Saral Haryana Solar

At Antyodaya Saral Portal, the Haryana Department of Renewable Energy is accepting online applications for the Saral Haryana solar Scheme 2021. The state government will subsidise the installation of solar water pumping devices under this Haryana solar water pump programme. The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan (PM Kusum) Yojana will be used to carry out these installations. At, people can now apply for the Saral Haryana Solar Water Pump Subsidy Scheme online.

The Haryana government is executing the Saral Haryana Solar Water Pump Scheme 2021, which will build solar pumps with capacities of 2 HP (surface and submersible) and 5 HP (submersible). State and government subsidies will be supplied under the PM Kusum Yojana Solar Water Pump Installation Scheme, and the farmer's contribution will be only 10% of the overall cost. These solar water pumps are ideal for water tables of 10 metres, 30 metres, and 50 metres, respectively. We will discuss the current unit cost as well as the subsidy pattern in this piece.

Solar water pumping devices can provide sufficient water for farming purposes without relying heavily on energy. Solar energy (Saur Urja) is a nonpolluting and environmentally friendly source of energy.

What is saral haryana solar pump scheme

From this page, the Haryana State Government has announced the Saral Haryana Solar Water Pump Scheme 2020. The Haryana KUSUM Yojana will also provide farmers with a subsidy on new and enhanced solar-powered pumps. You must know whether you are eligible for this programme by referring to it. As a result, those who are eligible can fill out a Saral Haryana  Solar Pump Scheme Application Form in Haryana on the state's primary website, Farmers will only be responsible for 10% of the overall cost, with the government covering 60% and the bank covering the other 30% as credit under Haryana's Solar Water Pump Scheme.

Saral haryana solar online apply procedure

Candidates should go to, the official website of the Haryana Solar Water Pumping Scheme.

  • You only see the SIGN IN HERE portion on that main page.

  • Then select “New User?” from the drop-down menu. “Click Here to Register”

  • The Citizen's Registration page for the Saral Haryana Solar Pump Scheme appears next. 

  • Then, to complete the Solar Water Pumping Scheme registration procedure under PM Kusum Yojana, enter all of the required information and click the “Validate” button.

  • Candidates can then log in using their user name and password.

  • Scroll down to the Apply For Services menu, then click the “View All Available Services” section.

  • Then select Application For Saral Haryana Solar Scheme from the drop-down menu.

  • The Haryana Solar Water Pumping Scheme appears on the screen after that.

  • Enter the required information and press the submit button.

Saral harayana solar scheme eligibility

  • Applicants must be Haryana state residents.

  • A valid bank account is required of all applicants.

Frequently asked questions

What is the application process for the Haryana Solar Water Pumping Scheme 2020?

Candidates can apply for the Haryana Solar Water Pump Scheme at the official website or at

How can I find out more about the Haryana KUSUM Yojana?

You may quickly check the information of the Haryana Solar Water Pumping Scheme 2020 on this page.

Where can I get download links for the Solar Water Pumping Scheme Application Form in Haryana?

You can easily obtain the Saral Haryana Solar Scheme Application Form 2020 from the official website.

Which website can we go to for daily information on the Haryana Solar Water Pumping Scheme 2020?

All candidates should go to the official website of the scheme to get current information on the Saral Haryana Solar Water Pump Scheme.