Rajasthan Free Tractor and Agricultural Machine

Rajasthan is one of the most important states in India. It is well known for the various trades it runs. It is a big state covering around 10 % of the total geographical area of India and it is the seventh-largest in population. Rajasthan shares the border with five other states Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat within India and Pakistani provinces of Punjab outside it.

Rajasthan possesses very strong bonds with history with the likes of Prithviraj Chauhan, Rana Sanga, Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, and Maharana Pratap belongs to Rajasthan. These warriors are known to beat Mughal many times and kept their kingdom intact till late 1800 before it finally succumbed to them and the British. These Rajput kings have always been the idols of the Indian people. 

Though most of the state is covered by desert, Rajasthan is one of the top tourist places and it carries a very rich culture of hospitality. The Arts and Music are famous. The architecture of temples, forts, and houses of Kings remains the main attraction. There are many palaces one can visit across Rajasthan of which Jodhpur is more famous for beautiful palaces.

The economy of Rajasthan mainly depends on agriculture, industries, mining Rajasthan is a mineral-rich state), tourism, and handicrafts. In agriculture too, the Rajasthan government encourages farmers by launching various schemes which help to push the agricultural progress ahead. Government schemes in Rajasthan include – 

  • Central sector schemes – Schemes funded and executed directly by the centre

  • Centrally sponsored schemes – schemes funded jointly by the centre and state government

  • Rajasthan state government schemes – schemes funded and executed by the state government.

Rajasthan state government has launched some good schemes for farmers of which one is free tractors and agricultural equipment in harvesting, threshing, and other activities on rent. Rajasthan free tractor scheme is targeted at economically weak, small farmers. 

Economically weaker small and marginal farmers can avail themselves the tractors and machinery rent-free of cost and complete their agricultural activities. They have been provided a number on which one SMS from the aspirant farmer will do. They can also do free tractor and agricultural machine scheme online application and avail the services.

With the help of this scheme, a lot of farmers are getting more income opportunities for themselves and are able to complete their work in much lesser time than normal. This is eventually increasing their productivity making their households much more prosperous. Also, with the use of tractors, the productivity of the land is not decreasing rapidly and the increase in barrenness is largely controlled. 

Once a farmer applies for the Rajasthan tractor scheme, they are making themselves eligible towards a productive and cultivating tomorrow, which was unimaginable for them previously. That is why it is recommended that more and more farmers of Rajasthan take help of this scheme and make their livelihoods much more influential and prosperous in the first place for sure.

Rajasthan free agricultural machine scheme will help the farmers to complete their activities without worrying about the repayment of the machine cost. Benefits of free tractor and Krishi Yantra Yojana – 

  • Small and marginal farmers will get free tractor and machinery services.

  • No need to invest money in tractor and other machinery thus saves a lot of money

  • Due to the usage of advanced machinery, a lot of time will be saved.

  • 4000 farmers already availed of the scheme and another 10000 are soon to get the benefit.

Rajasthan free tractor scheme eligibility

  • The applicant must be a farmer.

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan state.

  • Applicant must have agricultural land in his name.

Document list

  • Aadhar card

  • Papers of being a farmer

  • Residence certificate

  • Mobile number

  • Passport size photo

This scheme has become a hit and talk of the nation in a short period. Speaking of the scheme, Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria said that various free services under the scheme will continue till June 30. The idea of this scheme came up due to the current situation of coronavirus and lockdown. With most of the activities came to a halt, agriculture has to continue work due to the nature of the requirement and providing free tractors and other machinery free of cost help boost the morale of the farmers and they produce the desired crop successfully.

A notable point in this scheme was that the farmers were made to access directly to the tractor service providers giving no chance for any middleman to take unnecessary benefit of the situation. Farmers were given the opportunity to SMS on the number or apply online for the free services. This also made the procedure transparent and quick. 


Rajasthan State Government has taken a very innovative step to promote agriculture in the state. By relieving the farmers from the burden of debt makes their way very easy. This also helps them come forward with a new technique that they can suggest for making crop production more effective. By shedding their burden off, the state government created an opportunity for other states to follow in their footsteps. This could be a huge game-changer move in the future.


What is Rajasthan Free Tractor and Krishi Yantra Yojana?

This is scheme beneficial for farmers and provides tractors and other machinery for harvesting, threshing, etc. 

How many districts are benefitted from this scheme?

Two districts Bikaner and Dausa.

Who launched Rajasthan Free Tractor and Krishi Yantra Yojana?

Rajasthan State Government.

How to apply for a tractor subsidy in Rajasthan?

Those who are farmers and residents of Rajasthan can apply online or send SMS on the service provider number.

Can I get a Rajasthan tractor subsidy from another state?

No, the subsidy is only for the farmers who are residing in the Rajasthan state and possess farming land in their name.

Can non farmer buy agricultural land in Rajasthan?

A non farmer can’t buy agricultural land in Rajasthan but can inherit the agricultural lands. There is no restriction in investing on agricultural lands by inheriting them.

What is a farmer card?

Kisan Credit Card is a scheme launched by the Central Government of India where farmers can avail loans at affordable interest rates.