{Online Booking} PM Modi AC Scheme 2021 Registration

The current Prime minister of our country, Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi has been always known for unique as well as out of the box policies and schemes. This time, PM has launched a new scheme which is something that you will never have thought of. Modi AC scheme is something that will take the citizens of India by storm. This scheme is somewhat similar to its sister policy which is Ujala scheme and as we all know, that scheme has worked pretty well and thousands of families have enjoyed the benefit of electric bulbs being available to them at very cheap prices.So, as the summers are on its extreme, we are here to offer you all the information regarding PM AC Scheme. In this article we are going to talk about the PM AC Yojana, its variety of features, the company who will be acting like the manufacturers of the Air conditioners, and how as well as when can you apply under this scheme. Thus, with all of this information, you can avail all the benefits of the policy without any hassle.

PM Modi AC Scheme 2021

As we know, most of the families in India are either below the poverty line or fall under the middle-class category. Thus, it is not any sort of surprise that most of the household do not have an Air conditioner. Thus, to make the summers bearable, PM Modi’s new scheme will offer cheap AC in India under PM Modi AC Yojana 2021 Indian Citizens can apply for Modi AC Yojana 2021 once the registration period begins. These air conditioners will not have any sort of compromise in terms of quality so you do not have to worry about that factor. Also, as per the information that we have gathered, the efficiency of these ACs are very good. Thus, not only you will be able to get AC at 15 to 20% less amount than the current model of the top companies in the market but also, you will save up on your electricity bill regardless normal usage.

Features of government cheap AC Scheme

Just like other national policies, PM Cheap AC scheme is loaded with a ton of features that are going to benefit the masses in a great way. So, if you were looking for a way as to how to buy AC at a cheap price, then this might be something of the best deal that you will get.

With that being said, let’s learn about the various features of PM AC Yojana:

  • Highly efficient: The model of Air conditioner that is going to be offered under this scheme is very efficient. As per the reports, these will give even better performance to power ratio than pioneer 5-star models. On average, it will be saving 35 to 40% power than any usual 5-star AC. Thus, not only introducing a better model but also making sure that the electricity bills do not put a burden on the families is the motive of PM AC Scheme.
  • Better Quality: The quality and design of the product are termed by a variety of critics as top-notch. The reason behind this is that Govt. is trying to offer machines that can sustain in the long run. So, with a great deal of emphasis on the durability, the quality of the Air conditioners will be something for other brands to reckon with.
  • Great Post-sale services: This Scheme will also feature a full-fledged Post-sale service staff that will fix any and every issue that any beneficiary will face regarding the AC.
  • Best Market Prices: As said earlier, the prices of these ACs will be considerably lower than the top models in the market right now. On average, a 15 to 20% lower amount will be set up as the price for the product. These will be provided to the applicant more in a form of subsidy that only eligible applicants can get the benefits of.

Which company will provide ACs?

If you are curious as which company is going to manufacture these Air conditioners, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is going to be making them. The goal of their production is to make a product which comes at a lower price so that everyone can buy it, even people from Below poverty line.They will also follow a strategy while manufacturing these air conditioners to enhance the efficiency of the product. This strategy is that the product will be set on 24 to 26 degrees. In Japan, the manufacturers sell pre-fixed temperature ACs which have a default temperature set on 28 degrees. So, on a general note, the Air conditioners that are being provided in PM AC Yojana would save somewhere around 18-20 billion units of electrical power every year.

PM Modi AC Yojana Online Booking | Order

As of now, the registration process has not begun. The online registrations of Modi AC Scheme are expected to start from the month of July 2019. Once the registrations start, applicants can get themselves registered for the scheme. Each family is allowed to apply for 1 AC for their household. As the booking for an AC is done, the applicant will receive their ordered AC and its installation will be done within the time frame of 1 month.

How the scheme will get launched and how will it work?

In July 2019, PM Cheap AC Scheme was launched. After the launch, online bookings for 1 Air conditioner per family have been made available for all the eligible applicants. Only those applicants who fit the eligibility criteria will be allowed to avail the product. So, the following are the factors of eligibility that an applicant has to meet in order to avail the benefits of the scheme.

  • Applicant must be a resident of the country
  • Households who have an electricity meter registered on their name for their household will only be able to apply for the ACs.
  • The ACs will be set at 24 to 26 degrees by default.

So, these are all the information that you need to know regarding PM Modi AC scheme. Make sure to visit this article from time to time in order to get the latest updates and notifications regarding the scheme.