Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana Bihar

Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana Bihar was launched by Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar on 1st April 2019. This old pension scheme is to provide financial assistance to the elderly people in the state. 

The yojana has the main aim is to provide the pension to old people above 60 years of age by the Bihar government. In this, all elderly people whose age is above 60 will have financial support from the government. Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana comes under the social welfare department to help the old age people of the state.

In this scheme, the state will run an old-age pension scheme in which the benefit will be given as a monthly pension of Rs. 400. Whereas those whose age is above 80 years will have a pension around Rs. 500 per month. 

The main motive of this funding is to provide all the senior citizens with financial self-sufficiency in their old age in the Bihar state.

Short details of Mukhyamantri pension yojana

  • Name of the scheme: - Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana.
  • The application status of the scheme: - active
  • Scheme benefit: - financial support

Objectives of Mukhyamantri Vridhjan Pension Yojana

  • In this, a pension amount will be provided by the government of Bihar Rs. 400 to elderly people of the state whose age is between 60 to 79 years in the state.
  • People whose age between 80 plus will be provided Rs. 500 pension monthly announced by the government of Bihar.
  • The main objective of the state government is to empower senior citizens and fulfill their motives.
  • The social welfare department has started this scheme as Bihar universal old-age pension scheme.

Overview of Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana 

  • Name of the scheme: - Bihar Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana (Bihar MVPV)
  • In language: - Hindi 
  • Name of the department: - social welfare department.
  • Launched by: - CM Nitish Kumar
  • Beneficiaries: - senior citizens of the state.
  • Major benefit: - financial assistance will be provided to senior citizens.
  • Scheme objective: - to provide financial support to elderly people.
  • The scheme under - state government
  • Name of state: - Bihar 
  • Post category: - scheme\yojana

How to apply online for Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana

Step 1: Visit the official website of Bihar Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana I.e.

Step 2: On the homepage, you will see the option of 'chief minister older pension scheme registration' and you have to click on that option.

Step 3: The next option is you have to verify the chief minister's old-age pension scheme through an Aadhar card.

Step 4: Now you have to select all the information required in the form such as a selection of the district by Aadhar card, block plan, voter number, name according to voter card, name according to Aadhar card, and date of birth all these details must be filled in the form.

Step 5: Now after the validation, the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana application form will be open.

Step 6: On this registration form, you have to fill in all the personal details asked in the form like bank account details, address details, phone number details, and other details.

Step 7: After competition of all the information required on the particular form, you have to click on the submit option, after submitting the form you will register under the scheme.

Necessary documents required for the scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account passbook
  • Identity card
  • Age certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photo

All these documents are necessary before registration in the scheme. These details are required before you apply for Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana. All the information filled in the form must be checked through an Aadhar card which is linked by the government authorities. After the registration is completed monthly pension will be allowed directly to your bank account every month. 

Eligibility criteria for applying under the scheme: -

The applicant must be a permanent resident of the Bihar state.

  • For applying under the scheme applicants must be above the age of 60 years. 
  • Your Aadhar card must be linked with the bank account for the allotment of the pension.
  • Your date of birth as per the Aadhar card will be valid.

Major benefits and key features of Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana

The scheme features: -

  • A pension of Rs.400 every month will be awarded to only those whose age is 60 years to 79 years in the Bihar state under the scheme.
  • Under this old age people whose age above 80 years will be provided a monthly pension of Rs. 500 in their bank account. 
  • Elderly people who are retired from government jobs will not get the benefit of the scheme.
  • Pension funds will be given under Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana.
  • After linking the Aadhar card from your bank account pension will directly transfer to the bank account.
  • The benefits of this scheme are to provide financially self-sufficient for old age people.

Frequently asked questions: - 

Q. What is the official website of the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana?


Q. It is necessary to have a bank account to apply under the scheme?

A. Yes, it is necessary to have a bank account linked under this scheme. The pension amount given under mukhyamantri vridhjan pension yojana will be accessed in the beneficiary's bank account of the applicant. 

Q. What is the pension account in this scheme?

A. The state government will provide the pension amount of Rs. 400 to old Sega people who's the age between 60 to 79 years and Rs. 500 will be provided to the above age of 80 years for financial support.

Q. What is the objective of this scheme in the state?

A. In Bihar, many older men and women don't have an income source at the age of 60 years. So, due to this, they are unable to meet their financial expenses. So the state government has decided to help them through pension amounts.

Q. Who has launched the Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana?

A: Mukhyamantri Vridhjan pension yojana was launched by the Bihar chief minister Shri whitish Kumar on April 1, 2019, to provide financial support to all the elderly people in the state of Bihar.