SCBC Scheme (Schedule Castes & Backward Class Scheme, Haryana)


Haryana is implementing various schemes for the scheduled castes and backward class scheme for their welfare of the state. Haryana state is planning to implement many projects for the protection of all the scheduled and backward caste people. The primary function of the department is the development of the people to coordinate and supervise the activities of all the departments working for state welfare for scheduled caste, backward caste, and denotified tribes.


Haryana is working hard to enforce many schemes for all the scheduled castes people. Infect, Haryana stands in fifth position in India having scheduled and backward castes tribes. Haryana's total population of scheduled castes is approx 40.91 lakh consisting of 19.35% of the state population.

The Haryana government has taken various active steps for the welfare of scheduled castes, backward class, and tribe's people. The government is fully committed to carry out its efforts to ensure all-round development in the state. 

Official Website

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Schemes by Haryana Government

Welfare schemes for scheduled castes, backward class, and tribes' people are discussed below

  • Centrally sponsored scheme
  • Educational schemes
  • State schemes
  • Educational schemes
  • Self-employment schemes

Centrally sponsored scheme

Haryana government has taken a series of practical steps for the welfare of scheduled castes and backward castes. Following are the actions were taken by the Haryana government:

  • Free coaching available for SC and OBC students
  • Haryana government also provides a centrally sponsored scheme of pre-matric scholarship for all scheduled castes students.
  • The government also offers post-matric scholarships for students.
  • Post-matric scholarship for OBC students.
  • Post-matric scholarship scheme for SC Students.
  • Post-matric scholarship scheme for BC students.

Educational scheme

The Haryana government took significant steps in the educational purpose also. Take a look at the following action:

  • Dr Ambedkar media chatter sansodhit yojana.
  • Post-metric scholarship scheme for all the SC and BC students
  • Babu jagjivan ram chhatrawas Yojana
  • A project of hostels for other backward classes for both girls and boys.
  • Annusuchit jati chattra ucch shiksha protsahan yojana.

State schemes

Haryana government also planned the various steps for the welfare of scheduled castes and backward class. 

  • Mukhya Mantri vivah shagun Yojana
  • Finance assistance for higher competitive entrance examinations to SC/BC candidates through a private process.
  • Creation of the employment generation opportunities by setting up employment in oriented institutes and training institutes.
  • Mukhya Mantri samaj samrasta antarjatiya vivah shagun Yojana
  • Dr Ambedkar medical aid scheme
  • Special central assistance SCA to SCSP
  • Legal aid to all scheduled castes and simulate jatis.


Self-employment scheme for scheduled castes and backward class here are following list of the project:

  • Tailoring training to scheduled castes and backward classes for widows, destitute of women and girls.
  • Plan for the pre-examination training of scheduled castes & backward class candidates for taking the union public service commission.
  • Up-gradation of the typing and data entry skill for scheduled castes and backward classes.

Social development schemes

The government has taken significant steps in social development in the state of Haryana. Here are the following actions were taken by the government in social development:

  • Dr Ambedkar housing scheme for scheduled castes and backward classes.
  • Grant aid to religious institutions and societies.
  • Monetary relief to the victim of atrocities. 

These are the Haryana government scheme for the welfare of the scheduled castes and backward class.