Ramai Awas Yojna


  • There are so many new schemes that have come up in the state which are designed solely for the betterment of the people. Talking of which Maharashtra government has started to provide housing to the people of the state. Under this Ramai Awas Yojana, houses are being provided by the state government to the poor people of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes, Neo Buddhists (SC, ST) category of the state.
  • Beneficiaries of 15,448 houses in the district are waiting for the funds due to delay in receiving funds from the government. These include eligible beneficiaries selected through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Ramai Awas Yojana, Shabari Awas, Pardhi Awas Yojana. The amount of grant is distributed to them in phases. Due to the delay in this fund, the construction of houses in the district has come to a halt.

About the Scheme

Housing will be provided by the government to the citizens of Maharashtra through the Gharkul scheme Ramayan gharkul yojana. Under the Gharkul scheme, houses will be provided by the state government to the people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Neo-Buddhists. So far 1.5 lakh houses have been provided to the citizens of Maharashtra under the Gharkul Yojana and a target has been set by the government to provide 51 lakh houses under the Gharkul Yojana List. All those people who want to get a house under this scheme will have to apply online by visiting the official website.

Purpose of Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana

The main objective of Ramai Awas Yojana 2021, this scheme has been started for the poor people of the state who are unable to build their own house due to being financially weak. Through this scheme, to provide housing to the poor people of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Neo-Buddhist class of Maharashtra. To take Maharashtra towards progress through this Maharashtra Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana.

Maharashtra Ramai Yojana 2021 List

The names of all the beneficiaries under gharkul yojna 2020 and even for 2021 have been updated by the Maharashtra government on the official website. If you want to check your name in the beneficiary list then you have to visit the official website. All those people whose names will be on the beneficiary list will be provided housing by the government under this scheme must be ready with Ramai Awas Yojana documents

How to apply for Maharashtra Ramai Awas Yojana online registration

Interested Ramai Awas Yojana gramin beneficiaries of Maharashtra who want to apply to get their own house under this scheme can apply online by visiting the official website of the scheme. The beneficiaries are selected by Gram Panchayat. A permanent waiting list prepared by the Gram Panchayat is published on the notice board of the Gram Panchayat. Under this scheme, only the citizens of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Neo-Buddhist classes will be provided.

Method of application

  • The applicant should click on the “New Application” button to fill up the online application.

  • After registration, username and password will be received via SMS and E-mail.

  • Apply by logging in with a username and password.

  • The applicant should ensure having all the required documents and his / her recent passport size photo (.JPEG / .JPG) with him/her while filling the Ramayan gharkul awas yojana online application.

  • Click on your name to register a new application. If the application has been filled before, it cannot be filled again.

  • Your application will not be completed unless you need to complete the application by uploading your personal information, other required information, photo, photo of open plot, and SCAN PDF of documents.

  • After filling in the information, print out the application and save it for your information.

  • Your application process is completed here. The applicant should check the website regularly.

Required Document to Apply Online

Given below are some of the documents that would need during the Ramai Awas Yojana 2021 application and registration process. This includes:

  • Pledge article on stamp paper of Rs. 100 (typewritten)

  • Death certificate of husband if widowed

  • 6/2 certificate or PR card

  • Certificate if flooded

  • Aadhar Card

  • residence certificate

  • caste certificate

  • identity card

  • mobile number

  • Passport size photo

Gurukul Yojana Eligibility Criteria

To get the application process selected, you need to make sure that you fall under the eligibility crierita.

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Maharashtra.

  • Applicant should belong to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Neo Buddhist category.

Beneficiary Benefits

  • Under the Gharkul scheme, the state government is providing houses to the poor people of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Neo Buddhists (SC, ST) sections of the state.

  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Neo Buddhist sections of Maharashtra, economically weaker families.

  • People of the state want to get their own house, then they have to apply under this scheme.

  • Key Features of Scheme

  • Must have a name in SECC or Form D 3. Selection of beneficiary in order of priority 4.

