Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2021

Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, restarted the Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana. Revealed its plan in 2018. However, the state's Congress government changed the former government's Chief Minister Jan Kalyan (Sambal) policy as the Chief Minister Jan Kalyan (Sambal) scheme (Naya Savera).

All applicants interested in applying online should download the official notification and carefully examine all eligibility requirements and the application procedure. We'll go through the benefits of the "Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2021," as well as the entry requirements, important aspects of the scheme, application status, and application procedure.

Online Registration for Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana

Students receive benefits, pregnant women should be given financial support, and employers are provided financial help under this programme. People in the unorganized sector were given Jan Kalyan Sambal cards as part of the Jan Kalyan Yojana, allowing them to take advantage of all government programs.

All qualified applicants who would like to apply for this program should carefully examine all directions and follow the directions outlined underneath to fill out an application form online:

Form of Registration

Step 1: An approved member of the Public Service Center, CSC (Common Service Center and MP Online), will edit the work of the new registration delivery organization.

Step 2: The network operator would need the beneficiary's details (old Sambal card), Aadhaar number, Composite ID, and mobile number, among other things. The centre would be required to make resources accessible.

Step 3: The current laminated card will be produced free of charge from the Public Welfare Portal after verification of the information gathered from the e-KYC and used the identity of the centre worker, biometric of the Aadhaar number, and OTB.

Worker Registration Card for Service Providers, Phase 4 Also, the information entered into the Aadhaar number will be verified. The OTP obtained on the biometric or mobile number associated with the Aadhaar can be used in any of these two ways to verify the face details.

Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana Online Application Process

Form 2021, Application

Step 1: Go to, which is the official website of the Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana.

  • You must first log in on the whole webpage.
  • To log in, select the login option from the top menu.

Step 2: From the homepage, select the "Login" option. 

Step 3: The screen will show the login tab.

Step 4: After that, you'll enter your username and password to log in. 

Step 5: After that, you'll see the option to "Verify the claimant's identification for labour register with Aadhaar E KYC."

Step 6: Now, you must fill out your final ID as well as the captcha code.

Step 7: Review all of the information on the screen and then press the Submission button to complete the document.

How to Check the Status of Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2021

Step 1: Go to the official site of the Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana, which is, to check the scheme's status.

Step 2: Upon its homepage, press the button that says "Status of Sambal Yojana Registration." 

Step 3: The system will appear in the Status tab.

Step 4: After that, you'll enter your username and password to log in. 

Step 5: After that, you'll see the choice to "Verify the applicant's identity for labour registration with Aadhaar E KYC."

Step 6: Therefore, you must enter the 9-digit composite ID and click on the link to see the participant's details.

Step 7: Potentially, you can check the registration status.

Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana Documents Needed

Important Document for Online Applications

  • Aadhar card, 
  • a photocopy of your family's identification, and
  • Two photographs of the candidate
  • a certificate of residency
  • mobile phone number

Eligibility Requirements for Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana

Beneficial Suggestions

  • The claimant must be a resident of Madhya Pradesh permanently.
  • The claimant must be below the poverty line and also have a BPL card to prove it.

Mukhyamantri Jan kalyan Sambal Card Online Application Form for Sambal Yojana 2021


  • Sambal Card Online Application Form PDF Download – Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2021: Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana is a Hindu religious government the Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana on hold, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan restarted it for the poor. As soon as the programme began, all enrolled beneficiaries began receiving benefits.
  • Jobs in the unorganized sector can reap the benefits of this program by contacting their gramme panchayat/zone and registering.
  • An unexpected death in labor, the programme offers ex-gratia support, funeral support, and monetary incentives on disabilities.
  • Compelled a policy to pay a sum of 2 lakh rupees in the event of a general death and a sum of four lakh rupees in the death of an unfortunate family.Made Ex-gratia payments of Rs 2 lakh for medical disability and Rs 1 lakh for partial disability.
  • Maternity benefits of up to Rs 14000 are available.
  • Whenever a poor person who qualifies for the Sambal scheme has a child, he will receive four thousand rupees before even the birth and 12 thousand rupees after the delivery.

Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2021

Plan Strategic goals

With the Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan (Sambal) project, the Madhya Pradesh government hopes to provide electric power to every home in the state.

Significant Advantages


  • Unused energy bill-waiver programme
  • For pregnant mothers, there is a maternity clinic.
  • Students are eligible for an education incentive programme.
  • Scheme for a simple electricity bill
  • Medical assistance for expectant mothers is provided free of charge.
  • Scheme for job-oriented preparation
  • Offering adequate agricultural equipment.
  • Accident victims are covered by health insurance.
  • Assist with funeral arrangements.
  • Will provide the cardholder with accident insurance.
  • Take advantage of the Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

Scheme's Highlights


  • The Sambal Yojana provides financial support to children from low-income families to help them pay for their education.
  • If a poor mother gave birth to a child, she would be compensated with 4000 rupees before the child is born.
  • Will credits the woman's account with 12 thousand rupees after the birth.
  • The state government will award a reward of Rs. 30,000 to 5000 candidates who achieve the highest grades in class 12th underneath the Sambal Yojana.
  • The Ayushman Bharat Scheme will now be available to the beneficiaries of this scheme.
  • The Aadhaar card, e-KYC post-seeding, and mobile phone number of the laborer will all be registered.
  • Children from Sambal families who compete in national level sports competitions will be awarded 50 thousand rupees under the Sambal scheme.

Number to Call for Assistance