Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana


Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana which is also called the maternity nation has been designed for the newborn and their mothers care and better financial assistance. This is one of the best schemes that has been launched to date since, in a country like India where there is quite a lot of population, it is next to impossible to have better financial services for the newborn and mother. That is why Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot decided to launch the scheme called Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan. This Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition is a scheme for the women of the state who shall have some ben3fits on the birth of the child. It was launched on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Know more about the Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan

If you are keen to apply for the Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana 2021 then you first must have clarity about the scheme. This is one crucial scheme that the state government has launched for reducing malnutrition in children and mothers. It would also create awareness about the nourishment that a mother and a child require during the kids early development. In this scheme, the amount of Rs 6000 will be given to the mother once the birth of the second child takes place.

What is Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana Online Registration Process

Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana 2021 Application Form is available online. Since it has been implemented through Anganwadi Centres, there is a registration process that is expected to be followed in a systematic manner. There are two health departments by the name of ANMs and ASHA Sahayoginis that will be taking care of the regular trough using the beneficiary women for proper nutrition and care of their children.

This scheme is run by the state Government of Rajasthan that shall be complementing the Central Government’s Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. The amount of Rs 5000 will be given for the birth of the first kid. Those applicants who are eligible for such a scheme need to go through all the instructions carefully and then follow the steps. This way at least the process will go smooth and there shall be high chances of getting selected.

  • Visit the Official Website of Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana i.e. Not Available.

  • On the Homepage, click on the Option “Apply Online” button.

  • The application form page will be displayed on the screen.

  • Enter the required details and upload documents.

  • Click on Submit Button for the final submission of the application.

Keep in mind that if you are applying under Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana 2021 then you will have to wait for some time. Since the announcement of 2020 has been done, for 2021 the Rajasthan Government shall soon be making the announcement.

Required Document for Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana

Till the time announcement is being made, it is important that you keep some documents handy with you. Since the process of application is online, it is important to upload the documents that shall be asked during the application processing. Talking of which, some of the Important Document to Apply Online are:

  • Four passport size photographs

  • Residence certificate

  • Income certificate

  • BPL Ration Card

  • Aadhar Card

  • Bank details

  • Mobile number

Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana Eligibility Criteria

  • Only those women who are going to give birth for the second time can take advantage 

  • The Applicant must be female.

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.

  • The Applicant should be of the BPL category.

  • The applicant must have a bank account

  • The bank account of the applicant should be linked to the Aadhar card.

In order to offer the right nourishment to the pregnant mother and kid, there are so many things that are still not available in the country. And those nourishment options that are available are not affordable by all. That is why, considering this as a primary problem, the Indian government has come up with a scheme called the Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana’. It is launched in the state of Rajasthan and is applicable only for those women and kids who are born in Rajasthan and don’t have much financial stability too.

Understand the objective

The primary aim of starting this scheme is to offer the right nourishment to pregnant mothers and children up to the age of 3 years. It has been currently available in 4 TSP districts and shall soon be increasing the awareness among the people regarding the importance of the mother’s health in coming years. Considering the importance of a mother’s nutrition level for the proper development of the child, this is one of the best schemes that has been launched to date.

Major Benefits

On the birth of the second child, the beneficiary woman will be given Rs. 6000 directly in her bank account in five installments. The scheme shall complement the Central government’s Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana wherein after the birth of the first kid, the women will get ₹5,000.

Installments division under the scheme

  • The first instalment of Rs. 1000 will be given after the pregnancy test and registration

  • The second instalment of Rs. 1000 after completion of a minimum of two ante-natal check-ups

  • The third instalment of Rs. 1000 on institutional delivery

  • The fourth instalment of Rs. 2000 after getting all the regular vaccines administered to the new-born within 105 days of birth 

  • The fifth instalment of Rs. 1000 will be given after the birth registration of the child and couple adopting a means of family planning within three months after birth. 

  • This way, this scheme would also encourage family planning.

Key Features of Scheme

  • Beneficiary women will get Rs 6000 in five phases.

  • Two beneficiaries each from the four districts were given cheques of Rs 1000 each as the first instalment of this scheme

  • It is a maternity benefit scheme.

  • More than 77 thousand women are expected to get advantages from this scheme every year.

  • It estimates an expenditure of ₹45 crores per year.

Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana Phase 1

The Matritva Poshan Yojana Online Apply process is available for women belonging to Rajasthan state. However, currently, this scheme is launched only in 4 districts of Rajasthan. The schemes will begin in the whole state. Phase 1 of the scheme consist of the following districts:

  • Dungarpur

  • Pratapgarh

  • Udaipur

  • Banswara

How much has been the Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana 2021 budget decided?

Since this is one of the most sensitive yet popular schemes that has solely been designed for the care of a newly born child and the mother. As per the state government, the scheme is implemented for the new mother benefits during the second delivery. The scheme has been launched delivery in compliance with the provisions of the National Food Security Act, 2013. In this scheme, the family members will take care of pregnant and nursing women and child nutrition. Talking further about the budget well the annual cost of Rs 43 crores has been set aside for the scheme. The State Mineral Foundation Trust shall further be funding under the mines and geology department. The government looks forward to reaching 75,000 beneficiaries annually. The estimation of ₹45 crores per year expenditure has also been found. In coming years, more than 3.75 lakh women beneficiaries shall avail the advantages of the scheme for which the Rs 225 crores cost has been estimated


Chief Minister Mr Ashok Gehlot has come up with a women beneficiary scheme by the name of Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana that offers some of the amazing features and benefits to the new mother and her second child. It was launched on the special day of former prime minister Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary. Under this scheme, the government shall offer the financial assistance of Rs 6000/- to the pregnant ladies which will be transferred in five installments. It is one fine approach that has been initiated for those women who are financially weak and don’t often get nourishment.

Questions and Answers?

Under the Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana Features, how much will the beneficiary get?

Rs.6000 will be provided to the beneficiary under the Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana. More than 77000 women will get the benefits every year. For this INR 45 crores were spent on the Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana by the government.

Why focus more on a second child?

As per the government, the second child will not get much of the attention as the first child and hence, to extend the cash advantage and ensure the right nourishment for the second child is given this scheme has been implemented.

What are the primary Objectives of Rajasthan Indira Gandhi Matritva Poshan Yojana 2021?

This is a crucial step that the Rajasthan government has taken in the direction of women empowerment. If the pregnant woman gets proper nutrition, then the baby will also be born healthy then this scheme of financial assistance will be provided to this new mother.