Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana


In countries like India, Agriculture plays a primary role in the state and country’s development. Unfortunately, farmers are still struggling for many reasons. To solve such issues, the government has now implemented certain schemes. Talking of which Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana is one of them. This is a welfare scheme that has been made to reach out to the beneficiary who is eligible, monitor the system he has been using and if there is no system solution from it then the problem shall be solved from their end. This certainly is one amazing scheme that requires a certain process for the application but the end results would only be beneficial for the farmers.

Know more about Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana:

Uttar Pradesh government launched Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana with a view to creating the schemes and many other processes associated with the agriculture field more transparently. This way it would make sure the scheme's benefits are availed by people who require it. The focus of the scheme is to connect the farmers with the government using the technology. This way farmers also stay informed about the scheme and stay updated to avail the advantages.


The scheme was started with an aim to bring system transparency. The use of data digitization is made in this case where computers are being used. This would store the data at the offices of the government even at the village level. The scheme shall promulgate the idea to make the former be comfortable with the technology usage in routine living. With the concept of digitalization that the government is accepting depending on the data provided, the policies can be designed and then efficiently amended as well.

Know the Registration Process:

There is a process of Pardarshi Kisan Seva Portal Registration that can help farmers get better results in less time. For this, they would have to apply by:

  • Register for the scheme farmers at the official website

  • On the homepage, there will be an option that shall appear as Bulk/Retailer/Web Registration.

  • Once you click that option a form shall open in which you need to fill up the details like Name, Address, Bank account details, Aadhar card number.

  • Once all the details are filled up, it is time for you to submit the form.

  • Once the submission is done, you are then entitled to enjoy all the portal facilities.

Documents Required

There are some documents of Kisan Seva Yojana Registration  that you need to keep handy because, during the application, you may have to upload them

  • Domicile

  • Aadhar Card

  • Bank Account Details

  • Land Possession Certificate

  • Ration Card

Implementation of Scheme

The farmers shall be given the details of all the Advantages that government shall offer under this scheme. Once the information transfer is done, the farmers and laborers will then be registered to avail the advantage of the scheme.

Why is registration mandatory for Farmers and Labor?

In order to maintain a transparent process and ensure the farms and labors are able to avail all the benefits of the scheme, the government through its order no.811/12-3-2014-100(61)/2012 dt.23.07.2014 decided to make it compulsory to get the Department of Agriculture schemes to benefit only after

  • Mandatory registration is carried out

  • beneficiary Selection is done as per the registration and according to a government policy requirement

  • Crucial data of the farmer is prepared by understanding the beneficiary

  • Compulsory registration shall stop giving advantages to certain selected farmers and labor

  • Benefits details offered to the farmer under the scheme of the Department of Agriculture shall be made available

  • The labor and farmers will get information about government schemes on the mobile

  • The registration of the farmer is done while he can get the information from his registration number


This scheme is quite beneficial for the people who have been struggling to earn better pay and are getting exploited. With this scheme, transparency is maintained and the farmer will not have to be struggling any longer. It certainly is one kind initiative that the government has taken and looked at the rate such schemes are coming up, there is no doubt that soon India will have independent and Knowledge-based farmers. There will be quite a good amount that shall be given in this scheme which gets directly credited to the account of the beneficiary. It is important for the farmer to have the account in that case in a good reputable bank while his account should also be linked with the Aadhar card. Those who wish to apply online for such a form can download all the official notifications. Go through every piece of it, be the eligibility criteria or even the application process and get things done well.

Questions and answers:

What are the Objectives of Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana 2021?

The primary aim of this scheme is to boost the farmer’s products and to make sure there is a better increase in the development rate in agriculture. This would improve the farmer’s economic condition and their standard of living too. Besides the scheme focuses on making the land fertile enough by increasing the agricultural area and starting the problematic land.

What are the Advantages of this scheme?

This scheme is given to the state farmers and that too the initiative is done by the Agriculture Department of Uttar Pradesh of which grant money is given to them. There will be a direct transfer of the amount in the beneficiary’s account. Besides, there will also be a comprehensive coverage to agricultural insurance schemes as a comparison for the loss that occurs due to pests, natural calamities, or diseases that often happen in agricultural production

What are the features of the scheme?

On the official website, you shall find all the details of the scheme. But the best part of the state government releasing this scheme is the inline registration. There will be an agricultural subsidy that farmers of the state get as financial assistance. Besides the overall process shall also reduce the risk of thefts and frauds as farmers will get the benefit of grant money.