Lockdown Pass 2021


The pandemic crises have certainly made it worse for the people to survive another wave of lockdown. But this time the government has come up with much better ways to offer relaxation and essential services to be available at the doorstep. With the increasing Covid 19 cases that are in India, some states also have travel restrictions and have made it obligatory for the visitors to produce the negative Covid-19 test on arrival. Some states have imposed travel restrictions such as Gujrat, Rajasthan, Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Andamans.

The travel restriction is applicable for the visitors who travel to certain states either by train, air or by road through private vehicle or public transportation be it bike or car. There is some state that even insists on the RT-PCR test and stays quarantined at home, especially those who will be travelling by air.

What is an e-pass?

In the seven-hour window, there are only essential services that will be allowed. If there is any individual that has travel in the state, they would need an e0-pass. This is more like a permission slip that the government issues from its official site. Citizens will be carrying a soft copy of the hard copy of the e-pass that can be shown to the authorities at the checkpoints at the night curfew. 

Who needs an e-pass for travel during night curfew in Delhi?

According to the orders that the COVID-19 E Pass State Wise has been  issued, there are centres of vaccination in the national capital that will be available for 24 hours. Those individuals who will be travelling to get the vaccination during the curfew will need documentation proof. Those people who will be travelling for the essential’s services will be exempted from any kind of restriction but to carry an e-asps during the travel between 10 pm-5 am is mandatory. Besides, media people and journalists will need to carry an e-pass with them if they shall be working during the hours of night curfew.

Important Required Details to Apply Online

Document Proof required for Lockdown Pass 2021 Status and login are:

  • Proof of Identity (Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card)

  • Mobile Number

  • Scheme Benefits that you need to know

  • E-pass is organized for the owners of the services such as grocery/milk/and chemists under the essential services. 

  • With such an e-pass, the service providers will be able to offer the essential services to the common people without any issue.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • This e-pass is for the people involved in essential services or any other emergency.

  • All grocery traders, milk vendors, and chemists can apply online for the curfew pass.

Scheme Feature

  • With this epass police will get clarity on the person who is travelling within the city is under essential services in the Lockdown.

  • The government employees and even the media person will be able to travel with such an identity card

  • People with private vehicles on roads need to submit a declaration to the Police.

  • People involved in essential services like, health, provision stores, medical shops, vegetable shops, internet, bank employees, telecom and media, milk and beverages will be given an exemption pass. These people can use their identity cards.

How to apply for the E-Pass Online Form?

The process of the E-Pass Application is quite simple. It includes:

  • Visit the official website of e-curfew pass official website 

  • Click on “COVID 19- Click here to Apply for Curfew Pass” to fill the application form.

  • The e-pass Online Form displayed on the screen.

  • Enter your name, mobile number, email id, vehicle registration number 

  • Mention the purpose of the application.

  • Submit the application form by clicking the “Submit” button.

Services classified as “Essential”

  • Police

  • Treasury

  • Fire

  • Law & Order and Magisterial Duties

  • Water

  • Public Bank Employee

  • Postal Services

  • Essential Supply Transportation

  • Essential Items Manufacturing

  • Private Bank Employee

  • Private Courier

  • Bank/ATM Visit

  • Govt Health Worker/Govt Doctor/Health official

  • Urban Local Bodies & Rural Development

  • Electricity

  • Govt. Food Supply

  • Govt. IT/ITES/Telecom

  • Other Govt. Employees

  • Essential Supply Distribution

  • Private Telecom/Internet Services

  • Patient

  • Private Health Practitioner

  • Media

  • Death Case

  • Miscellaneous

How to Apply for New Pass / Apply for New Pass/ Apply for Essential Service Pass?

The essential service individuals or organizations need to apply for the e-pass online. 

  • They must fill up all the information and click Submit.

  • Once you apply, you will receive the token ID, save it.

  • You can use it to check the status of your application.

  • Upon approval or verification by the relevant police department, you will be able to download the e-pass using the token ID.

