PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme (Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh Scheme) {प्रत्यक्ष हस्तांतरित लाभ योजना}

India’s population is over 1.2 billion, and every one of them needs food to survive. Under these numbers, the LPG connections are highest in Indian among the whole world. According to studies, more than eighteen crore LPG connections are provided in the country, which is equal to almost seven connections for every other ten houses. With these numbers increasing daily, it shows that LPG connections even in the remote areas have the privilege to cylinders.

Because of the high demand, the oil companies are now expanding their services, with the goal of providing LPG cylinders to each and every house. Whereas the connections for LPG have increased, still there are huge numbers of houses who have not gotten the access to using LPG cylinders and they are still dependent on old school “Cholas” for cooking food. The government of India launched PAHAL Scheme to make it easier for everyone to access LPG cylinders.

PAHAL or Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG Scheme

LPG is offered at subsidized prices in India, to make sure that every person can easily pay for it. The normal subsidy rate varies between INR 160 and INR 170 for each LPG cylinder, to help the citizens conserve a significant amount every year. , Yet there were some misuse of the subsidy price and that is exactly why the government of India launched the PAHAL or Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG Scheme. PAHAL or Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh Scheme’s primary goal is to provide benefit directly to the consumers.

This scheme was initiated in 2013 and then they launched it again in November 2014 to make it available for the entire country. Under this scheme, the consumers for LPG cylinders are allowed to get the subsidy amount into their bank accounts directly, without any help from the third party.

Purpose of the PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme

The prime aim of the DBTL was to make that all the consumers of LPG gas receive the benefit of subsidy straight into their bank accounts, abolishing any kind of mishandling of the funds during the procedure. This also guarantees that the tax we are paying in is not being misused in any way and it is providing straight benefits to consumers. Also, to authenticate consumer information the government of India made it mandatory to link Aadhar for complete database and to promote digitalization.

Salient Features and Benefits

Some of the key features of this scheme are:

  • Anyone who wishes to use the benefits under DBTL scheme is bound to have a bank account. The subsidy sum will be directly transferred to the bank account of that person.
  • The LPG cylinder will be offered at the normal market price, along with the subsidy sent to the bank account. By this, it makes sure that more than pricing is eradicated and it is fair for everyone.
  • This scheme also offers a one-time advance which will be transferred to the consumer’s account directly. The money will be sent before the consumers buy the cylinder from the market.
  • The subsidy will be given on the basis on the number of subsidized cylinders a consumer is allowed to buy in a year.
  • Consumers can choose whether to link their Aadhar number or their bank account for the gas connection.
  • The consumers signing up for this scheme will be provided with an advance of INR 568, and the amount will be transferred directly into their bank account.
  • Anyone who does not require the subsidy amount can voluntarily give it up and that amount will be given the people in need. 
  • The consumers can link their contact numbers with the gas agency to SMS updates on their phones about the booking.
  • This scheme will also avoid the selling of illegal and unauthorized gas cylinders; this also increases the safety and reduces black market deals. 
  • This scheme also eradicates the practices where people have numerous gas connections. And every house can have a single gas connection, so that the other people in need can be treated fairly as well.
  • This also gets rid of mediators, serving every consumer and saving money. Even the oil companies can save some amount by this.
  • This also helps in agencies maintain a track of their customers, which will help them in servicing their customers better.
  • Anyone who does not own a bank account will not be able to enjoy these benefits. This scheme inspires everyone to open bank accounts which will result in a cashless and better economy.

Working of Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme

The working of PAHAL is described below:

  • Everyone has to register for this scheme. They can register by linking their Aadhar id or by linking their bank account directly with the gas connection.
  • After registration, an advance will be paid to the customer during the first booking of the gas cylinder.
  • The individuals will have to pay the market price every time they book for gas. The subsidy will be transferred into the gas connection linked bank account directly.
  • They will be only paid the subsidized amount according to the allowed subsidy per year.


 There are two methods for registration.


 Consumers who would like to be a part of the DBTL scheme by linking Aadhar details can do it by merging their Aadhar number with the bank account. They can do it by filling Form 1, which they can download from the internet or take it from the gas distributor. They are supposed to submit the form at the bank or to the LPG distributor. After that the Form 2 has to be given to link the Aadhar number with the LPG connection. They can do it either online or via the official UIDAI website. They can also submit it physically to the distributor. 

Without Aadhar – In case the consumer does not have an Aadhar card, he/she is allowed sign up for it with their savings bank account. They can do it by giving the bank details, the account number, name of account holder, IFSC code, contact details, etc. Plus, they are allowed to link their gas connection with the bank account so that they can receive the subsidy directly.

Checking Your DBTL Status

Most gas companies offer the option to check the DBTL status on their respective websites. Customers are allowed to check that by submitting some basic information like their consumer number, the state and district they belong to, and their distributor details.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is this for everyone?

Yes, this scheme is available for Indian residents?

Q. What is DBTL?

DBTL is a scheme by the government of India for direct transfer of subsidy benefits to the bank accounts of the consumers.

Q. How do I register for this scheme?

You can register for this scheme by linking your Aadhar id or by linking the bank account directly with the gas connection

Q. Is linking with Aadhar necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to link your Aadhar.

Q. What to do if I do not have a bank account?

You can not receive a subsidy if you don’t have a bank account, we would suggest you to open one.

Q. Who is providing this scheme?

The government of India is providing this scheme.

Q. What do I do if I don’t need the subsidy?

You can voluntarily give it up and that will go to the people in need.

Q. Can I withdraw the subsidy amount from my account?

Yes, once it is in your bank account you can do whatever you want with it.

Q. When was this launched?

This was launched in November 2015.

Q. Can I apply for it even if I don’t have an Aadhar card?

Yes, you can apply for it but you will have to link your bank account.

Q. What's the official website for this scheme?

Official website for this scheme is