What Is National Digital Health Mission?

National digital health mission is one of the three digital strategies announced by PM Modi on the Independence day of India. The National Digital Health Missionis formulated by the Ministry of health and family welfare. This mission aims to provide great support to the strategy and the infrastructure of the digital mission in India. This mission will make India more digital and from these types of programs, we will see India growing in the right direction.

You all should know that the national health authority is provided with the task of designing the strategy for this program, building digital infrastructure, and implementing this mission in India. All these are the roles of the national health authority. The national health authority is also the main body of Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Gan Yojana. The National Digital Health Mission is also part of the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Gan Yojana.

Guiding Principles of NDHM

You will find several guidelines principles of the National Digital Health Mission in the national digital health blueprint. This guideline is related to the development, strategy, and implementation of this mission. This Digital Health Mission is present in front of the world in the phases and the first phase, they have to launch primary systems of this mission. They are also forming a plan to incorporate telemedicine and tele pharmacy in the next upcoming stages of this mission.

Digital Systems:

  • Health ID: Health ID is unique to every person. It will contain your detailed health care information which will provide the individual identity to healthcare providers. This health ID is created by using some basic demographic information such as the mobile number, name, Birth year, etc. You can also register for the Digital Health Mission by self-register.

  • Digi-Doctor: Digi Doctor is for medical practicing students and the doctors who want to register on the Digi doctors. It is volunteer systems that will connect all the doctors to India’s digital health ecosystems.
  • Health facility registry: This is the repository in which you will find different systems across the world. It includes private and government sectors which are connected through this mission.
  • Personal health records: You will find your previous health records in these systems and this information will make your health ID different from others. You can change this information yourself with your health care account. Your treatment information also will be linked to your health ID.


1. What is meant by health ID?

Health ID is none other than finding your health records digitally. This health ID is linked to the history of health and disease. You will have access to the personal health records through this health ID card.

2. Is my health different from others?

Yes. Your health ID will be different from others and it will link to your mobile number and Aadhaar number. You can also choose to link your previous health records to your health ID.

3. How can I get my health ID formed?

You can go to any health care center in your city which is in the national health infrastructure industry. Any health center will help you in forming your health ID. You can also get your health ID by online registration on the official website of the National health digital mission.

4. What information is necessary to get the Health ID?

You will need to know your Birth date and year, name, gender, Mobile number, Email is and as far number. All this information is necessary to register for the Health ID except the Aadhaar number.

5. Is an Aadhaar card necessary to get a Health ID?

No, The Aadhaar card details are optional information for the Health ID. You can get the health id by your demographic details such as mobile number, name, birth year, etc.

6. What is the process if I forgot my password for my health account?

If you are facing a problem while logging in to your health account then you can contact them on the official website of the national health digital mission. You can also call on the toll-free number regarding your problem.

7. Is there any age limit for getting the health care ID?

No. You can get your health ID at any age. You just have to provide your basic demographic information. There is no limitation present for getting the health care ID.