Rajasthan Housing Board RHB E-Auction 2021


The government of Rajasthan has created an online portal using which the Rajasthan state citizens can apply for some flats and even purchase them. There are some important features that the Rajasthan Housing Board offers using the EHB e-auction facility that you need to know for the year 2021. There is a step-by-step guide that needs to be followed through which the Rajasthan state residents can apply for the Rajasthan house board authority’s e-auction system that shall take place in the year 2021.

Know more about the Rajasthan Housing Board Urban E-Auction Portal

Rajasthan Housing Board authorities have recently made an announcement stating that since many houses and flats are not being sold in Rajasthan state due to fall in the business in other things, it is now planning to sell flats the other way. Talking about this new approach, the authorities have concluded to use the online way of delivery and payment. This online approach will have the buyers a facility to purchase the flats simply with few clicks and this can save their time as well.

As per the latest updates, the housing board of Rajasthan has received for the first time to go for RHB E-Auction 2021 for which an official website will be created. The officials further added that this approach is done to sell off the flats online by posting maps and pictures of the houses. This would then be uploaded on the official website for a better choice of locality and flats design too.

The expected date for the Auction 2021

The website urban.rajasthan.gov.in is where the official auction will take place. The estimated date of the auction will be from September 6, 2021. The housing board of Rajasthan shall be working in a way to offer people with better online flat sale solutions. Talking of which the e-auction service will be made available in an easy manner. There will be some important decisions that shall be made to fix and revert the right price. The date of the same shall be revealed on 30th August. This would be the first time when the Housing Board will use the reverse bidding method.

As per the reverse bidding solution, the Housing Board E-Auction 2021 will form a committee which means the person shall bid a flat at the discounted price. This would be quite high as compared to another bidder that will give a scope to purchase the house at auction online.

Features of Rajasthan Housing Board RHB Flats E-auction

  • The person who shall be a bidder and wish to purchase a home would bid at a discounted price whose rate will be high as compared to the other bidder that shall have the home at e-auction.

  • There will be a set period of 30 days for the residents of the different locations at Rajasthan to bid for the e-auction.

  • It is expected to have the 10% of the home cost that shall be then deposited by the bidder in the span of at least 3 days so that they can purchase the construction located at the e-auction. The rest of the amount will then further be deposited in the next 2 months.

  • As per the Rajasthan Housing Board members, there will be two types of discount rates from 0% to 25% and then another one that shall be from 0% to 5%. Such rates will be decided once the house condition is well examined. This means not just the location but also the other environmental condition shall be analyzed before the home is rendered to the people at the best value.

  • The housing board committee of Rajasthan has also decided for reselling the 7075 flats that shall be constructed on the discounted value with the government consent.
  • Once all the steps in the Rajasthan Housing Board members are taken, there will be different categories of the discounted price for different flats types that shall be put at the e-auction.

Eligibility Criteria for the RHB E-Auction Scheme

  • There are no restrictions on the social or economic status of the bidder.

  • The applicant must be a resident of the Rajasthan state.

  • The bidder must be older than 18 years of age.

  • If the bidder fails to fulfill any regulation within the given time window then he/she will be disqualified.

  • Bidder must comply with all the terms & conditions of the RHB for the auction.

Benefits of the E-Auction Portal

  • The primary advance of this facility that shall be offered by the Rajasthan authority is the availability of flats online.

  • This type of auction will be an approach that will be made to buy and sell flats through an online platform

  • Since the business rate and profit have decreased to a great extent in Rajasthan state many flats were not able to sell but with an online system, the RHB authority flats will be automatically sold because of less time consumption and convenience.

Number of Houses

As per the concerned authority’s announcement, it has been estimated that more than 24000 of the auctions are available in different locations of the Rajasthan state. The houses are available at the following location: -

  • Bikaner

  • Jodhpur

  • Jaipur

  • Kota

  • Udaipur

  • Alwar

Documents Required to Register

Listed are some crucial documents that need to be submitted during the purchase or sale of the flat so that process goes smooth and hassle-free. You are advised to keep the listed documents handy which are:

  • Caste Certificate (If available)

  • Scanned Signatures

  • Domicile Certificate

  • Aadhar Card

  • Income Certificate

  • Passport Size Photograph

  • Voter ID

  • Bank Account Details

  • PAN Card

Precautions While Applying at RHB E-Auction

There are some of the things that need to be kept in mind when you apply for the Rajasthan Housing Board scheme. This includes:

  • The person who wishes to purchase the flat must bid the house at a higher discount rate than the other bidder.

  • There will only be 30 days of the time that shall be given for carrying on the overall process of bidding to different flats under the Rajasthan state.

  • There will be 10% depository money that shall be deposited by the applicant under three days after the auction process.

  • The other part of the money shall be submitted post 60 days.

  • There are two types of discount rates from 0% to 25% and others from 0% to 5% that shall be finalized by the concerned authorities.

  • Such rate of discount shall also be decided to post the examination of the house conditions such as location and other environmental conditions.

  • There are 7075 constructed flats at the discounted rates that shall be stored in the auction.

Security Deposit

Security deposits for the Rajasthan housing facility are given for different category of the economic group:-

  • Economically weaker groups – Rs 5,000

  • The security deposit for lower and middle-income groups – Rs 25,000

  • The security deposit for high-income group – Rs 50,000

Keep in mind that those in particular who will not be successful shall be entitled to get the money deposit back once the process of bidding is over.


With such a scheme, by the Rajasthan State government, citizens shall have affordable housing to different society sections. The scheme will grab the attention of those people who will purchase the homes but are not ready at the financial level. Besides, it would be ready to live in flat houses for the people at the discounted pricing. The discounted percentage will be on some factors like home location. This is one meritorious step that the state government of Rajasthan will offer.

Rajasthan Housing Board has built such houses that are well known and reputed name. This assures buyers to build a quality and safety-based home. There is quite a huge time window between the home payment once the bid is won. This means the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the quick house payment. The ownership and allotment process for every home is convenient and quick. The buyer shall get the rights of ownership within 60 days once the first installment of payment is made.

Question and Answers

What is Rajasthan Sampark?

Rajasthan Sampark is one initiative that the state government has taken to offer a centralized platform to lodge his/ her grievances with the respective departments.

How to apply at RHB E-Auction Portal?

To apply for the Rajasthan e-auction facility, the applicant must follow the following application process given below: -

  • Visit the official website of the Rajasthan Housing Board urban.rajasthan.gov.in

  • Click on the tab called e-services

  • You can see the dropdown menu click on Auctions

  • A list of past and present auctions will be displayed to you on the screen in the form of a table.

  • You can then download the notification of any of the auctions of your choice.

  • You can know the detailed information about the auction.

How to apply for the Bidder Registration?

  • To register for the e-auction as a bidder first visit the official website urban.rajasthan.gov.in

  • On the homepage select the “click here for registration” option

  • Go to the “bidder registration” option in the menu bar and hit on it

  • Then an application form will appear on the screen where you must enter the following information

  • Email id

  • Password

  • Name

  • User type

  • The person or joint holder name

  • Phone no

  • Pan no

  • Address

  • Mobile no

  • Bank account details etc.

  • Choose the register option

  • Pay the registration fee using online mode

  • Log in with the site for bidding in the auction.