Mukhyamantri Balak Balika Protsahan Yojana Bihar

Mukhyamantri Balak Balika Protsahan Yojana Bihar is quite a known scheme that the chief minister has come up with for all the boys and girls who are not married yet. This is one amazing scheme where the person is entitled to get an incentive amount of Rs.8000 to those who belong to scheduled tribes and castes and can pass through the 2nd division. This is obligatory for all those students who want to pass the 10th exam and should not be married. To avail of such a scheme, the applicant’s annual income should be less than 1.5 lakhs.

Those beneficiaries who are interested in such scheme must be from Bihar state to apply for such scheme, there is an online solution wherein the applicant must visit the online portal of the E Kalyan Bihar where such scheme can be availed. But the form will not be out so soon. Students shall have to file for the online application since there is no other way for applying yet. Students who don’t apply or even the document in the school will of course have to declare their unmarried status in the application. Under such a scheme that has been designed in 2020, the beneficiaries must have a bank account and this account should be associated with the beneficiary’s Aadhaar card.

Primary Objective:

  • The primary objective of this application is to encourage all the students for education. Usually, most of the students are often not able to opt for further studies because of their lack of funds. That is when such scheme focuses on providing the financial assistance wherein the applicant can continue hard to study and even have a better future
  • Under this scheme, students will not be able to visit the school concerned nor will they have to go through any problems while applying for it since the whole process is online. The application process of Mukhyamantri Balak Protsahan Yojana is so simple that it shall be quite a time taking. Besides, this scheme has focused on giving the students a better platform where they can have an incentive of Rs 10000 in the form of financial assistance to the girls and boys who have passed the 1st division in the 10th standard of their academic school from the year 2019 to 2020 from the state board.
  • The eligible candidate has more than 75% of the attendance and the amount of Rs. 8000/- at most shall be provided as the scholarship base.

Benefits of Balak/Balika Protsahan Yojana

The primary advantage of this scheme is it works more like an incentive measure where the kids shall be able to perform well in the school and focus on better excellence. Further, there are also other advantages such as:

  • This scheme is designed not just for one specific gender but for both the gender of the Bihar state. Designed by the Bihar government, the girls who have cleared the 10th examination of the 1st division in the year 2020 are eligible for 10,000 of the incentive.
  • Under this scheme, the incentive amounting to Rs.8000 is best for the students who belong to the scheduled caste or the tribe and have scored with second division.
  • The students must score well with flying colors in 10th standard in the year 2019 and be unmarried so that they can have the whole benefit of the financial assistance given.

Documents of Mukhyamantri Balak/Balika Protsahan Scheme 2020 that is needed

  • Proof of income of the applicant’s family starting Rs 1.5 lakh or less.
  • Proof of being permanent residents of the state of Bihar.
  • Educational certificates.
  • Income proof
  • ST certificate
  • Domiciled certificate
  • Bank account details
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Receipt of course
  • Passport size photographs
  • Passing certification of Boys/girls as the 1st or 2nd division in the 10th board examination in the year 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for this scheme, the student must
  • The applicant must be a resident of Bihar State
  • The applicant must be in Class 10 State Board
  • The applicant must be unmarried

How to apply for Mukhyamantri Balak / Balika Protsahan Scheme?

  • The process is not difficult and since it is an online process it is not even time taking. To apply for this scheme here are few things that an applicant can do:
  • The applicant will have to visit the official site which is an E- Kalyan portal  
  • Once the Balak Protsahan Yojana Bihar page is on the portal there will be a home page that he can see. On the same page, there will be three options appearing out of which the applicant has to click on the Apply for Chief Minister Bal / Girl 10th Pass Incentive Scheme which is located at the bottom side of the page  
  • Right after the option is chosen, another page will appear on which you have to check if your name is right. To see your name, you will have to first verify the credentials located at the bottom. 
  • You further must fill up the details like college and district and then click on the view button. Later on the next page, there will be a student list that shall appear. It will be of students who have cleared the 1st division in the year 2019
  • Post this comes to the second page on which they will have to choose the option of applying online. On clicking the application, another form will open
  • There will be necessary details that need to be filled up such as the birthday, registration number, and those numbers that you have got in the 10th std. There will also be a code that needs to be filled. Once you fill up all the information you then have to log in.
  • Right after you log in, you will get an ID and then click on the bank details. Once you click on it, there will be a form that shall open
  • In this form, you must fill up all the details like father’s name, name, mothers name, registration number, and even the bank account number
  • Right after you fill up all the information, you must click on the save button and then get back to the home page. This would be a sign that shows your application has been finalized.
  • There will then be a front-page that shall open on which you have to then checkmark and submit. This way your application will be on the portal.


With such Balika Protsahan Yojana Bihar schemes emerging for boys and girls and scheduled caste, certainly, the government is making a huge step to develop the country and motivate the youth. Since the process of application is hassle-free and time-saving, it is expected that people be part of it.

Questions and answers:

What exactly is the price that would be given as the incentive under this scheme?

For this scheme students who have cleared 1st division in the 10th standard are eligible for 10thiusand rupees while those who cleared with second division and belong to a schemed tribe or caste shall get Rs 8000 as an incentive.

What is the right way to apply for such a scheme?

Online procedure is the only and the best option for application which is @ an E Kalyan portal

What is the span for the 10th Pass for applying to this scheme?

There is no specific deadline for such a scheme but students must apply to it sooner.

Is it important to show the income certification for applying to this scheme?

Yes, it is important, and along with this income certificate that highlights the annual income less than 1 lakh, and that too within 6 months should be presented.