of Kotak emerging equity fund direct option, well they use their sixes for the investor’s benefits. Kotak has got emerging market equity mutual funds that draw on the doeth of research at the same time better resources scope. The portfolio managers and even the research analysis blend well a global view with better expertise for identifying the investment choices and even mitigate the risk of the portfolio. With this scheme, you have more chances of generating capital appreciation for the long term by simply making an investment in the equity portfolio associated with equity that is issued by usually the mid-cap companies.

What Is Kotak Emerging Equity Fund - Regular Plan?

Now that you have got clarity on why Kotak should be a choice, you must also have clarity on what exactly is Kotak emerging equity fund growth. Well, it is a regular plan that is a moderately high-risk investment solution. It comes with long-term capital appreciation. The team of Kotak emerging equity fund specializes in making investments in midcap companies that have the ability to deliver capital growth for quite a long time. Such companies are now being created and are under research. The fund is known to hold a historical return of 10.83% post the inception that has performed close to the scheme benchmark.

Quick facts of Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

  • Mr. Pankaj Tibrewal is the person responsible for kotak emerging fund management since May 2010 and has got quite an experience from his earlier role at Principal Asset Management as a Fund Manager
  • This is one regular plan which is kotak emerging equity scheme growth whose current AUM stands at RS.7300.47 Cr
  • It is also having an Equity - Mid Cap Fund that belongs to Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund launched in the year 2013 with an AUM of RS.10,431.20 crore
  • Kotak Emerging Equity Fund has set a benchmark against NIFTY 50 - TRI with primary index and Nifty Midcap 100 - TRI being a secondary index.
  • Kotak Emerging Equity Fund NAV has ended up RS.0.56(0.88%) to RS.63.745.
  • In the top 3 holdings, the find is known to expose off the Supreme Industries Limited

Know the Primary Investment Objective

This kotak emerging equity scheme direct growth solution by Kotak delivers the long-term wealth opportunity by making an investment primarily in the companies that are mid-cap ones from the portfolio of equity and the securities that are related to equity. Moving further, the scheme also focuses on generating appreciation for a long-term basis from the equity portfolio to the securities that are related to the equity. Thus, the investment is made predominantly in the mid companies.

Know the Suitability

If you plan to make an investment for more than 6 or 7 years then you are likely to get again switch that can easily beat the inflation rate and the returns from the fixed income sources. Kotak emerging equity direct growth is one kind of fund that makes an investment in a medium-size company. As compared to those which make an investment in large companies like funds that often fall more when the price of the stock falls, you can always expect high returns for a long time but also expect many ups and downs too.

Pros and Cons of Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

Whether you go for one year, three years,s or the returns of five years from the funds that are high as compared to the category avenge returns. But there are risk-adjusted returns from the fun which is low if you compare it with the category.

Fund Information and Statistics

i) Inception/Launch Date: The fund scheme was rolled out on 30 March 2007.

ii) Risk Level: A moderately high-risk profile is related to the scheme because it invests in equity-related securities that midcap companies’ issues.

iii) Redemption: There is no period of lock for the principal that is invested in the fund.

iv) Fund Manager: The current Fund Manager for the scheme is Mr. Pankaj Tibrewal

v) Entry/Exit Load: According to SEBI, there will not be any entry load applicable but 1% of an exit load shall be charged when you redeem fund units in excess of 10% of the first investment that you make within one year


To be precise, this kotak midcap fund direct growth is quite a high-risk choice that comes with a potential for delivering a high capital growth of more than 5 years. The fund primarily makes an investment in the companies that are mid-cap based that can be quite volatile in a short span. That is why it is advised to speak with an expert and make an investment as per the investment’s goal and risk profile.

Questions and answers

What are equity funds?

Kotak emerging equity fund direct plan growth is one efficient scheme focusing on the share’s investment of the companies for different market capitalization

How is Kotak focused equity fund?

The primary agenda of such schemes is to come up with long term capitalization by making an investment in the equity & equity associated instruments all over the market capitalization.

Is Kotak Mutual Fund good?

This fund comes with quite a high risk and has the annualized return of 16% because of its launch. It has also been ranked 23rd in the small cap category.