  • Separate financial provision for the construction of toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission

  • Financial assistance for construction of a new pucca house for families with raw house 2.

  • Provision of Rs. 1,20,000 / – for house construction 5. Beneficiary through MGNREGA 90 Day employment available 6.


  • The Social Justice Department of Maharashtra has released the Housing scheme or “Gharkul Yojana” for the people who come under the category of SC and below the poverty line. For the housing scheme, the Social Justice Department was aiming for a total of 30,00,000 homes, and nearly 1,50,000 home scheme out of them have completed their goal.
  • Ramai Gharkul yojana for reserve and New Buddhists peoples is allotted for Arjuni Nagarpachayat, Gondia. People living in the area of Arjuni Nagarpanchayat can have this facility of Ramai Gharkul Yojna 2020 – 2021. To get the benefit of this scheme, willing people need to provide all necessary documents and certificates at the Office of Arjuni Nagarpanchayat in Ramai Aawas Yojna.

Questions And Answers

How to Apply Online Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana 2021?

Given below are the steps that need to be followed to Apply Online Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana 2021. This includes:

  • Step 1- Visit the Official Website of Ramai Awas Gharkul Yojana ie http://ramaiawaslatur.com/.

  • Step 2- On the Homepage, Click on the option of online registration of Ramai Awas Yojana.

  • Step 3- Click on the button of login / Monday.


  • Step 4- Now enter the username and password and click on the login button.


  • Step 5- The application Form page will be displayed on the screen.

  • Step 6-Now enter the required details (Mention all the details such as name, father/ husband name, date of birth, gender, caste email id, and residential information) and upload documents.

  • Step 7- Finally, click on the button “To Store”.

How to check the Maharashtra Ramai Awas Yojana beneficiary list?

Given below are the steps that need to be followed to Maharashtra Ramai Awas Yojana beneficiary list. This includes:

  • Step 1- Visit the Official Website Ramai Awas Yojana, Social Justice Department i.e. http://ramaiawaslatur.com/.

  • Step 2- On the homepage, see the option of ” New List “, you have to click on this option.

  • Step 3- Now, enter your name and application number in the places provided for checking the status of the beneficiary list/application.

  • Step 4- Then click on the button ” Search “. Ramai Awas Yojana beneficiary list will show on the screen.

  • Step 5- In this list, by searching for your name.

What is the Maharashtra Ramai Awas Yojana Beneficiary Selection Process?

  • The selection of beneficiaries for the Ramai scheme is done in a very transparent manner as per “Social, Economic, Caste Survey 2011”. This scheme is for Scheduled Castes (SC) only.

  • The beneficiary’s name is not included in “Social, Economic, Caste Survey 2011” but the beneficiary needs a house. If the names of such beneficiaries are in form D, the beneficiary will be selected.

  • While selecting the beneficiaries, Gram Sabha, Panchayat Samiti, G.G.V.Y. Approved by taking appropriate action in this place.

  • After the selection of the beneficiary, the Panchayat Samiti proposes the names of the beneficiaries for recognition at the district level by attaching the beneficiary’s account to the PFMS system for GeoTag, Job Card Mapping, disbursement of funds. Beneficiaries who are recognized at the district level are given 1st installment as per Direct Benefit Transfer [DBT] from Taluka Rao.

  • The beneficiary should take care of the construction on his own so that he can build the house as per his expectation, so no contractor is involved in this scheme

  • At every stage of house construction, economic and material progress is monitored at the district and taluka level on the actual construction through GeoTag and other technologies, and accordingly, the 2nd, 3rd, and last week is paid in a manner consistent with the physical progress.

  • The beneficiary gets 90 days employment through MGNREGA and for that he is paid Rs. 18,000 / -.

  • Under Swachh Bharat Mission, Rs. 12,000 / – is provided separately for the construction of toilets. According to the above outline, the dream of the homeless to own their own home is fulfilled.