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Post-April 2018, there have been some of the major changes that were made by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways-MoRTH, with a focus to improve the system of driving license. Talking of which sarthi parivahan sewa is one solution that has gained quite a lot of popularity over some time now. This is a digitalized database of all the data that is stored with the District Transport Offices and Regional Transport Offices. It has been created basically depending on the character state necessities whereas conforming the necessities specified within the act of the Motor vehicles act 1988.

Know more about sarathi Parivahan Services

The official sarthi parivahan sewa up website where you can get all the parivahan sarthi services and details of sarathi parivahan are  According to the Ministries of Road Transport and Highways, this portal is designed for those people who wish to apply for a driving license by making the right use of the digitized method. In the current era since time plays an important role and not everyone has got quite a time to go to the RTO office and then go ahead to apply for a DL. That is why to keep this situation in mind the Indian Government Indian has come up with the sarthi parivahan portal. There are so many services that are available on this portal with one click. Using this sarthi parivahan vibhag site, there is ample manual work that gets reduced to a great extent. The candidates who are interested will no longer have to even visit the RTO offices to check the status of applications and renewals.

How the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa started

Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi started a campaign of digital Indian in many ways and the primary objective behind this e sarathi campaign is to get all the services of the governments at the digital platform so that Indian Citizens can choose such services while sitting on the couch. As a result, all the departments of the governments are incorporated with some digital platform to offer their service. Currently as per the Road and Transport has also been part of this computerized platform for more than 1000 RTO across the nation. With sarthi parivahan online help, it is possible for the users to now submit the application for permanent DL, Learner DL, test slot booking, and many other services that too on this single platform. You can also avail of other services like passport, Aadhar card, and important documents. In case you need better clarity on the services you can always keep browsing the website.

Important services available at Sarthi Parivahan portal

 In order to make sure you avail of all the possible right services that offers, here are what you can do:

  • Apply for sarathi license school

  • Apply for Driving Licence

  • Apply for a Learner license

  • Apply for a Conductor license

  • Check Application Status

Importance of Driving license

  • It is important for all citizens to get a driving license who have experience and knowledge of riding a two-wheeler or driving a four-wheeler or any other HMV or LMV. While driving it is important to ensure that there is a driving license that is being carried out otherwise the risk of consequences is more.

  • According to the laws that have been set, a driver without any driving license can be an illegal act. This does not matter how safe you are diving, but if you don’t have DL then you will not be an authorized driver.

  • You need to understand that there are different vehicle types for which the government assigns the driving license. That is why make sure you apply for the parivahan sewa sarthi driving license as per the type of the vehicle

  • In case any mishap happens when you are driving it is then a driving license that works as the identity so that the right help can be given to you.

Benefits of Parivahan Sewa Portal

This sarthi parivahan up portal is designed for users who have been using different languages. Some of the best Advantages of such a website are:

  • It is possible for the candidates to apply for a driving license without needing to visit the RTO office. Rather they can do so directly apply online through the site

  • With the help of such a portal, it is possible for the citizens to save their valuable time and money as well

  • This portal comes with different services at sarthi parivahan website to make the passport and Aadhar card.

  • The candidates can even go through the application for a driving license or any of the statuses from their own place.

  • Thanks to the online portal which is introduced called Parivahan Sarathi so that work there is no paperwork as well.

  • There are many government services that shall be efficiently implemented and quickly by the Parivahan Sarth Sewa site

  • With such initiative support of Digitization, the transparency is enhanced between the people and government of the country

Eligibility Criteria for Driving license application at

In order to submit the sarthi parivahan nigam application for the driving license online, you need to make sure you are eligible for it. The criteria are:

  • Gearless scooter applicant should have 16 years of minimum age

  • The applicant must be medically fit.

  • 18 years for a four-wheeler.

  • He/she must be aware of the rules and regulations.

  • For those who have been looking forward to applying for the commercial license the age of at least 20 years must be completed.

Documents required for Learner Driving License (DL)

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Passport

  • Insurance policy

  • Affidavit issued by the judicial magistrate.

  • passport

  • School Marksheet

  • Insurance Policy

  • Aadhaar card

  • Applicant Recently clicked passport photograph

  • Address proof: which could be anyone from the list given below

  • Voter ID Card

  • Ration Card

  • Age proof 

  • Applicant signature


This sarathi parivahan application status portal has got a lot of services stores for you. The best part is to apply for a driving license which is a pandemic crisis certainly can prove to be a boon. It is now time that you take such initiative carefully and go ahead to get your legal license done sooner.

Questions and answers

Is it possible to change the name printed on a Driving license through this portal?

Yes, this portal gives the facility by which you can easily change your name.

What is the validity period for the RTO registration document?

There is an RTO registration certificate that is valid for 15 years before you start from the issuance time.