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Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy-the Chief minister has recently come up with a scheme called the Ysr law nestam scheme which has gained quite popularity over some time now. On the special day of the national lawyers’ day, he has come up with this scheme to offer the Junior advocates and lawyers the best possible facilities. Due to its unique purpose and some amazing services, this scheme over quite some time has been amongst the news and has gained quite attention already.

About Ysr law nestam

Those who wish to check the ysr law nestam application status first must understand what exactly this scheme is all about. As per the Andhra Pradesh Government, the lawyers will get rs.5000/- every month while Junior advocates shall also earn the same if they fit in the eligibility criteria. Those who are eligible for such a scheme can apply for the same online, especially those who have been searching for all the important details. The Andhra Pradesh Government has come up with such a scheme in the year 2019 and post its launch, it got a tremendously positive response. Under this scheme, the government offers the best possible financial assistance every month as a stipend to junior lawyers. The primary motive behind such a scheme is to offer financial security to the advocates and lawyers of the state.

The beneficiaries who shall be eligible for this scheme are likely to get a grant every month. The objective is to make sure the overall legal structure of the Andhra Pradesh state gets improved to a great extent. Besides, it also holds the motive to guide and support the people who are part of the state’s judicial system. The primary aspect of such a scheme is to offer a monetary advantage to the eligible lawyers. By helping such people, the whole judiciary system of the state will develop.

Understanding more of the YSR Law Nestham Scheme

  • There is an online website where the individual can apply online. However, before that, it is important to have clarity on what exactly the scheme is all about.

  • The primary aspect of the scheme is to offer the mandatory advantage for all the lawyers. With this, the judiciary system can be created in the Andhra Pradesh State.

  • Every advocate be it the junior or the lawyer who will be eligible is likely to earn Rs 5000 on monthly basis as the stipend.

  • The scheme will prove to be beneficial to the lawyers and advocates in all possible manners

  • The compensation is also credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiary

Eligibility Criteria For YSR Law Nestham Scheme

The eligibility criteria for the YSR Law Nestham scheme is as follows:

  • The fresh law graduates passed out from the year 2016 and onwards are only eligible.   

  • The applicant should possess a Bachelor's Degree in Law.  

  • The applicants’ names should be entered in the rolls of advocates that must be well managed by the state bar council of Andhra Pradesh under Section 17 of the Advocates Act, 1961.

  • The junior advocates who have started practice and have not completed the first three years of their practice are eligible for the stipend.

  • The junior advocates need to submit an Affidavit attested by their Senior Advocate having 15 years of practice

  • Junior advocates need to submit by the presiding officer of the court or by the State Bar Association, stating that they are still in active practice every six months.  

  • The first three years of practice will be counted from the date of the issuance of the Certificate of Enrolment under Section 22 of the Advocates Act, 1961.

  • Post enrollment the advocates need to secure the Certificate of Practice bypassing the Bar Examination conducted by the Bar Council of India within two years.

  • The advocates should offer in writing that they will intimate online or the registering authority if they leave the Profession.

  • The applicants should not exceed thirty-five years of age.

  • The following are ineligible for the YSR Law Nestham scheme:

  • The advocates possessing four-wheelers in their name are not eligible.

  • Non-Practicing advocates are not eligible.

  • The advocates who have completed the first three years of practice are not eligible.  

Those who shall not be practicing advocacy are those advocates who must have enrolled with the State bar council but also are not in the practice of law. Such advocates are the ones who are quite engaged in either the public job or the private one or even in business or contract and are not associated with the legal profession since it must have been declared as under rule 13 and Rule 20.2 of the Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules, 2015.

YSR Law Nestham Scheme Application Procedure

The process for applying for the YSR Law Nestham scheme is as follows:

  • Visit the official YSR Law Nestham scheme website

  • Click on the ‘Register’ button on the homepage of the website.

  • Select the ‘Aadhaar/VID Number with OTP’ or ‘Aadhaar/VID Number with Biometric’ or ‘Aadhaar/VID Number with IRIS’ option from the dropdown list. 

  • Next, enter the Aadhaar number/VID number and verify it.

  • A new page will appear. Fill in the details such as the name, date of birth, gender, etc.

  • Upload all the required documents.

  • Fill in the other details such as address details, caste details, education, work details, bank details, etc., and click on the ‘Submit button.

  • The applicant will receive a confirmation SMS and e-mail with the Application ID for further reference.

  • The candidates who get selected should have an account in the bank that must be directly linked with the scheme. The money in this scheme will also be transferred to the selected applicant's linked account. It is also given with the help of an option called the direct benefit transfer.

Documents Required For YSR Law Nestham Scheme

The documents required for the YSR Law Nestham scheme are as follows:

  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

  • An affidavit attested by a senior advocate.

  • Bank account details.

  • Proof of date of birth.

  • Law Degree Certificate.

  • Aadhaar card.

  • State Bar Council certificate.

  • Residential details for proof of domicile.

YSR Law Nestham Payment Status

  • The government has launched this kind of scheme for all the lawyers and Junior advocates.

  • Under this scheme, the beneficiary is entitled to get 5000/- but to understand whether they are those bestiaries, they need to log in with credentials on the site and check their name on the site.

  • The law students can now check the status of Phase 1 and 2 online payments. If they have applied recently and want to understand whether the amount is credited in the bank account, it is the online option that can be helpful. 

  • The beneficiaries of the scheme can even check the list using the steps given below.

  • The department is giving the facility to log in with the help of an Aadhar card number that is quite easy. With such detail, it is possible to understand the status online and even the payment amount.


As per the Andhra Pradesh state government, this policy has been issued for the betterment of the law. While focusing on the AP YSR law nesthama scheme development, few things are being followed. Besides, every beneficiary who must have applied for such a scheme and whose name is present in the list of beneficiaries will get the best financial assistance of 5000 on monthly basis. The candidates who are interested in this kind of scheme can avail details online on the official website which is ysr law Here they can track application status, check eligibility, last date for portal opening without any hassle.

How to Registration on YSR Law Nestham Scheme 2021

  • Go to the official website of

  • There you will find the registration option just click on it.

  • Then choose “Aadhaar/VID number with OTP”, “Aadhaar/VID number with Biometric” or “Aadhaar/VID number with IRIS.

  • Enter your Aadhaar card /VID number and make sure to verify it.

  • Then provide all the details such as your name, gender, date of birth, and so on.

  • Then upload all the essential documents including your photo along with alternative contact details like mobile number and email address.

  • Give your address details, educational information, cast details, work details, and Bank information.

  • Submit all the information and then upload the essential proof or any other documents needed.

  • Check before submitting and take a printout if needed. It is essential to note the YSR Law Nestham Scheme application ID.

Why should you know the Payment Status?

The reason payment status should be known is to understand the right time when the amount will get Credited to your Bank Account. It also helps in understanding the YSR Law Nestham Payment Amount.

Who can Check the Status?

  • The farmers whose name is already in the YSR lawyer Nestgham list are the beneficiaries and can easily check the status online.

  • What are the Requirements to Check Status?

  • Aadhaar Number

  • Working Internet Connection

  • Working Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number (For Verification via OTP)

How to YSR Law Nestham Payment Check Online Login @

To Check YSR Law Nestham Scheme Payment Amount Check follow these Steps.

  • First of All, Visit the Official Portal of the Scheme i.e. Official Website

  • Once the Portal opens Select any of the drop-down options to log in

  • Now, a new page opens up, where you will be asked to Enter Aadhaar Number 

  • Enter Your Aadhaar Number or VID Number 

  • Now, You Can Check the Payment Status and Payment Amount.