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Saral Haryana Portal: Login & Online Registration

Saral Haryana Portal 2021: CSC Online Antyodaya Saral Portal Haryana | Haryana Antyodaya Saral Platform Online Registration, Application Form, Requirements, Specifications, Advantages, and Verify Online Registration Position at Official Web portal

Update on the News

Latest News: This platform would include 380+ facilities from all administrations in Haryana. This Saral platform is a centralized delivery services network for Haryana residents. The Saral Haryana platform lists all programs and services available throughout the state, such as ration cards, dairy loans, and pensions.

Online Application for Saral Haryana Portal 2021

The Haryana government has initiated the Antyodaya Saral Platform Haryana across all state residents. Residents of the state should register and log in from the Saral Haryana Portal (Saral Haryana Portal Registration & Login) to access all the state's facilities and programs.

Everybody can obtain a PDF list of all programs and resources, such as ration cards, dairy loans, and pensions, from its Saral Haryana platform and the link lower, and can also look for programs and online services.

Applicants who wish to apply online should download the updated confirmation and carefully examine all selection criteria and the registration form.

Haryana's government initiatives and facilities are listed below

  • Resident certificate
  • Dealer Point Registration

  • Issue of new ration card (food and supplies)

  • Income certificate (revenue)

  • Old Age Honors Allowance (Social Justice and Empowerment) are.

  • New power connection

  • Dr Ambedkar Meritorious Students Scheme (Welfare of SCBC)

  • Bicycle Plan (BOCW - Labor)

  • Marriage Registration (Urban Local Bodies)

  • Micronutrient Fertilizer (Agriculture)

Saral Haryana Platform Registration System: Apply Online

This explains a primary platform (Antyodaya SARAL Portal Digital India). Digital India is indeed an innovative model of system/scheme implementation free of document and money. Saral Haryana portal aims to digitally offer 520+ programs and resources (236 schemes and 293 services) of all government programs and people service delivery in Haryana towards the public.

Saral Haryana Portal 2021: How to Apply Online

Step 1: Go into the Antyodaya Saral, Administration of Haryana's official site,

Step 2: Upon the right-hand side of the dashboard, you'll see the login portion. Inside this portion lower, you must select the New User Register Here option. 

Step 3: A section with the Registration Form would appear on the computer. 

Step 4: Fill in the necessary information (Mention all the details such as name, email id, mobile number and password of your choice and click on Validate.) and records uploaded.

Step 5: An OTP is being sent to your email and phone number, which must enter the correct box. Then press the send button.

Step 6: This will direct you to an introductory page to complete your enrollment. It would also show the notification on the phone.

Step 7: Access using your email address and password.

Method of signing

Step 1: Go into the Antyodaya Saral, Government of Haryana's official site,

Step 2: Go to the dashboard and tap the "sign here" icon.

Step 3: Fill in your login ID, password, and captcha code inside this section. 

Step 4: Finally, press the submit tab

Step 5: You would enable you to sign within that manner.

The application monitoring process is done online.

Step 1: Go into the Antyodaya Saral, Government of Haryana's official site,

Step 2: Go to the home page by clicking on the connection for the online track application.

Step 3: Next, fill in your department, programme, and application reference ID. 

Step 4: Finally, tap the check status button.

Step 5: Eventually, the status of your submission will appear on your computer monitor.

Ticket monitoring through the internet

Step 1: Go into the Antyodaya Saral, Government of Haryana's official site,

Step 2: Upon its web page, tap on the link of online track tickets.

Step 3: Fill out the requested information, such as tickets, search text, and captcha code. 

Step 4: Then, you must choose the search option.

Step 5: As fast as you press the search bar, your ticket status would appear on your computer monitor.


  • To monitor your submission from your registered mobile number, text SARAL to 7738299899.
  • To monitor your application/ticket, text SARALspace>Application ID/Ticket No.> to 7738299899 from any mobile phone.

SARAL Antyodaya Portal

  • Citizens have access to a single service delivery platform.
  • The opportunity to use services/schemes at any time and from any location
  • can track The status of service requests in real-time.
  • Services/schemes are delivered on time.
  • Digitization of all citizen programmes and schemes

Antyodaya-SARAL Dashboard: 

A Departmental Service Delivery Accountability Portal Assess divisions based on their results (Based on RTS compliance, customer rating and delays)

A state-by-state and district-by-district assessment of department results

Officers are notified of unresolved file requests.

It would aid in the process of re-engineering underperforming services/schemes.

Schemes and Services List of Antyodaya Saral Portal PDF Download

In the PDF format (Antyodaya Saral Portal Schemes & Services Listing PDF Download), you could view and download the comprehensive list of 529 schemes and services offered by all 38 divisions of Haryana, such as ration cards, pensions, and dairy loans, among others.

Resident Certification (Revenue), Dealer Point Registry (Transport), New Ration Card, Income Certification (Revenue), and Old Age Honor Benefit seem to be the most common schemes and services inside the state. That's odd. Dr Ambedkar Meritorious Students Scheme (Welfare of SCBC), Cycle Yojana (BOCW – Labor), Marriage Registry, etc.

By visiting the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal (, individuals can learn about various schemes and services.

Helpline Number for Antyodaya-Saral Portal

You may call the SARAL customer care or check out the official website for details or make a complaint regarding Saral Antyodaya Platform, Haryana (Antyodaya SARAL Portal Haryana Official).

1800-2000-023 is the number to call for assistance (7 am to 9 pm)

Antyodaya Saral Portal's

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Please enter your user id and password if you are already logged in.

If you are a new user, choose a new user, register here, and fill out the form to set up an account.

How do I apply for services or programmes?

Choose to Apply for Services while signing in, and afterwards choose the department or scheme/service you would like to request for that on the computer.

How do I keep track of my applications?

After uploading your request, you will receive an Application Reference ID, so you'll need to check the application status on the portal. You would also receive SMS at each stage of the request after it has been submitted.

What do I do if I'm not sure which forms to fill out for which service/scheme?

After selecting the department or program/schemes, would guide you to a form to fill out the necessary information to apply for such a service.

What do I do if I can't remember my password?

If you forget your password, press the forgot password link and enter your email address. Send an email to you with instructions on how to proceed.

How do I apply for a job when I'm not online? Is there anything like this at the district, tehsil, or village level?

At Antyodaya Kendra/SARAL Kendra/Antyodaya-Saral Kendra, all of the schemes/services will be accessible at the district, tehsil, and subdivision levels. Such systems and services would also be accessible at CSC centres.

Is it possible to pay directly via the portal?

Yes, you can complete all of the intermediary payment measures via the portal and provide an acknowledgement slip.