Mukhyamantri Covid Pariwar Arthik Sahayata Yojana


The government of Delhi has now come up with an amazing Mukhyamantri Covid Pariwar Arthik Sahayata scheme that can surely offer betterment to society in many ways. To ensure the people can avail of the scheme by applying as per their convenience, they have even come up with the portal. This portal focuses on helping the families of Covid 19 victims. They can apply for the scheme to avail of financial assistance. Under this scheme, there is an additional amount of Rs 50000 that shall be given to those people who have lost their family members because of coronavirus.

Know more about the portal

  • Covid Pariwar Arthik Sahayata Yojana is one amazing scheme for which people can apply online. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launches this portal next week. As per this portal the right from facilities to services, there are ample things that can be availed. The Department of the government's Social Welfare will also be intimated about the scheme so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. Rs 50,000 ex-gratia will be provided for the family if they have lost someone from their loved ones to COVID-19 and. There will also be an additional Rs 2,500 pension be given every month if the deceased was the only breadwinner.
  • The portal is extremely secured and has been designed by expert professionals with years of experience in this field. Further, Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam also stated that currently, the portal is undergoing a security check so that in the future the risk of any theft and hacking of the information will not happen. Those who will not be able to apply using this portal for the scheme will get the officials to personally visit the residence so that further processes can be conducted.

Know more about “Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar AArthik Sahayata Yojana

Every family where the death has occurred because of Covid will get financial assistance. This financial assistance scheme is a great relief for the family of the deceased although their loss at the emotional level can never be recovered. That is why this scheme is called “Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar AArthik Sahayata Yojana”. There are however certain eligibility criteria that have been set. This means, if any family member of yours lost his/her life due to COVID, you are eligible to get benefit under this scheme.

The objective

  • Amid the pandemic crisis even Mr. Aravind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi after the announcement of this scheme stated that it is one possible solution to offer support to the families. The focus of this scheme is to offer the best possible help to the families who have lost their close ones who of course are the family members in the Covid 19 crises. In this scheme, the government shall offer the amount as to provide ex-gratia of Rupees 50000 to the family members of the deceased people. But the government can also offer the pension of Rs. 2500 to families who lost the sole breadwinner due to Covid-19.
  • There is no doubt that this pandemic crisis has changed the lives of many people. In-country like India after the initial outbreak, Delhi had faced a major fallout. There had been quite many deaths in this span. To offer better support to the family, this scheme can be helpful.

Features of Covid-19 Rs 50,000 Ex-Gratia Pariwar AArthik Sahayata Yojana

Let us see the features of the latest Mukhyamantri CM Covid-19 Pariwar Arthik Sahayata Scheme.

  • The government will also provide a pension of Rs. 2500 to families who lost the sole breadwinners due to the Covid-19.

  • As per the notification from the Social Welfare Department, Rs 50,000 ex-gratia will be provided to every family that has lost a member amid a pandemic.

  • The government will also consider a single member of the affected family to be enrolled as civil defense volunteers.

  • There is no income criterion set by the government to apply for this scheme.

  • The government will also look after the health and education of the beneficiaries who lost their parents due to Corona.

  • The applicants should provide the Covid-19 Positive Report and the Death Certificate of the dead to avail of the ex-gratia under this scheme.

Documents Required for Delhi 50K Covid-19 Financial Assistance Scheme

As discussed above, there are two sub-schemes covered under this scheme. One is a Rs 50000 ex-gratia scheme, and the other is a Rs 2500 pension scheme.

For Rs.50000 Ex-Gratia Scheme:

  • Death Certificate

  • Proof of residence of both deceased & dependents.

  • Proof of Covid death: Death must be certified as COVID death (as per MHA data) or death within one month of testing COVID positive and verified by the Health Department as Covid death.

Documents establishing a relationship between deceased & applicant

  • Competent Authority to grant the ex-gratia of Rs. 50000 shall be the concerned DM

  • Bank Account Details of the applicant.

  • Note: In case the application is rejected by the concerned DM, the applicant can file the grievance before the Divisional Commissioner.

For Monthly Financial Assistance (Rs. 2500)

  • Proof of age of the dependent children

  • Death Certificate

  • Proof of residence (Delhi address) of deceased and dependents.

  • Proof of Covid Death

  • Bank Account details of the applicant.

In the case of a disabled dependent sibling, a disability certificate

  • Documents stating the relationship between deceased & applicant

Details of Delhi Government Rs 50000 Ex-Gratia Scheme

  • The state’s Social Welfare Department notified the scheme last week.

  • The scheme has been notified through the media. Details regarding this scheme are available on various media company websites.

  • Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar AArthik Sahayata Yojana allows families who lost members due to the COVID-19 pandemic to seek ex-gratia of Rs 50,000.

  • It also offers an additional Rs 2,500 as pension per month if the deceased was the sole breadwinner.

  • These children will also be entitled to free education from the Delhi government.

  • The financial assistance scheme was announced by CM Kejriwal on May 18.

  • Children who lost their one or both parents to COVID-19 will also be provided Rs 2,500 per month till they are 25.

  • Officials will visit residences of those unable to apply through the portal.


With so many families who have lost their loved one especially because of the earning member's death due to Covid 19, certainly, the Delhi government has made this Arthik Sahayata Yojana one of the best initiatives to consider. Even families shall be given a monthly pension of Rs 2,500 besides the ex-gratia of Rs 50,000. Kids who have lost their both parents or single parent to COVID-19 will also be provided Rs 2,500 per month till the time they are 25 years of age. The Delhi government will also provide free education to them.

Question and answers

Who will get a pension for the scheme?

  • After the death of a family member, who will get the corona pension, the government has made it clear. As per the information given by the government

  • If a man's wife has died, he will get a lifetime pension of Rs 2500.

  • If a woman's husband has died due to corona, then she will get a lifetime pension of Rs 2500 per month. Apart from this, if eligible, he will also be given a widow pension.

  • If the husband and wife have died due to corona, then pension will be given to all the children till the age of 25, and one of the parents of the deceased. If eligible, the parents will also be entitled to get an old-age pension

  • If there was only one parent to bring up the children in a family (in case of death or divorce of the other parent), then all his children will be given financial assistance of Rs 2500 per month till the age of 25 years.

  • If someone's brother or sister has died of corona and has any other brother or sister as a dependent, or is mentally handicapped, then they will also get monthly financial assistance of Rs 2500.

  • On the death of an unmarried but earning son or daughter, monthly financial assistance of Rs 2500 will be given to either of his parents.

  • Apart from this, if eligible, the mother or father will also be entitled to get an old-age pension.

How to Apply Online for Mukhyamantri COVID-19 Pariwar AArthik Sahayata Yojana?

  • The online procedure to apply online for the Delhi CM Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Pariwar Sahaya Yojana.

  • The health department may share the list of all the death reports concerning the Covid-19 with the Department of Social Department.

  • After that, the District Social Department officials may conduct home visits to the deceased people.

  • The concerned people then prepare the documents like death certificates, genuineness in the cases, hospital reports, etc.

  • The SDM then must either recommend or reject the case within 12 days of receipt of application.

  • Please keep visiting the official website of the Department of Social Welfare for the latest announcements regarding the Ex-Gratia Scheme.

  • However, there is no information about the registration or application process directly by the applicants.