SBI Jan Dhan yojana account mobile registration

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan yojana is a fantastic and unique scheme for boosting social security and ensuring that all residents in all corners of the country are financially connected. The plan intends to encourage residents to save by providing a savings account to every household in the country's urban, semi-urban, and rural areas. The plan also includes an interconnected life insurance policy as well as an accidental insurance policy. This will assist in bringing insurance cover to millions of Indians who would otherwise be unable to pay it.

SBI Jan Dhan yojana account mobile registration online

Please note that the cellphone number may already be linked to your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account. You can also modify the number of SBI Jan Dhan yojana account calls using this way.

Through SMS Banking 

  • Type the message from your mobile phone to register your mobile number in your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account via SMS.

  • After that, write your Jan Dhan yojana account number in REG.

  • Separate the two with a space.

  • From your registered cellphone number, send a message to 09223488888.

  • Your cellphone number will be registered in your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account after a while, and you will receive a confirmation message. 

  • If you receive a notification indicating that your registration was successful, your phone number has been registered.

SBI branch

Mobile numbers can also be registered in an SBI account through an offline bank branch. The procedure is as follows: 

  • go to your branch or any micro branch.

  • Go to the location where you opened your PM Jan Dhan yojana account at the common service point.

  • Give the branch manager your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account number.

  • There, provide your CIF number and request that your mobile number be registered.

  • Following that, you must submit an application.

  • Your biometric fingerprint will be collected, and your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account will be linked to your new mobile number.

  • Any of the aforementioned procedures can be used to register a mobile number in an SBI Jan Dhan yojana account.

SBI Jan Dhan yojana Account registered mobile number

You can find your bank account's connected mobile number in one of the following ways: 


  • Check your UPI app's mobile number. 

  • On a debit card transaction, an OTP will be provided to your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account mobile number. Check it out The Jan Dhan yojana account mobile number can be found on the bank's registration paperwork.

  • The Aadhar-linked bank account can also be viewed using the USSD code *99*99#.

  • When you send money from one account to another, you might find out your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account number through communication.

SBI Branch

  • By visiting the bank, you can verify the registered mobile number.

  • Any micro branch or common service centre can provide you with information about your Jan Dhan yojana account.

  • You may also check your SBI Jan Dhan yojana account mobile number by dialling 09223866666, which is a missed call banking number.

  • You can receive the associated number of your Jan Dhan yojana account using any of the techniques listed above.

Frequently asked questions

What is the PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana)?

PMJDY is a National Mission for Financial Inclusion that aims to provide inexpensive access to financial services such as banking, savings and deposit accounts, remittance, credit, insurance, and pensions.

How can you open a PM Jan-Dhan Yojana account?

Any bank branch or Business Correspondent (Bank Mitr) outlet can open a Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account. Accounts under PMJDY were created with a zero balance. However, if the account holder wants a cheque book, he or she must meet the minimum balance requirements.

How can SBI clients find out how much money they have in their PMJDY account?

State Bank of India has introduced a particular facility for its clients. By dialling 18004253800 or 1800112211, every Jan Dhan yojana account holder can find out their account balance. This number must be dialled from the customer's registered mobile phone number. You will receive details about the last 5 transactions as well as your account balance after phoning. Furthermore, you can obtain all of this information by dialling 9223766666 from your registered cell phone number.

What is the procedure for registering your phone number with the PM Jan-Dhan Account Scheme?

If you have a Jan Dhan yojana account but have yet to register your phone number with the bank. Then you don't have to be concerned. Simply send an SMS to 09223488888 to register your cellphone number with the PMJDY account. You must give your REG Account Number in order to do so.

What are the PMJDY Scheme's Special Benefits?

The benefits of Jan Dhan yojana account are as follows:

  • Interest is paid on deposits.

  • Insurance coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs in case of an accident.

  • There is no requirement for a minimum balance.

  • On the death of the beneficiary, a life cover of Rs. 30,000 is payable, subject to the fulfilment of the eligibility conditions.

  • Beneficiaries of government schemes would get Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in these accounts through the PMJDY, which allows for easy money transfers across India.

  • An overdraft facility will be available after 6 months of acceptable account performance.

  • Pension and insurance goods are also available through the scheme.