  • The vehicle e-pass will have your details, vehicle number, validation date and QR code.

  • It is important to carry a soft/hard copy with you when you plan to travel and show it to the police when asked.

  • You can copy it or abuse it once a valid date is considered a punishable offence.

  • It is important to use it with authorization otherwise, it would be considered a punishable offence.

  • The photo size should not exceed 200 Kb as well as related document size more than 500 Kb.

  • Fill the Header Application in English

The central government is now preparing a roadmap for lockdown 4.0. Post may the lockdown e passes will be availed which shall offer better relaxation as the government is planning to widen the ambit more than the emergency services and medical staff in orange and green covid 19 zones. The idea is not just meant for the better travel restriction in the covid safe zone but also to pinpoint other harassment complaints made by domestic help in the areas which are safe but have been facing the norms of lockdown which have endangered the locals living.

As per the union government, there is a detailed plan with regards to lockdown an COVID-19 E Pass Registration. The government has even set a clarification stating the staff restriction will continue in the areas that are marked as the containment zone and Covid 19 areas. However, there are also further plans of the government to streamline the online system which would issue such e-passes. There is also a new template for the online e-pass that shall be shared with the state government for making the process much simpler and hassle-free.


The lockdown as per the state with e-pass for the movement permission will be applied using the central government website that the National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has created. The NIC will offer the infrastructure to support the government IT services delivery along with other digital Indian initiatives.

As per the state and central government, there are so many steps that are being taken to deliver the essential commodities supply in the lockdown event. This way the curfew movement of e-pass is arranged for the important services like a mile, grocery, and chemist shop. 

Questions and Answers

How to get the Delhi e-Pass?

The process of obtaining a Delhi e-Pass is quite simple. Just follow these steps.

  • Open the state portal delhi.gov.in and select the language comfortable for you.

  • Choose the ‘e-Pass for travel during night/weekend curfew’ from the dropdown and submit.  

  • Scroll down and enter your information like name, contact number, address, service type, the period for which you need the pass, etc. 


  • Upload documents such as ID proof, visiting card, shop/business license, etc.

  • Check the acknowledgement box.

  • Click on the submit button to apply.

  • Take a note of your e-Pass ID for future reference.

How to check the status of the application?

You can check the status using the steps shared below:

  • Open the application status portal.

  • Enter a unique 7-character e-Pass ID.

  • Click on the ‘Check Status’ button.

  • Other states asking for e-Passes

Along with Delhi, there are other states as well that implements the system of e-pass. Talking of which let us have a look at some states steps to apply for the e-pass

What is the process of E-pass in Kerala?

The requirement of E-pass in Kerala has been passed considering the second wave of coronavirus. For this, the steps are:

  • Open Kerala’s COVID-19 Jagratha portal.

  • Click the ‘Citizen’ tab on the top menu. 

  • Under ‘Visitors Entry’, choose the type of your visit depending on your departure destination and duration of stay. 

  • Enter your mobile number and NORKA Registration Number in case of domestic entry 

  • Verify yourself with an OTP.

  • Fill in the information such as contact information, date of birth, ID number, etc. 

  • Submit your application.

What is the process of E-pass in Tamil Nadu?

Even the government of Tamil Nadu needs the travellers visiting the state from another to carry an e-pass. The travellers from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Puducherry arriving in Tamil Nadu are exempted from this.

Then some categories are eligible for TN e-Pass:

  • Police

  • Bank employees

  • Patient

  • Medical services

  • Water department

  • Government duties

  • Fire electricity

  • Health worker

  • Medial department

  • Death case

  • Open the TN e-Registration portal 

  • Choose the destination you’re travelling from- interdistrict, interstate or from outside the country.

  • Enter your mobile number and given captcha

  • Verify yourself with an OTP.

  • Fill in your details such as name, contact information, address, Aadhar card number, vehicle details, etc.

  • Tick the declaration box and apply.

  • Save the registration ID for future reference.