Niryat Bandhu Scheme {निर्यात बंधू योजना}

Niryat Bandhu Scheme is the first generation entrepreneurs and increasing exporters on the complications of foreign trade using counselling, outreach program and training. It was initiated by the government on 13th October 2011. It gives rise to small and medium scale enterprise and their role in employing people. 

MSME groups have been identified to improve the scope of exports.

To attain the objectives of the scheme, outreach activities will be organized in a structured manner with the help of Export promotion councils and other willing knowledge partners in the academic and research community. For the optimum use of resources, all the stakeholders will be related, including ECGC, banks, customs and respective ministries.



Niryat Bandhu Scheme

Launched by

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)




Providing guidelines

Official website

Components of the Scheme

  • Training of new people in business every month in each RA
  • Preparation and development of material for the use of original IEC holders and its printing.
  • Seminars at industry associations, management schools and Universities
  • Capacity making of selected entrepreneurs in institutions imparting training in import-export which are related to specialized issues.
  • Training/meetings/ seminars at the town of export excellence to the dedicated area.
  • Capacity building of ITS/DGFT officers.

Objective of Niryat Bandhu Scheme

The main goal of the programme is to reach out to the new and current exporters and guide them to get into international trade and increase exports from India.

Working Process

Under the Niryat Bandhu Scheme, new and current exporters have to be guided by organizing counselling sessions, orientation programs and individual facilitation to make them able to do business in international trade and increase exports from India. Officers of DFGT would be called as "NiryatBandhu". They would assume the role of the mentor for interested individuals.

Technical Requirements

To get the services of the portal, you must need these technical requirements:

  • Windows (7 or above) based Desktop and Laptop
  • Internet Connectivity (Wired connection is advisable for applicants)
  • Must use Good Quality Headphone

Specifications of the Program

If you try to accept the program available on the official website, then you will get the following mentioned knowledge:

  • Introducing the Programme and Business Plan
  • Identify Products as well as Market for Exports/ Imports
  • Understanding Trade Databases and Trade Opportunities
  • Commercial Regulatory documents in overseas trade
  • Custom permission for Export and Import
  • Duty drawback and claim procedure
  • Developing INCOTERMS in sales contracts
  • International Product Development and Adaptation

Eligibility Criteria

To get enrolled under the Niryat Bandhu scheme as well as to avail the benefit of this plan, the applicant has to visit the official portal. The applicants must follow the following eligibility criteria given below:

1. The courses under this scheme can only be availed only if you are an Indian citizen.

2. You can get the courses if you are a:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Exporters or Importers
  • Students

Registration Process

To get register yourself in the portal, you must have to follow the simple steps that are given below:

1. First, you have to visit the Official Website.

2. Now you have to go on the homepage and then click on the register tab.

3. After this, a new webpage will be displayed on your computer screen.

4. Now you have to enter your Email and then verify your Email.

5. At last enter all your details in the application form.

6. After entering all the details, click on the submit button.

7. Now you will be successfully registered under this scheme to get the benefits.

Application Fee

To apply for the courses offered under the Niryat Bandhu Scheme website, you need to submit a fee that is rupees 23,600. This fee figure is general of GST (Goods and services tax).

Duration of Course

The course that is provided under this scheme is available at the official website of the Niryat Bandhu scheme is 19 sessions long. As well as the course is open five days a week. The time of the lecture is from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who launched the Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

Niryat Bandhu Scheme was launched by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade).

Q: Why the Niryat Bandhu Scheme was introduced?

 Niryat Bandhu Scheme was introduced for International Business mentoring for young Turks in international business enterprises.

Q: Who can attend or join Niryat Bandhu Scheme?

Niryat Bandhu Scheme can be attended by:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Exporters as well as Importers
  • Students

Q: Which motives will be completed by this scheme?

This scheme will complete the purpose of 'Digital India' and 'Skill India' in the program.

Q: Who will provide a certificate under this plan?

Participants will be awarded a certificate jointly by DGFT and IIFT under this scheme