NEEM Scheme (National Employability Enhancement Mission Scheme)

Apprenticeship training is the best way to generate a highly qualified and skilled working force. Apprenticeship is being practiced worldwide by different countries for improvement of the young workers. China has over more than twenty million apprentices; Germany has three million trainees, even India has massive capability of doing the same with the youth. The availability of skilled young people in India can be used in various Industries here for good purpose. And to make that possible, the Government of India has been planning numerous initiatives which will be beneficial for five million employable youth workforce by 2019-2020.

The Indian Government is well aware of the atrocity of the unemployment issues of India and that is why, launched a mission through AICTE- All India Council for Technical Education, which is also known as NEEM or National Employment Enhancement Mission. The involvement of MPTA in the training through its flagship Earn and Learn scheme was approved by the Central government. Now the Ministry of HRD has implemented MPTA for NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission) Program. In NEEM, apprentices get the amazing opportunity of undergoing through the 'on the job' training, which will help the young minds to bloom under real work environment, conditions and hurdles. They will be provided with the chance of working with advanced machines and tools. 


The objective is to create a capable workforce which will help in the overall growth of the country via the industrial world. The concept behind this training is “On job practical training” which means the individuals will learn while they are working for better enhancement of their knowledge. This scheme is for individuals who are continuing their post graduation/graduation/diploma in any kind of technical or non-technical stream or have stopped pursuing studies after 10th.

Main Features of NEEM

  • To provide training to students,
  • Industries are allowed to teach them according to their requirements,
  • Training while working for three years,
  • Stipend for the trainees without any extra deductions,
  • Conforming with health, safety and welfare rules and regulations.

Eligibility of NEEM Trainee

  • Age: 16 Years – 40 Years.
  • Educational Qualification: Pursuing / Completed or Discontinued Graduation/ Diploma
  • Experience: Should not be employed while registering for this scheme.
  • Fitness: Fulfills standard of medical fitness as prescribed by YSF
  • Area of Operation: PAN India.

Duration and Types of Training

The duration of the training will be decided by the type of Industry where the individual will receive training. The duration of the training will be minimum of three months which can extend up to 36 months but not more than that. Daily work hours and other information will be provided by the industry.


NEEM agent will pay all the trainees a stipend which shall be on the basis of minimum wage for unskilled employee category.

Remuneration or stipend will be paid as a single combined amount and there will be no statutory deductions applicable for the trainees as the NEEM contract gurantees proper training and does not comprise employment.

Consolidated Stipend is also provided for Approved Minimum Wages for unskilled category under the applicable Act (State Wise) + WC Policy Premium

Benefit to Candidates

  • The individuals will go through extensive training in an industry, which will enhance their compatibility.
  • Along with monthly stipend there are crucial facilities such as canteen, uniform, safety shoes, insurance etc which will be given to each student of on job training as per the industry’s policy.
  • The trainees will gain enough confidence in abilities
  • The trainees will learn a lot about various techniques in the classroom, which they will be able to apply in the real world. 
  • They will be able develop contacts while working with various professionals. They can also learn a lot from them about new technologies and techniques to work with thwm.
  • They will be able to focuse on career development on their specific his/ subject preferences.
  • After the “On Job Training” & work experience the individuals can become a preferred choice while recruitment.

Adavantages to Industry

  • Non-attendence and abrasion will decrease as trainees will be under the control of MPTA.
  • The MPTA as a NEEM agent brings awareness in the trainees on safety, so there will be less accidents.
  • The passionate and focused indivituals will contribute in the growth of the industries.
  • There will be increase of high quality work because of the motivated candidates.

Official Website

You can find more about this scheme on the  NEEM scheme page at AICTE website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I submit the application for Registration as a NEEM Facilitator?

 You can apply for the NEEM Scheme on the AICTE-Portal using the generated username and password given to login to AICTE website.

Q. Is there any registration fee for  NEEM? 

 The NEEM Facilitator Processing fee is 50,000 with addition to this fee you will have to pay of Rs. 5000/- at the time of registration.

Q. Is the processing fee refundable? 

No, the processing fess is non-refundable even if you don’t get approved.

Q. What will be the age group of trainees?

 The student seeking training under NEEM shall be at least 16 years old and not more than 40 years.

Q. What is the duration of training?

The duration of the training will be 3 months to 3 years.

Q.  Who will provide the training ? 

 Any registered Company or Industry that is registered with the NEEM Facilitator is eligible to provide training.

Q. Is taking the Attendance of the students is mandatory?

  Yes, it necessary as it will be uploaded on Portal every month.

Q. Is giving Aadhar number compulsory?

 Yes it is necessary unless you are from North Eastern Region and Jammu & Kashmir.

Q. If a student drops in between, can a new student be added?  

No. Editing of student’s data is not possible once the training has started. 

Q. Is any grant available for approved NEEM Facilitator? 

 There is no grant available.

Q. Is any Stipend available for students? 

 Yes, the Stipend will be given by the industry or company the student is working under.

Q. Is there any certification after completion of training?  

A system generated certificate will be issued by the council that you can download from the AICTE website.